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Ajax-Returning to Total Football

Started on 10 December 2014 by mo_123
Latest Reply on 12 December 2014 by a_esbech
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9 yearsEdited
I couldn't believe it, as soon as I got the letter I knew who it was from. It was one and a half years after my last managerial position and a long time since I had managed and played at the team but there it was, right in front of my eyes.

A reply from my favourite club to me, Ajax, after sacking their last manager,De Boer, had asked me to take over and return the club to the years where I was playing, the years when Total Football was invented and played,the years where football was enjoyed, the years where the Dutch team played the best and I was at the heart of it.

I played for them, scored goals for them and managed them.I won them trophies, breathed for them and lived for them. I then moved to my second favourite team and then became the most successful manager in their history before my former pupil and maybe the best manager in the world right now overtook me.

Ajax are famous for their youth academy the likes that me, Marco Van Baton and Edwin Van Der Sar all came thorough. My task is to restore them to the top with the coming youngsters, all of which I have heard are very good.Who am I you may wonder? I am the most graceful footballer to ever walk on a pitch, my vision was unmatched and my turn was the best. I am Johan Cruyff
Visit to the stadium

It had been a long time since I had walked on the turf, passed a ball and scored a goal. Those times are over now but now I walk as a leader of the team, as the manager and as the figurehead.I was with the club since the age of 10 when they took me from the local school 5 minutes away from here. As a child I had always wanted to be a football player and after that a football manager.

I have got a proven record as a manager at Barcelona and Ajax where I won 11 trophies including the champions league at Barcelona and won the Champions league again with Ajax.Well here I was walking out of the tunnel again having to take the pictures for mu upcoming press release.

The press asked me about the passion I felt for the football club in which I responded as saying' I think that my passion for this football club then any other football club in incomparable as this club was the club that nurtured me from the age of 10 until when I left then came back again. They then asked me what kind of heights do you think ajax could reach. I said'I think I could bring back the times we played total football, the days when we were admired and the days we were the best club in Europe.

I then had a meeting with the chairmen which was going to out line the expectations and the philosophies on which I was going to be judged. the expectations were to win the Champions League twice in the 7 or 8 years and to win the league at least six times on the same spell. The philosophies were my own philosophies where my team had to play attacking football and to develop players from the clubs youth academy ,where I was brought from, to the first team. I agreed straight away.
This is looking good :D Can't wait to see more from this. I've always quite liked Ajax.
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9 yearsEdited

It felt good seeing my first signing. Pepe is a mature person and I feel that his experience with Juventus will give us something extra. He has also played in the Champions league so he has the experience of that as well.I know he will be a fantastic player for us and his work rate and hs team work is fantastic for the club. When he plays he always gives it his all and never stops working for the team.

Coquelin will give us defensive cover and he is young which means there is always room to improve. His passing is well and will link up with our attacking midfielders well and he can play as defensive midefilder if we have to play defensive against some teams.

Young signings

Martin Odegaard, what word to describe him. This young 14 year old boy is a fantastic player and will be a world superstar when he grows up. He has bags of potential,an eye for goal and superb passing skills already. He reminds me of my self when I was young.I also brought Dennis Bergkamps son who is working on the same skills as his father as his technique is impressive. His father is one of my closest friends and I work with him at Ajax. One more youngster I brought in to keep the good line of youth products the club makes is Tasic who will be another fantastic player if he lives up to his potential.
Youth is the most important thing.

For Ajax, the special thing that stands out for anybody is that they are a sucessful club not because they spend money like Real Madrid but they prefer to develop their own players. their youth academy is the best in the world and has produced some fantastic players who are plying their trade elsewhere in Europe the likes of Robben, Sneijder and Huntelaar. the one thing they have all got in common is that they all played for Ajax. Luis Suarez is the third best player in the world debatably and Ajax taught him everything he knows apart from the biting.

When I take over the club being a youth product my self I will focus on the youth products and try to make them stay at the club by progressing further in the Champions League then in previous years. the good thing about having people progress through the ranks is that they feel Ajax is their team and are prepared to give everything for their team.

I have noticed the last time I managed both Ajax with Van Basten and Pep Guardiola. They were two people who would give everything for their clubs and Van Basten would have achieved much more in his career if it wasn't cut shot by injury. he might have even surpassed me as the best payer Holland and Ajax have ever produce.
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Good luck with your story

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