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Why have i been basnished

Started on 20 November 2014 by LeedsUnitedForLife / First Post
Latest Reply on 20 November 2014 by Stam / Last Post
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now come on guys why is this/ what have a i done iv trid to post and get chats going and now this? bit harsh dont u think
3 weeks ago I asked you (Ipswich Knights) why you have 2 accounts and you said you couldn't access your old one (LeedsUnitedForLife) despite trying everything. I explained you need to keep only 1 account and that I could help you get access to the old account. Your choice was to keep the newer account. I decided not to delete the old one for a couple of months just to be sure you wouldn't try to use it.

In the meantime your activity as Ipswich Knights raised complaints from the community, especially from staff members. Your recent posting of rude/offensive comments on multiple topics after being asked to stop has led to an account ban. And then out of the blue you've found a way into your old account. I don't think this was harsh at all. I will let you use this LeedsUnitedForLife account, so try not to cause more trouble from now on.

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