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FM improvements?

Started on 16 January 2015 by Iconic
Latest Reply on 18 January 2015 by Retrogott
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Once again we are all playing FM, uploading tactics, starting stories and critiquing what Sports Interactive can do better in Football Manager.

I have started this forum topic to ask you what changes you would like to see, want to see a better match system? Have more licenses? Or maybe have a broadened horizon of options to play on the game.

Personally I would like to see a better match system and I think SI should try to develop that, I know that many peoples bemoan the 3D match system and it's lag and poor realism. I use this type of match system as I feel that if I play on the 2D match system then my game lacks a bit of feeling, like I wont see some pretty build up play and the passes that are made, instead I see the ball moving across the screen to a large circle with a number in it. The second thing I would like to see changed is more challenges every year it's the same, 'The saviour cometh' 'Unrest at home' and I really want to see more challenges and different ones every year. Another small issue is that of the lack of licenses for the Bundesliga and BPL instead of FC Schalke04 you get 'Gelsenkirchen' instead of Manchester City you 'Man City' this is a minor issue in my opinion as I can easily download real names, kits and badges from the Steam workshop.

So the question I ask you is what changes (if any) do you want to see in Football Manager 2016?
I would like to see the management side of the game improved.
More board interaction options, specifically more freedom when creating links with other clubs (Choosing the terms of the partnership or at least having a say on them, instead of the default "players may go on loan")

A more responsive interview system, since at some point you just get tired of always seeing the exact same questions, and the exact same follow ups to the exact same answers. Saying "I am not nervous!" during 10 seasons should make them understand not to ask such questions.

Fixing the happiness system, sometimes players just get stuck on eternal unhappiness, with silly requests like "more first team football" despite being a first team constant, or expecting constant first team as a backup player.

Ratings system should also be tweaked, specifically club reputation gains/loses respective to success/failure in competitions.

On the match system I'd like to see more tactical options, in between "team instructions" and "player instructions" there should be "defense instructions" "midfield instructions" "winger instructions" and "striker/attacking instructions" to more easily give commands for certain areas (say you want the defense to retain possession and play it short and slow, then find an open player on the wing, which will then play direct and faster.) * You can achieve that at the moment, but it would be much simpler that way.
I would like to have a little feature, that displays the market value development of a player.
Just like this:

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