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Poll: The FM Scout Football Club

A new community club has arrived in England!
Started on 7 December 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 12 February 2015 by Stockport Mike
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Which striker should start in the first game against Farnborough? (32 votes)
Name*: Alessio Santini
Attribute: (1 attribute to 15) Stamina
Player Moves: (Add/Remove any you want)
Abolish Weaker Foot: (Yes/No)
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited
Name: Gino Patti Sacuri
Attribute: Passing to 15

Name: Pasquale
Attribute: Crossing to 15
Name*: Albert John Aleksandrian (The LB, and Albert actually IS his first name)
Attribute: (1 attribute to 15) Work Rate
Name*: Lamine Fazal Lorenzo Zonca
Attribute: (1 attribute to 15)Passing
Name: Sacuri Clause
Attribute: Marking
Name: Apli
Attribute: Passing
Omar Laska


Mathias Iconic


good results to and lots of goals.

January Transfer Upgrade

In a very eventful January Transfer Upgrade, I am glad to announce that majority of the participants of this story has upgraded there players. We also have new players that will be joining the club, adding to the massive squad we already have. All players that have upgraded one of the attributes to 15. Below are the full details of the January Transfer Upgrade and intake.

New Intake


Matt Thomas - Concentration
Lugo Horris - Acceleration
John Albert - Strength
John Albert Aleksandrian - Work Rate
Sacuri Clause - Marking
Kaede Nakota - Work Rate
Omar Laska - Strength
Rafik Benzizi - Work Rate
Liam Sturridge - Concentration
Matija Diazepam IV - Off The Ball
Mike Duck - Positioning
Pasquale - Crossing
Lamine Fazal Lorenzo Zonca - Passing
Louis Basham - Stamina
Alessio Santini - Stamina
Gino Patti Sacuri - Passing
Maciej Dabrowski - Finishing
Mathias Iconic - Concentration
Jerome Sturridge - Off The Ball
John Arn Bennett - Technique
Apli - Passing
Brick Tamblamd - Technique
Oscar Skaarup - Dribbling
Tomas Drabzavicious - Finishing
Sam Frodo - Off The Ball
yeee now I should be less shit, start me! :D

January Report

Staines vs. FM (1-3)
Alessio Santini (2)
Tomas Drabvicious
Alessio Santini

Wealdstone vs. FM (2-1)

Macclesfield vs. FM (1-1)
John Arn Bennett

FM vs. Macclesfield (4-0)
Brick Tamblamd (2)
Louis Basham
Gino Patti Sacuri
Brick Tamblamd

FM vs. Eastbourne Borough (3-1)
John Albert Aleksandrian (penalty)
John Arn Bennett
Maciej Dabrowski
Maciej Dabrowski

Chelmsford vs. FM (0-7)
Gino Patti Sacrui (3)
Louis Basham (3)
Rafik Benzizi
Gino Patti Sacuri

Hayes and Yeading vs. FM (0-4)
Brick Tamblamd (2)
Louis Basham (2)
Louis Basham

FM vs. Bishops Stortford (7-2)
Brick Tamblamd
Louis Basham (2)
Omar Laska
Jerome Sturridge (2)
John Arn Bennett
Brick Tamblamd

I hope I will get to play more matches soon!
none of the boxes work for me just get x's in them
is this over with now...shame I was enjoying how my man would of progressed

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