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The Classen Chronicles

Started on 29 December 2014 by Toon
Latest Reply on 2 January 2015 by BeltaBadger
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M.Colin, D.Cojocaru, B.Nuytinck, F.N'Sakala
S.Defour (C), S.Kljestan, A.Najar, D.Praet
M.Suarez, A.Mitrovic

G.Galitsios, A.Scholz, M.Maric, D.Odoi
K.Overmeire (C), K.Persoons, B.Abdurahimi, H.Vanaken, N.De Pauw

Kick Off
'0 The referee blows his whistle and Lokeren start it off.

'11 Abdurahimi plays a simple ball in to the box that finds Persoons ... Persoons looks for a pass, but he's getting closed down - oh, he hits it!

'11 GOAL! Persoons powerful shot hits the roof of the net and rolls in to the corner, Lokeren take an unexpected lead!

'18 Vanaken finds Galitsios who has three defenders ahead of him - Galitsios plays a perfectly timed through ball to Abdurahimi, who beats his man with pace - he's in on goal! Shoots! The keeper pulls off a very, very good save, Cojocaru gets a foot on it to clear it away.

'19 De Pauw pushes up to the edge of the Anderlecht box, he picks out Persoons, who beats the last defender - he goes for the finish - it hits the keeper then the bar and the defender finds it and clears.

'20 The ball floats to Praet who is in space on the right wing, he hits a cross - Overmeire somehow gets a foot on it to clear it away! But it falls to Kljestan... he goes for the long shot, but it deflects off of Persoons and bounces back towards the halfway line.

'25 N'Sakala takes it right up to the corner flag - puts in an excellent cross, but Velhurst judged it perfectly and ran out to catch it with ease. Good save.

'34 Kljestan steps up for the free kick not far from Lokeren's box. He hits it - but it blazes narrowly over the bar. Unfortunate.

'45+1 Praet takes the corner, seeking Mitrovic - Abdurahimi jumps high to intercept and clear it away. Galitsios takes the ball on and holds it up ... the whistle blows, half time. 1-0 to Lokeren.

HT -

'45 Hasi doesn't look at all happy with his teams performance in the first 45 minutes. His team kick off from the centre circle.

'53 Kljestan powers a ball in to Lokeren's box, finding Mitrovic - he has to score ... Overmeire somehow gets a foot on the ball and gets it out of the box! Excellent defending.

'57 Vanaken holds it up, slips it left to Overmeire, Overmeire slips a through ball to Abdurahimi who turns the defender - he's onside ... N'Sakala with the slide tackle ... it falls straight in to the path of Vanaken who applies the finish!

'59 N.De Pauw OFF, N.De Preville ON

'59 M.Suarez OFF, A.Kawaya ON

'66 Vanaken puts some pace on a ball in front of him through to Leye, Leye has three defenders ahead of him closing in - he pulls the ball back on the edge of the box - hits it - scores! What a hit! The goalkeeper did not expect that one!

'67 M.Leye OFF, E.Ansah ON

'67 Anderlecht kick off - and give it away, practically immediately!

'67 Brilliant passing play in midfield from Lokeren - they counter immediately, Ansah hits the ball to his left where Abdurahimi finds it on the channel, makes his way in to the box - nobody is near him! The keeper is running out - and Adburahimi slots it coolly in to the bottom right! It's unbelievable, that's Lokeren's fourth!

'67 M.Colin OFF, M.Bastien ON

'69 S.Kljestan OFF, H.Mathijs ON

'80 Anderlecht have their first corner in a while - they have been lacking in attacking chances ever since those two quickfire goals that took Lokeren to four. They put it in the box - but saved, easily. Lokeren looking dominant.

'88 Bastien jogs up the right wing - hits a fantastic early, curling cross in to the box that finds Kawaya, who can't quite get a foot on it - it's cleared, but Mathijs intercepts just outside of the box... Praet, knocks it to Kawaya - thunders it in to the back of the net! Anderlecht have scored, but it is only a consolation goal.

'89 B.Abdurahimi OFF, A.Henrique ON

'90+2 Mitrovic has the ball in Lokeren's half, but he doesn't look bothered. No Anderlecht players making runs, they know they are well defeated.

FT. The referee blows his whistle and the Lokeren players run to the away stand to applaud the fans. Rami Classen remains in his technical area with a wry smile on his face. This is a fantastic debut for him.
Anderlecht 1 - 4 Lokeren
Anderlecht - 46%
Lokeren - 54 %
Anderlecht - 13
Lokeren - 18
Anderlecht - 3
Lokeren - 5

Anderlecht 1-4 Lokeren

Great win, corngrats on the trophy! :)
Wow great win and great update :D
wow very well done my friend you defied our expectations and won the trophy nice one!
Thank you guys! I knew my tactics would work eventually since I took some time on them, but I was surprised how quickly they worked. I expected to be beaten by a couple of goals to be honest.

Lokeren Progress In Europa League

Leg 1: Lokeren Home

The first leg of the Europa League tie saw Lokeren employ a very defensive tactic, the Belgian side clearly happy to let the visitors have the majority of the possession. Whilst Lokeren did attempt several attacks, the majority of which were on the counter, they did not hit the back of the net. PAOK, on the other hand, were kept out of the box by the Lokeren defenders and failed to capitalize on any of their chances. Both teams ended up with identical shots and shots on target (16 and 5 respectively), despite PAOK having a considerable amount of attacks. Whilst PAOK will have the home advantage in the second leg, Lokeren will be happy to not suffer any sort of away goal disadvantage.

Leg 2: PAOK Home

The second leg saw a complete transformation in Lokeren's quality of possession that PAOK clearly struggled to deal with. Despite Lokeren continuing their counter-attacking style of football and PAOK holding the majority of possession, it was the away team that truly made use of their time on the ball, hitting the net four times within just over half an hour due to fast, lethal attacks that often ended in periods of possession within the opposition box. PAOK, on the other hand, couldn't take their chances and scored one consolation goal - a long shot that left the keeper stunned, as it was the only way they were going to beat him this evening. PAOK boasted 19 shots, though only 8 of which were on target. Lokeren put 13 shots towards the PAOK goal and 8 were on target, 4 hitting the back of the net. Lokeren emerge as unlikely victors in this game and confirm their place in the Europa League groups.
(1-4 a.g.)

Great wins to kick off your career, Anderlecht and PAOK are good teams!
2015-01-01 00:54#205203 Feliks : Great wins to kick off your career, Anderlecht and PAOK are good teams!
Honestly I was expecting a loss for Anderlecht and a very close game for PAOK, but I was proven wrong both times, in a good way. :D
It's always really good to beat Anderlecht, especially since I thought that they'd be, by far, the dominant force in Belgium, so, if nothing else, it's a great way to kick off the season. Also, beating a Champions League club should put you in good stead for a solid run for the Europa League.

Best of luck
2015-01-01 01:10#205208 tbendis : It's always really good to beat Anderlecht, especially since I thought that they'd be, by far, the dominant force in Belgium, so, if nothing else, it's a great way to kick off the season. Also, beating a Champions League club should put you in good stead for a solid run for the Europa League.

Best of luck
Thank you mate. Yeah, I'm not looking for anything else other than a 'solid run' as you put it, don't think I have too much of a chance of going very far. I'll just go to the groups and see how that goes.
Great story so far mate, keep it up!

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