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fm 2010 demo

Started on 8 October 2009 by Gspot69
Latest Reply on 17 October 2009 by The !RedDevil!
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Pages is teaming up Sports Interactive and Sega to give Football Manager fans an exclusive playable preview of Football Manager 2010 on October 16th - two weeks before it hits the shops.

The 'vanilla' demo will allow users to manage any English team for half an in-game season, experiencing all the new features of the full game, and with the option to transfer their saved data over to the game proper when it's released on October 30th.

Fans of the multi-million football management series can get an inkling as to what those new features are by reading the exclusive Football Manager 2010 blogs that SI Games head honcho Miles Jacobsen has been posting for the past month on editor Dan Silver said: “MirrorFootball is a website made by and for genuine football fans, and as such we’re delighted to strike up this partnership with the best football management game ever.

"Being able to offer this exclusive demo download is a great addition to our site's already unique portfolio of features. Not only does already offer the best in breaking football news and football opinion from the best team of sports writers in the business, a huge, exclusive archive of football photos, and a unique fantasy football game, but now we’re giving users the opportunity to get their hands on the new FM2010 game two weeks ahead of everyone else.”

You can download the Football Manager 2010 demo exclusively on on October 16th.
Great! Can't wait =D
I am going to get the demo, is it just vannilla demo this time?
The Demo is available at Steam, downloading it now.
Available in both vanilla and strawberry flavors. I've posted the corresponding download pages here on the site.
First impression regarding the interface is a negative one, but it's still early :beer
ehm the interface has a bittt toooo muccchhh change. i like the tactical options, but not really the pitch where you do the tactics. i dont get it at the moment to be honest.

it will take some time to get used to for us old school FM'ers. but the tactics option is the only thing keeping me into it at the moment, i will try more of the game later on.
downloading now, got to admit every time a new one launches im disappointed but however still end up playing it 24/7
It's a hell of a change this time. I mean in previous years, there have been slight changes... this time it's a drastic one, interface-wise. However, I think it's worth the time needed to get used it. I like it at least!
gameplay and tactics=brilliant.

interface=a bit annoying, too much change from previous versions. its good looking but it will take time to get used to.

but the gameplay and the tactics make up for everything, im loving it so far.
iv got to admit im liking this

even the new interface okay very different but i get used to tht after many hrs f playtime

tactics has finally got its much needed overall and well im shocked

could this be better then fm08??
Same for me still getting to grips with the new interface finding my way around etc i really enjoyed 09 but 10 has the makings of being even better
being playing tottenham for three months

and proper enjoying it

the squad real good especially peter crouch and kevin mcnaughton have been fantastic for me so far

and most of the team seem really good

still frustating with lennon i dnt think they made him as good as he is real life but he is still better then he was in fm09 wher ei thought he was terrible

and defoe...well im struggling with him

the game like i mentioned for is frustrating with the new layout i dnt think the made it easier but i get use to that
some new features im enjoying is the pre match meeting where the back room staff meet to dicuss next oppents

the tactical control in how you want players to play is fantastic, well done on tht one

also u get a weekly injury update of the squad, which i have found handy

one problem i think i found is not letting the assisstant choose the squad or be able to clear it from one button?? (or iv just not seen the buttons)

but in general i believe its a sucsess!
Nice one mate!
I'm considering setting up a FMScout review on the demo with excerpts from your comments here (with your credit of course).
So, if you guys like the idea, keep them coming! :beer
go for it dude

found the clear squad and ask assistant, it was hiding in the other corner

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