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Scouts find nothing at all!

Why is nothing being reported
Started on 15 December 2014 by Fands / First Post
Latest Reply on 15 December 2014 by Fands / Last Post
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Hello! I've been playing FM for a while and have a couple of saves active. I usually tend to buy a couple of scouts that I'm familiar with/read up on guides to whatever team I play and have been doing quite well until....well now.
I decided that it would be fun to take control of a big team and try to have as many homegrown players as possible for a new save...which ended me up with Barcelona.

As I said earlier I've read up on guides and tip on what scouts I should aim for and that can deliver good reports. That, together with the experience of other saves and the scouts I used in them made me think of trying them out again. But not a single one of the recommended scouts find anything!
Even though they have 100% knowledge of their own country they end up with 0 reports. I tried to lower every possible perk that they look for but they end up with the same result - 0! It's driving me insane as I can't buy or even find out or discover new prospects until they "bloom up" so to speak. I've tried to change head scout and every possible manager role I can think of to affect why my scouts are finding 0 players but nothing works. If I send them to scout tournaments/countries/regions/world they still end up with absolutely nothing to report.

I had a theory that by taking over a big club the requirements/CA/PA would have a higher standard as the scouts went out but this is...ridiculous! Even if I send out my best scouts to repeatedly scout a country/region they have 100% knowledge about they find nothing. I'm loosing my mind, I can't find regens unless I explore each country/league by myself and it's somewhat draining....

Could it perhaps be a bug? Or am I missing something here?
I'm not entirely sure about your problem, and am a bit confused myself, haha! Seriously, could it be to do with Barcelona's transfer embargo, perhaps?
I am pretty sure that transfer embargo's mean that on the scouting page, no players show up on the scouting screen
Problem solved! It was like Tallery posted due to the transfer embargo...pretty strange to affect even that. Thanks for taking your time and helping me out, all the best to both of ya!

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