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Stockport County - Hattering Heights

Started on 7 January 2015 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 24 January 2015 by Jer
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Ah, a vacant job - unless there is a huge plot twist I expect Busby to take the job :P
@Pauks: Yeah he's royal. ;)

@Tall: Thanks man!

@Walt: Hmm I wonder... ;)

Chapter 2; A Glimmer of Hope

"No surprises there" I said to myself as I closed the internet browser down after another failed attempt to find a decent job. It's getting beyond the joke now, it's like someone up there doesn't want me to be successful in life. I walked away from my desk and slouched on my couch, switching on the television and cracking open an ice cold can of Fosters. The channel was on ITV and the news was currently on, just before I was about to change the channel, I saw some breaking news on the sports section of the news.

"And we have some breaking news coming in regarding one of our local clubs in the area. Stockport County have confirmed the departure of manager Alan Lord and have stated that they are currently looking for his successor which they hope to find in the coming days."

Well would you look at that! Not only am I receiving bad luck in finding a job, but now my local football team is manager-less, can this get any worse? I sighed as I took another big swig of my lager before going into the kitchen to make some food. As I prepared to make some beans on toast, I glanced outside my window to see the raining pouring down making water droplets stream down my window like what you see in those sad music videos, but as I gazed outside, something caught my attention which was sitting on the windowsill.

I looked at it in more detail and something just ticked in my head. I picked it up and it brought back so many memories of back when I was successful and actually enjoyed my life. It was my certificate for junior coaching, a profession I went into a couple of years ago after I left university which brought me lots of joy as I was starting my new life outside education. I placed it back down as I smelt burning in my kitchen which unfortunately was my black textured toast which let out a foul burnt aroma into the rooms of my flat.

After enduring a foul tasting meal, I decided to hop back on my laptop and look for any football coaching courses as I decided it would be the best move for my career as I've got experience in that particular field. I typed in on Google 'Football coaching courses in stockport' and found a website offering courses in Edgeley called 'Professional Football Scout', the name rang a bell to me but I couldn't put my finger on where I've heard it before.

Upon entering the website I remembered where I heard it before, the man who runs this is a legend and if anyone can get my career back on track it's him. I found a coaching course which matched my ability and specifications and made my own application to send off to the man who runs this company, who is no other than Alan Lord himself.
Nice update Josh. Very interesting backstory in the lead up to Busby's hopefully successful managerial career!

Will Alan Lord have some words of wisdom for Busby? ;)
I'll echo what Walt says.. this is a very interesting backstory! Hopefully meeting with Lord will give our Jack some good advice for the future, as well as lead him on to a managerial job ;)
2015-01-11 21:45#205925 Josh_MU :
"No surprises there" I said to myself as I closed the internet browser down after another failed attempt to find a decent job. It's getting beyond the joke now, it's like someone up there doesn't want me to be successful in life.

True story.
Very nice update - don't usually enjoy these kind of updates, but that was good!
@Walt: Thanks Walt! You'll have to wait and see. ;)

@Joshie: Haha thanks Joshie! Let's hope Jack can learn a thing or two!

@Pauks: Banter.

@Tall: Thanks Tall.

Chapter 3; A Step Backwards

I was frantically dashing around my apartment gathering everything I needed for my trip to Edgeley, locating my keys behind a picture frame and finding my phone tucked down the side of my sofa, I could not be late as this may well be the biggest day of my life. I headed into my bedroom and put on my shoes whilst picking up my football boots and placing them carefully in my bag, it would be a disaster if I forgot them. I dropped my bag at the door and went into the kitchen to pick up a few bottles of water, gotta stay hydrated and maintain my concentration today.

I quickly looked at all the things I gathered, double checking if I had everything before heading out the door and making my way to the bus stop. I walked as fast as possible, it's always a struggle carrying a heavy bag filled with footballs and equipment up a hill but I finally made it, relaxing against the frame of the bus stop whilst gathering my money from my wallet to pay for the journey. I looked to my right to see a couple of lads stirring up trouble with one of the residents who looked in their 60's and quite vunerable. I watched as one of lads threatened to beat the shit out of the 60 year old if he didn't give them his wallet, clenching his fists and flashing them in the face of the man.

I saw some people walk past the incident but being the selfish people they are, completely dismissed it and carried on walking forward, someone has to take action. I carried on watching as it started to turn violent, with a few shoves shared between the man and the younger lad before a hooded figure ran towards the 60 year old and smashed his fist into his side, winding the man in the process. I dropped my bags and sprinted towards the scene, tripping the younger lad and upper cutting the other hooded figure who winded the older man. The younger one retaliated, kicking my shins and smashing his fists against my back, this was going to turn nasty.

A crowd started to gather as the incident took a turn for the worse and the hooded figure unsheathed a sharp object and jabbed it in my general direction, narrowly avoiding my elbow as he quickly swung the blade throughout the air. I tackled the figure down and crushed his wrist making him release the blade and flung a few heavy punches into his face, breaking his nose in the process. The younger one dived onto me, bringing me down the pavement and smashing my head against the ground leaving a few cuts on my forehead. I used my strength to throw the boy off me and stood on his ankle until he screamed in pain, this cunt was going to regret trying to hurt that old man.

I then heard sirens as two police cars entered the area, stopping next to me and the two lads with officers piling out of the car and neutralising the situation. Before I could speak, I was pinned to the ground by multiple officers, feeling a cold metal attached around my wrists.

"I am arresting you for violence in a public area. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence."

I panicked, doing my best to crawl away from the officers but they had me pinned down good. I tried to plead my innocence but they were having none of it, lifting me up and placing me in the back of the car. I looked out of the window to see the two lads were getting away with their crime, talking to an officer before walking down the pavement in the opposite direction. I cannot believe this.

I soon found myself being escorted to the nearest cell before being thrown into the cold room with the doors being slammed shut and locked. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands. I've fucked up badly here.
Moving update Josh. Another twist in the tale but it will bring out the best in Busby and show his resilience and determination to succeed!
Yes, you really have f*cked up badly here. You best fix this ;)
wat have u done joshie
Good start to what I know will be a huge success! I'm a huge fan of your writing, don't disappoint me ;)
Naughty boyyyy, no one wants to be in trouble with da coppers

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