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What type of team or tactic do you like to use ?

Started on 30 November 2014 by ShotShySheriff
Latest Reply on 12 January 2015 by Ziechael
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Afternoon all. I am looking for my next adventure in the land of FM15 Youtube videos and I want to do something that is of least of use.

I was wondering, do you generally have a particular team, type of team, league, or tactic that you like to use on a regular basis ? I'd like to find out which teams are managed the most, which league you like to be in, or do you have a style of tactic that you like to play all the team. Do you prefer attacking, goals, clean sheets, possession, counter attacking etc etc ?

Would really appreciate some feedback on which areas to concentrate my efforts in producing some useful videos. I could just produce a variety, but like to at least be of use to what I am finding a cracking game already. (I'm not in the camp of those who think otherwise)

I am a software tester by trade so I might approach things differently to others and find some hidden gems. If you are someone that likes being Chelsea then already covered that route, with what looks a very decent tactic indeed.

Any feedback or suggestions so I can then upload the tactic on here would be greatly appreciated !
Past years I have, pretty much without exceptions, started in the Finnish Prem or first division my the team from my home town (JJK). This year I decided to take a little detour and started without a club with the intention of at some point managing in Finland. By now it's year 2022 and I have had spells in China, Northern Ireland and now Sweden. This has been fairly challenging but also a lot of fun.

As far as tactics go I like to have most of the possession and have had relatively good success even in the lower leagues. I like to base my tactic around a Half Back and a False nine. The rest of the formation is down to the players available, either 4-1-2-2-1 (with AMLR) or 4-1-2-1-2.

Regarding you videos, good luck! You seem to be the sort of person who will produce watchable and in the least fairly useful material. Most gamers I guess tend to manage either in the BPL or the lower leagues of British football so I'm guessing this is where most of your audience is going to be. But I would urge you to switch things up a bit by being creative in your choises of teams managed to add that extra interest!


I was thinking about a video in a Danish league next. As you say, switch it up a little.
I have actually always wanted to try the Danish league out myself. A smaller league with decent chances of doing well in Europe! Thumbs for the idea.
Interested to hear how long is people viewing retention on Youtube as mine is quite small :)

Do people like walkthroughs or just quick 3 min videos on tactics etc ?
I am a LLMA (Lower League Management Addict) so that is largely where I start, especially in tiny countries e.g. Montenegro. I usually play a counter-attacking 4-4-2 Diamond unless I don't have the players or the budget.

With the videos I prefer something under 10 minutes long but a combination of walkthroughs and tactical advice is appealing.
I generally play the leagues i know best (Championship and Conference North) but usually like to have a 'outside of my comfort zone' save, a foreign league i'm not familiar with, a league system i'm not sure about (MLS for example) or a challenge save (No youth system or team in administration etc).

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