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[FM14] The Journey

Started on 3 November 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 5 November 2014 by No1VillaFan
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December 7th, 2012
The wind whistled through the dilapidated building, rattling windows and piercing my skin, like serrated knife edges. My apartment had never held any heat, but now, as the boiler struggled in vain against the harsh winter, I struggled to get any kind of heat into my body. Huddled under a threadbare blanket, I considered the letter which had dropped through my door that morning. Unemployed for the last six months, I’d fallen behind in my rent about 3 months ago, and the barren apartment that I called home would be swept from under my feet in just three weeks’ time.

Three weeks until I was homeless, penniless and friendless.

Well. Not quite friendless.

I reached for my phone, where 1 text still sat, unread, from the one person I knew I could count on. Inconveniently, he was also the one person I knew would probably get me into some serious trouble one day. Still, I needed somewhere to crash – the consequences could wait.

As I picked up my phone, something stopped. I knew there was something going on. A crash from downstairs was followed by three…no, four, voices, shouting in a language I didn’t recognise. I scrambled to my feet, hands scrabbling at the bare wood floor as they searched for the gun I always kept nearby. I’d been in enough danger to know those voices weren’t going to be friendly if they made it my door.
A scream pierced the suddenly still winter air, as my door swung open. I turned, raising the gun as I went. I felt a searing pain in my right shoulder, and everything went dark.

Next Update: Coming Soon...
shame about the old story, good luck with this one tatty :)
Good luck mate ! nice intro

December 14th, 2012
Well, well well, Mr Roberts. Welcome.
A gruff, gravelly voice penetrated deep into my newly-awakened consciousness. As I struggled to sit up, a fresh wave of pain travelled through my body. Every single nerve-ending was on fire. Every muscle in my body screaming at me to stop moving. At least 4 bones felt broken, and my ribcage felt crushed in ways which a ribcage just shouldn’t. I gave up on my struggle, and lay back down, still blind, and waited for the voice to continue.
”A fast learner, I see? Good. You’re going to need to learn much, in a very short time.” There was a pause, and the unmistakable sound of someone taking a draw of a cigarette. The voice exhaled, and then continued. ”You see, Jamie….can I call you Jamie? I have a proposition for you. It has come to our attention that, in your home country, you are in something of a financial difficulty…which a man of your talents should not have to endure.”
My talents? What was this guy talking about? The voice sounded like it should belong to some sort of drug ring leader, but there was a lilt to it which was upper-class…Like a mafia boss should sound, in my book anyway…Where was I?
”I expect you have many questions flying around in that brain of yours. Simple questions, like ‘where am i?’, ‘Who is this person?’ ‘why is every bone in my body screaming in agony?’ …I’m sure you recall the last few moments of your time in Scotland, Jamie.”
Recall? They were playing in my head every minute, on a regular highlights reel
”You see, one of your friends crossed some very important people, and he turned to you for assistance…but of course, you ignored that text, didn’t you?” The voice already knew the answer ”That text, could have changed your entire life…but then, not answering it is going to do exactly the same…
I suppose you want to know where you are, Jamie. Welcome to Sesvete, one of the 17 ‘districts’ of Zagreb”

Croatia?! What in all holy hell was I doing here?!
”Now, I imagine, if you could speak, that your next move would be to ask who I am…. My name, is Pero Karatovic. Please keep that in your mind, because the next time we meet, I expect you to know who I am, and at least have made a start on working out why I have brought you here.

Goodbye, Mr Roberts.”

I heard the door click shut, and a key turn in the lock, as darkness swam up to grip me once more.
A dark start promises a bright future for this story, looking forward to this one TaT :)
Tat as you know i am a massive fan of any story you do so I wish you luck and tell you that im following obviously

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