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Arsenal FC - Gunning For The Title

Started on 17 November 2014 by J_Skinna_39
Latest Reply on 22 November 2014 by Jamesg237
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I'm running out of words to describe this save, it's actually got to the point where it's starting to become embarrassing. In our 5-1 thrashing of Hull we showed what we are capable of of, but in the other matches the finishing has just been appalling. As an example i'll show the stats from our match against Ajax which we lost 2-0

Ajax Shots

Arsenal Shots

The fact that we can have 30 shots yet fail to score off a single one is appalling, especially when Ajax score 2 goals off 3 shots on target. I guess i'm just going to have to push on and hope this run of bad luck goes away, hopefully you guys can stick by the team and support us through a really difficult time
Crap, not looking good but surely there's a silver lining there somewhere. Maybe January will see you address a few problems squad-wise but for now you have to find a good tactic. The Hull win is proof you can be lethal, you just need the consistency.
What formation are you playing?
@arsenal_rulez: 4-2-3-1

November Report

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This month has pretty much been the opposite of last, we started well with a narrow loss to Chelsea and a three-nil thrashing of Ajax. Although just as we picked up some momentum it was shot down by devastating losses to City and Spurs who sit top of the table. The next to matches against Schalke and Sunderland were both very comfortable, against Sunderland we held a 2 goal lead right through until the end, and with Schalke we never looked like losing. I think i have discovered the problem that has been holding us back, as our results plummeted so did our morale and that could be why we're failing to score off easy chances and conceding silly goals, the teams morale is now in good spirits and i'm expecting a comfortable win when we take on Liverpool next month

Haha Spurs pounded you 5-2, mate you can't use offensive 4231 against everyone in the Premier (Unless you're using my tactic ;) ) You need a defensive formation for the top team, park the bus with a 4141.
I really struggled with Arsenal and finding a decent tactic to use with them, think ive found it im using a 4-1-2-2-1, changing the mentality depending on who im playing and some of the instructions
@Icarus:Thanks for the advice, will start work on a defensive tactic
@[email protected]: i'll give it a try, thanks!
Oh wow, that result against Spurs has got to be heart breaking for the fans! Bragging rights at definitely the Spurs' fans. I think your aim needs to be to stop leaking so many goals.

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