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Monopolisation: The Real Deal

Started on 5 December 2014 by OUFC2k14
Latest Reply on 10 December 2014 by OUFC2k14
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Basically, I'm going to win everything there is to be won. Starting with Oxford United, my true love, I'll follow the rules and objectives below and test myself with a challenge of such calibre, I might be here until FM2019. Let's give it a shot, though.


- Start with Automatic reputation
- Choice of coaching/tactical span
- Running a club into administration = Disqualification
- Being sacked/fired = Disqualification
- All transfer fees must be paid upfront


- Win the top league in at least 20 different countries
- Win at least 15 lower leagues
- Win 20 different cup competitions
- These must include at least 1 from each continent and the 5 top leagues
- Win each of the five continental competitions for both club and country
- Win the U21, U19 and Senior WC

For any clarification on the rules/objectives, or any further information you want for yourself, feel free to PM me or comment.

Let the challenge begin.
Good luck :) Journeyman story sounds cool. Not many on here
2014-12-05 16:17#202717 P-KIDDY : Good luck :) Journeyman story sounds cool. Not many on here

Cheers, it'll take a lot of work - I'm guessing - but hopefully it can be pulled off!!

The Overview

I’m under absolutely no illusions that I have set myself a task here that even Michael Appleton, the greatest manager of all time, would struggle with. * If you don't know who he is, shame on you... search him up* . I’m not going to run this as a story but will, periodically, add more personable updates on how the season’s going. If there’s anything you guys would like to see, feel free to comment/pm me. The whole thing is flexible, as long as I’m working towards the objectives, I don’t care how I’m doing it.


Anyway… I just wanted to give you an idea of the sort of path I’m looking to take. Of course, that term flexible comes into again: it all depends what job opportunities are open when. I’m aiming to hold on to Oxford for at least 2 seasons, I think that’ll be an easy way to win League 2/League 1 and get rid of a couple of leagues, but from then I’m just going to see what comes up.

'The Team'

As I’m going to be using a large number of different teams, I’ll give you a quick rundown of key players/formations at the start of each new team, but I won’t go into too much detail, just because of the sheer number of different players we'll be looking at.


If anyone has got any advice/tips, feel free to comment or PM me either about this save or the story itself, I'm not the greatest fountain of knowledge of some of the small leagues in the game, so any advice you guys have got is greatly appreciated.

Team 1: Oxford United

So, as you guys know, my first club is Oxford United. We made a lot of signings in the summer so there’s a pretty amazing group of players to start with for a league 2 club. Not just the starting XI, but there’s very good depth as well. I’m going to look to make a couple of finishing touches, though. We could do with a new creative midfielder, and maybe one more winger to provide some competition/cover.


Formation wise, I’m going to look at 2 main structures as a base for my formations: the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1. You can find the specifics/player roles below, but I’m essentially going to look to play an attacking style of football that allows flexibility between the midfield and some interchange in positions between the strikers/midfield.

Key Players

Onto the players now, and Oxford have got a very good bunch. I’m immediately highlighting Brian Howard, in CAM, as a key player, alongside a very attacking right back in Joe Riley and the two men up top: Danny Hylton and Will Hoskins.

Brian Howard is a great creative flare and will see a chance seconds before everyone else on the pitch. His free kicks are deadly on FM and he can find the net from open play too. He’s the main link between the midfield and the strike force in this team and will be pivotal to the team’s success.
Joe Riley, on loan from Bolton, has some very impressive stats and I’m hoping he’ll make a decent bombing-on full back, with Meades staying behind in left back. He’s 22 years-old and probably is a big fish in a small pond coming down to League 2, but after an injury-plagued couple of seasons let’s hope we can get him back on track.
Finally we have Danny Hylton and Will Hoskins. The strike force is one part of the team that I’m not going to tinker with. Danny Hylton has surprised everyone in real life so far, standing the league’s top scorer with 12 goals. Combine that with the former Brighton and Hove striker Will Hoskins – whose career has also been interrupted by injury – and you’ve got debatably the best strike force in the league.

Youth Squad

Another key area at Oxford is the development of youth/young players. Whilst this is very much a journeyman career and I won’t look to stay with one club for a long length of time, it’s definitely of importance to look at the likes of James Roberts and Callum O’Dowda, as they could make their way onto the scene in a matter of months. It’d also be good if I could take a couple of good prospects with me from club to club, as we grow in our relationship and hopefully they can help me out.

Transfer Targets

Because of the current strength of the team, I haven’t really got any specific players that I’m looking at currently other than that mentioned at the top. However, were a couple of players to leave the club, it’d definitely be something I would look at. In addition to that, if any of you know any good acquisitions for this level, just drop a comment… your help won’t go unnoticed.

Full squad overview
OUFC2k14's avatar Group OUFC2k14
5 yearsEdited

A Pre-season to be Proud of

As you can probably guess from the title, we had a pretty good preseason. You can find a list of results below, but it was pretty positive. Six wins out of six, infact. I’m not too concerned about the results of the non-league games, but I was very pleased with the way we played against Sheffield and Fleetwood. Key performances from George Long and Johnny Mullins really stood out in both games and I think the score line played tribute to this with the clean sheet.


I didn’t choose to bring anyone in actually during Pre-season, but since we’ve brought Bastos into the club, a right winger previously without a club. He’s only 21 but seems to have great potential in the game, as you can see below. As far as players going out, that’s been pretty dead too. I haven’t had any offers for anyone yet, but I’d expect to get some loanees going out by the close of the market.,1000/images/content/2/7/8/27824873/4/topelement.jpg


I’m pretty sure that, going forward, I’d like to play the 4-2-3-1 formation, with just the one up top. When I’ve needed to, it’s been quite easy to go to a flat 2, either dropping to 4-4-2 or creating a 4-2-4 as well as being able to drop back the ACM into midfield if we need to pack the middle of the park.


Scouting is going to be a very big part of this save, as I look to take players or ideas with me from one club to another. I’m keeping a separate notepad with a list of players potentially for other clubs/that I want to keep an eye on but as far as Oxford are concerned there’s nothing in particular right now that I’m looking at in too much detail, a few players on the radar. I’ll do a separate update purely on scouting a bit later on.

Key Players

I guess you’ve already realised that I’m a fan of ‘key’ players, but I really do think they help to outline a team, especially in league 2. Key, for me, means both good and bad. On the plus side, Johnny Mullins has been absolutely brilliant in pre-season, leading the central defence and with some ridiculous tackling stats. George Long is in a similar boat as loanee GK: he’s kept us in the game on too many occasions to remember really.

On the other side of the equation, though, we’ve hit a bit of a crisis upfront. Whilst both Will Hoskins and Danny Hylton are great players, especially at this level, they seem to have a real trouble staying injury free. This is a real problem for the team as we could do with some consistency in the final third, without having to constantly change around the formation. On that note, please find below the injury table… we’ve had quite a few already!
Some fantastic results in there, especially the ones over Fleetwood and Sheffield United! :D
2014-12-08 20:21#203125 Walter : Some fantastic results in there, especially the ones over Fleetwood and Sheffield United! :D

Cheers, hopefully I can take that into the league now!

Month of Mixed Emotions

August, our first competitive month, was – again with the clue in the title – a month of contrasts. Not a great month by my standards at all, but there were definitely some decent results in there that have taken us to 5th in the table. Results are definitely not the only item on the agenda, though, and I’m pleased to say that the future looks positive with a number of players added to the scouting shortlist, as well as – in the short term – a few players returning from injury which should help going forward.


All in all, we played 6 competitive matches in August: 5 in the league and one in the Capital One cup. As a side, I feel as though we very much need to tighten up our defence, as we had a number of high scoring games. I do think, though, the inclusion of youth team goalkeeper Max Crocombe won’t have helped out the team, as we let in a few soft goals. Long was back for the final game of the season and we saw an instant impact from him in terms of defensive performance.


As you can see, we’ve had a 60% win record and 40% loss record in the league so far this season. I’ve made a couple of changes since our games against Burton and Mansfield, as I desperately felt some defensive stability was in order. Hopefully I’ve addressed the problem, adapting to a more control minded mentality and not trying to push on too much. The games at Burton and Mansfield really could have gone either way, so 3 points from 6 is probably a fair reflection.

On the other hand, a philosophical change definitely turned the tables up at Morecambe, where we recorded a convincing 4-1 victory. We were 2-0 up within the first 10 minutes and the game was made a lot easier when Morecambe went down to 10 men towards the end of the first half.

Portsmouth was a slight upset, but I was happy with the way we bossed the game and we just failed to take our chances when they came. Despite the score line, Dagenham and Redbridge was a different story. Had it not been for the re-instatement of George Long in goal, I fear that we would not have come away with a 2-1 win, but much more likely a significant loss. Long kept us in it on multiple occasions and it was only when Bastos found the net in the last minute or so that we looked relatively composed.


We were very unlucky in the Capital One Cup this season, taking an early exit thanks to Leyton Orient. A side a division above us, their quality really shone through but we managed to match that. We bossed the middle of the park, but were unable to penetrate their back line. We didn’t miss too many chances, but they didn’t get many either so – upon reflection – a draw was probably a fair result. Losing came as a result of a poor penalty shootout, but one that we could only expect to lose given the players on the pitch at that moment in time.


On the subject of Bastos – who has been a real star since joining the club – we have the players' performances so far. Sadly, Mullins has failed in some respects to live up to his pre-season hype in the middle of defence but he has had a lot come up against him in the opening games; it’s always hard for a defender to do well in such high scoring games.

Bastos has played exceptionally, with an average match rating of 7.80 and 4 assists in his 4 appearances so far. Add this to 2 goals and the fact he’s only 21 and you don’t need to be an expert to notice that we have a real gem with us here. Is he to keep it up, I think I’ll definitely be looking to build up a very positive relationship with him that encourages him to move clubs with me.
Sorry guys, save corrupted :(. Going to have to stop this one, stay tuned for more though.

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