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Problem with starting FM15

Started on 1 December 2014 by MinistryOfDarkness / First Post
Latest Reply on 1 December 2014 by MinistryOfDarkness / Last Post
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Well guys I'm sorry if someone else opened a topic about this but I didn't see it, I tried everything and it slowly starts to annoy me really.

This is the kind of problem I'm having:

Please pleeease does anybody have a solution for this problem?

EDIT: First time I installed it, it worked perfectly, but when I was planning to start it the second time it just came this error out.
You don't seem to have the latest version (15.1.4). If you're not on an original copy of the game, such crash dumps will be quite often for you (among other in-game issues).
Yes Mr.Stam you are right, I don't have the original copy of the game because the game did not came yet in my country (Bosnia & Herzegovina) so I downloaded a pirate version from the internet.

I would like just ask you one more thing, is there really no other solution to fix this problem or I have to wait for the original copy of the game?
Talking about pirate copies on this site is forbidden (see terms of use) and reason to get banned. You won't find any solutions for such copies here and I have no idea if there's any solution either. Best thing to do is buy the game. FM15 is already released, you can buy an activation code from our store or order the DVD edition from amazon.
I'm sorry Mr.Stam, I didn't know that it is forbidden to talk about pirate copies here. Anyway, thanks for your feedback I will wait until a DVD edition comes to my country.

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