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Stockport County - Hattering Heights

Started on 7 January 2015 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 24 January 2015 by Jer
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Stockport County - Hattering Heights

Hello there and welcome to my second FM15 story! This time I will be attempting to take my local club Stockport County all the way to the Barclays Premier League and make them a global brand like my favourite club Manchester United. I hope you all stick along and enjoy this story as I'm looking forward to writing it! So for now enjoy this little introduction and I'll speak to you all later!


Stockport County are a semi-professional club based in the North West of England, commonly known as either County or The Hatters, the club spent many years in the Football League before financial problems saw them drop out of the Football League to the point where they are currently playing in the Vanarama North, however they still receive the biggest attendance in the league, averaging around 1000 fans per game.

Stockport have developed some of the big names in the Barclays Premier League, with Rickie Lambert and Ashley Williams being the most notable players to have played for County who now play for Liverpool and Swansea respectively.

The club is currently on the up with many fans believing that this may well be the season that they reach the play-offs in order to secure a chance to get a step closer to regaining their Football League status and bringing back their history to life again after the famous play-off final against Rochdale in 2007 with County winning the game 3-2 and moving on up to League 1, will this happen again? I'd like to believe so.

The Manager

I've decided to create an unknown manager and with the help of my good friend pompeyblue I've decided to call him Jack Busby. Busby is a young and intelligent man who's dream is to lead a club like Stockport to the very heights of English and European football. The 27 year old's main assets are his cool head and tactical knowledge making him a calm and composed man who could be the one to lead Stockport to their biggest success in their history.

So yeah, that's all the information you need to know so far! I really do hope you enjoy this story as I plan to keep it active for a long time. If you are wondering about the future of my Manchester United story, for now, it is a closed topic due to me losing the motivation for both the save and the story, it may return soon but for now I'll be focusing my attention on this.



Lovely first update, hopefully Jack can take Stockport back to playing league football!
A great start, to what promises to be an awesome story, Josh. C'mon the Hatters! ;)
Good luck budddddyyy! Luscious start.
It's back! F**k yeah, will be following!
Good luck on this very long, strenuous but ultimately rewarding journey!
@Neal: Was there ever any doubt? ;)

@Zap: Thanks buddy. Yeah let's hope Jack can become a legend!

@Joshie: Why thank you Joshie! ;)

@Aaron: Cheers man, much appreciated!

@Feliks: Thank you very much good sir. B-)

@Walt: Thanks for your support Walt!

Chapter 1; New Beginnings

I opened my eyes to a sharp pain in my head as I slowly began to regain my focus on the world around me, what a night. Booze, girls and music, nothing is better than that! I carefully got myself up off the floor and surveyed the area around me. Broken bottles, crushed cans and a hell of a lot of stains marked all over the floor. I got myself a trash bag from the kitchen and started to clean up the horrible mess, with flashbacks of last night reappearing in my head, that was by far the best night of my life.

After an hour or so of cleaning both my flat and myself, I was able to relax, being unemployed allowed me to relax often, but as I sat down on my sofa I realised how bad my life had become, you see, I was very academic when I was in my teenage years and I had a big career ahead of me but when the opportunity came, I was dumb enough to turn it down as I wanted to do one thing, become a football manager.

I studied coaching at college and came out with the top grades, however as it's such a narrow field, there weren't many opportunities for a career in coaching whereas I was offered a place at a well-known university for Graphic Design as again I achieved good grades in that course but it wasn't in my interests to go and study Graphic Design for my career and as I said, I stupidly turned it down to pursue a career in coaching, which as you can tell, hasn't really worked out for me.

And now, I'm midway through my twenties, have no job, no money and basically no life. All I ever seem to do is hold parties at my flat, and although some people say 'life's a party' but somehow that quote doesn't seem to work in a situation like mine.

I usually look for a new job everyday, and although there are some out there, they really do not interest me. I mean, who the hell would want to work in a supermarket? That's manual labour there. I find myself searching endlessly through pages and pages full of jobs but not one of them stands out to me. I've done some sports clubs before where I've been teaching some primary school children how to play football, I used to go every Tuesday and Thursday but due to cut-backs, the school had to scrap that club leaving me without a job again.

I just hope that one day I'll get a chance to prove myself to the world that I can manage a football team and lead them to glory, but hope is hope, and 99% of the time it means nothing.
Nice update. Good luck!
Nice update, but I wonder which club will come calling? ;)
A nice update Josh... but how will Jack ever be able to find a job? :/

Stockport manager-less again after Lord announces his departure

Stockport County are on the hunt for yet another manager as Alan Lord announces his depature from the club after personal issues got in the way of his job.

The 65 year old handed in his notice to the board of directors in the early hours of this morning meaning that after a years spell in charge of his favourite club he would be mutually terminating his contract making The Hatters manager-less again, with Lord being their fourth manager to leave in the space of 3 years. Lord stated that his ambitions are now to continue his junior coaching whilst sorting out some personal issues along the way.

The first team coach spent a number of his years working as a junior coach at Stockport County, becoming assistant manager a few years later. Lord was then offered the manager job last year and led Stockport to a comfortable finish in the Conference North after a dip in form meant that the club could have been facing their third relegation in three seasons, allowing Lord to keep hold of his job after steering Stockport to safety.

He has produced many talents in his time, with players such as John Ruddy and Ashley Williams both being graduates from Lord's academy, but he has recently been struggling with some personal issues which ultimately lead to his departure. He spoke briefly with an interviewer before his departure, saying the following about the situation;

"The decision was a tough one, I had to think long and hard about it before coming to my conclusion. It was a hard choice to make but it's the right one as my family and friends come first and it's with deep regret that I have to leave this wonderful club. I've enjoyed every moment here and I'm going to miss it, I wish that whoever takes this job can lead this club back up to their glory days as it fully deserves it, and I want to thank everyone involved at the club for everything they have done."

Stockport now continue their search for a new manager, hoping to bring someone in with new and fresh ideas, with the official club's spokesperson saying that he wants a new, young and energetic manager who was lots of creative ideas as that would bring a breath of fresh air not only to the players, but to the club and fans too.
Lorde :oo?
Good luck mate, this will be good :)

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