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Best LLM Players

Tallery's avatar Group Tallery 2015-01-11 10:27
gb 1616 posts 241 likes joined Jan 27, 2014
Hey guys.

I am not an LLM lover, and I find it a challenge. But I want to start an LLM save, with Worcester City F.C. or Gloucester City A.F.C., but I have no idea what kind of players are good at this level. I was wondering if you guys, and I know a lot of you are LLM addicts or lovers, on who would be a good fit for this side, or just general players I should take a look at, and that could last me till about League 2.

Thanks alot :)
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Feliks's avatar Group Feliks 2015-01-11 10:30
au 2115 posts 292 likes joined May 18, 2014
Physicality is key at low levels, especially speed. Also look out for good young players, and also regens later in the save. And make sure to exhaust your loan limits as well.
pointer4ncfc's avatar Group pointer4ncfc 2015-01-11 10:32
gb 37 posts 5 likes joined Mar 25, 2014
Ive seen quite a few for the conference north a couple of them good for the Conf prem as im now finding out and should perform in League 2: Jake Reed, Curtis Haynes Brown, Andre Fisk, Rene Steer, Dan Walker, Rossi Jarvis, Gavin Cowan
woreirsis's avatar Group woreirsis 2015-02-06 05:00
00 1 posts joined Feb 06, 2015
So far I just haven't been able to find any decent players, I'm having to loan some players in. But I was hoping to sign some good free agents in order to have a strong squad going into the next season too; I am in my first season, just thinking ahead.
Patres10's avatar Group Patres10 2015-02-06 06:03
sk 143 posts 56 likes joined Apr 29, 2011
It depends on your "wallet" ;) . But I almost always try to find young prospective players "on loan" from BPL clubs. And if I´m really forced to sign someone, he have to be really good (at least a good player for a one level higher league).
ddavidneon's avatar Group ddavidneon 2015-03-25 05:51
00 1 posts joined Mar 25, 2015
Jake Reed, Curtis Haynes Brown, Andre Fisk, Rene Steer, Dan Walker, Rossi Jarvis, Gavin Cowan ?
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SimichC's avatar Group SimichC 2015-05-03 07:52
00 152 posts 6 likes joined Aug 13, 2014
Pierce Sweeney
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