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FM 15 - MLS Story

It's not NYCFC or Orlando City but it is a expansion team
Started on 29 January 2015 by GuiseleyFan00
Latest Reply on 11 February 2015 by GuiseleyFan00
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October 2014

October 1st

With 4 games left for our club in the regular season, we are scheduled for a home game against Houston on the 4th, a road game against NY Red bulls on the 10th, home game against Los Angeles on the 17th and our season finale is the 24th against Columbus on the road.

The MLS Wild Card is scheduled for the 28th of October

Jimmy Delgado of Hamilton FC won the MLS Player of the month for September. In 4 games he scored 7 goals.

October 2nd

With how well our club has done this season the media predicted us to finish 20th and we are 1st in the East, we have sent a possible contract extention to our goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts. He is 38 yr old currently making 5k per week and he wanted 3k so we will agree to the 2k in savings as we sent his agent an offer for 3k for 1 yr.

We need him for atleast 1 more year to help develop our possible back p goalie next season or our future goalie that will take over for Ricketts when he retires.

October 3rd

With Jimmy Delgado signing that contract extension earlier in the season our assistant is telling us to maybe improve the contract in the near future so that the player does not become unhappy with his contract situation. I am ok with that

He is signed until December 2017 at 1.2k per week and he would like a contract until December 2018. With how well he has done as of late we are happy to increase his salary to 2.8k more a week.

Philadelphia secures a playoff spot

With San Jose beating Sporting KC, we have a game in hand and moved to 1st in the League as we hold the tie breaker against KC.

October 4th

We are at home to take on Houston

Houston (6th West) @ Hamilton FC (1st East)

Jimmy Delgado scores his 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th (15, 40, 43, 45+1)
Dax McCarty scored his 3rd (pen 64)
Marvin Chavez (10)

Final: 5-2 W

Jorge Villafana (Hamilton FC)

Jimmy Delgado (Hamilton FC) 4g 1a 9.9 rating

Portland has secured a playoff spot

October 5th

Jimmy Delgado has set a new MLS record for scoring goals with 28 as the previous record was held by Roy Lassiter in 1996 with 27

Our goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts has signed his new 1 yr contract extension

October 6th

Jimmy Delgado has been named MLS Player of the Week

Robert Heggestad, Dax McCarty and Jimmy Delgado were named to the MLS Team of the Week

October 7th

Jimmy Delgado has signed his new contract extension worth 3 yrs at 675k over the 3 years.

October 9th

The Shortlist for the MLS Rookie of the year came out today as I have the chance to vote for a player but can’t vote for my own.

There is only 3 players up for MLS Rookie of the year:

AM (C) / ST (C) – Robert Heggestad – Hamilton FC: 28 Apps 8 Gls 23 Asts 4 PoM 7.53 AvR
AM (L) / ST (C) – Lawrence Mofokeng – NYCFC: 19 Apps 7 Gls 9 Asts 0 PoM 7.14 AvR
M (RL) – Lee Llave – FC Dallas: 21 Apps 0 Gls 3 Asts 0 PoM 6.79 AvR

Also VISA Defender of the Year Shortlist was also released today:

D (C) Ethan White – Real Salt Lake: 19 Apps 5 Gls 1 Asts 2 PoM 7.25 AvR
D (C) Elias – Portland: 30 Apps 4 Gls 0 Asts 3 PoM 7.14 AvR
D (C) Matt Besler – SKC: 28 Apps 2 Gls 0 Asts 2 PoM 7.15 AvR
D/WB (R), DM, M (C) – Thiagunho – SKC: 30 Apps 0 Gls 1 Ast 0 PoM 7.05 AvR
D (C) – Carlos Valdes – Philadelphia: 29 Apps 0 Gls 0 Asts 1 PoM 7.09 AvR

October 10th

We are on the road as we play New York Red Bulls

Hamilton FC (1st East) @ NY Red Bulls (5th East)

Hassoun Camara scores his 3rd (20)
Jimmy Delgado scores his 29th and 30th (46, 85)
Robert Heggestad scores his 9th (78)

Final: 4-0 W

Hassoun Camara (Hamilton FC)

Jimmy Delgado (Hamilton FC) – 2g 9.2 rating

Kyle Bekker was in for Canada in a 2-1 win over Surinam as he had 0g 1a with a rating of 7.7

Seattle has secured a playoff spot

October 11th

Seattle has secured a playoff spot

October 13th

Toronto FC’s Gilberto was named MLS Player of the Week

Six of our clubs players were named to Team of the Week, Donovon Ricketts (GK), Zach Loyd (D), Eriq Zavaleta (D), Hassoun Camara (D), Robert Heggestad AM (C), Jimmy Delgado ST (C)

Canada gets beat in the 2nd round of the World Cup Qualifying by a score of 4-2 to Surinam

Kyle Bekker played 90 mins in the loss and had a rating of 7.5 with 1 assist

October 17th

We play our last home game of the season today as we play host to Los Angeles Galaxy

Los Angeles (9th West) @ Hamilton FC (1st East)

Robert Heggestad scored his 10th ()
Hassoun Camara scored his 4th ()
Dax McCarty scored his 4th ()
Jimmy Delgado scores his 31st ()

Final: 4-0 W

Hassoun Camara (Hamilton FC) 1g 8.7 rating

October 18th

Hamilton FC has set a new record for the number of goals scored in a season in the MLS with their tally of 87 goals. The previous was set by LA Galaxy at 85

Colorado Rapids have sacked their Manager Pablo Mastroeni. With 1 more game to play Colorado finished last in the West with a record of 5 wins 8 draws and 20 loses for 27 GF and 52 GA for a goal difference of -25 for 23 Pts

The West is set as San Jose is playing Portland in the Wild Card for the West

October 19th

The Volkswagen MVP Shortlist was announced today as Managers have 3 votes

ST (C) – Jimmy Delago – Hamilton FC: 32 Apps 31 Gls 8 Asts 6 PoM 7.56 AvR
AM (L) / ST (C) – David Villa – NYCFC: 32 Apps 22 Gls 4 Asts 6 PoM 7.21 AvR
AM (LC) / ST (C) – Sebastian Giovinco – Toronto FC: 33 Apps 19 Gls 5 Asts 7 PoM 7.24 AvR
AM (RC) / ST (C) – Clint Dempsey: 27 Apps 15 Gls 6 Asts 6 PoM 7.25 AvR
AM (C) / ST (C) – Robert Heggestad: 30 Apps 10 Gls 24 Asts 4 PoM 7.60 AvR

We have added another coach in Carlos Liamosa who is a 46 yr old American Coach that was recommended me by
my fellow coaches. He will be with us until December 31st 2017 for 2,100 per week.

Ze Roberto will be out 5 to 8 days with a bruised shin

October 20th

Vancouver’s Ayoze won MLS Player of the Week

Donovan Ricketts, Zach Loyd, Hassoun Camara, Fredrik Stoor were all named to MLS Team of the Week

October 24th

We end our 1st year of our franchise as we play our last game of the season on the road against Columbus Crew.

Hamilton FC (1st East) @ Columbus (4th East)

Jimmy Delgado scored his 32nd ()
Marvin Chavez scored his 11th ()
Bastian Meisenheimer scores his 4th ()
Kyle Bekker scores his 4th ()

Final: 4-2 W

Jimmy Delgado (Hamilton FC)

Robert Heggestad (Hamilton FC) – 2a 8.7 rating

Jimmy Delgado will be out of action for 2 to 3 weeks with a twisted knee, Robert Heggestad will be out for action for 5 to 8 days with a Facial Injury


Hamilton FC has won the MLS Supporters Shield title

Hamilton FC fans are ecstatic at winning MLS Supporters Shield, declaring immediately that they hoped Rick Stevens would remain in charge for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for the official supports club added that it truly an hour to have a manager like Stevens in charge

The Hamilton FC board have issued a statement declaring that they are very happy with victory in the MLS supporters shield and are greatful to manager Rick Stevens for doign the club proud.

They stated their surprise at this achievement and wished to thank Stevens for leading the club to this unexpected success

Hamilton FC has been award an Allocation fund of 200k for winning the supports shield. That brings the total of 513k

The following are the stats for the following things

Final Standings:

Final League Stats:

Hamilton Teams Stats

Reserves Stats:

Academy Stats

Hamilton FC Schedule

Hamilton FC Reserve Schedule

Club Staff:

October 25th

Hamilton FC has set a new record for the number of points accrued in a season in the MLS, with their total of 70 pts. Previous record was held by LA Galaxy of 68

October 26th

Let the unemployement begin:

Los Angeles have sacked their Manager Bruce Arena. The Galaxy finished 9th in the West with a record of 7 wins 11 draws and 16 loses with 40 GF 63 GA -23 32 Pts. They won the MLS Supporters Shield Last year.

Montreal Impact have sacked their Manager Frank Klopas. Montreal finished 9th in the East with a record of 9 wins 9 draws and 16 losses with 48 GF 60 GA and a -12 for 36 Pts

Chicago Fire have fired their Manager Frank Yallop. Chicago Fire finished last place 10th in the East with a record of 9 wins 9 draws and 16 losses with a 39 GF 51 GA -12 and 36 Pts

Toronto FC have sacked their Manager Tim Hankinson. Toronto FC have finished 8th in the East with a record of 9 wins 9 draws and 16 losses with a 52 GF 68 GA -16 and 36 pts

The Wildcards are set as the West has Portland taking on San Jose on the 28th of October as the East has Columbus against New England on the 29th of October.

October 27th

Portland’s Darlington Nagbe has won the MLS Player of the Week

Robert Heggestad was named to the MLS Team of the week

Hamilton FC Injury Update:

AM (C) – Robert Heggestad (Facial Injury) – 2 to 4 days
ST (C) – Patrick Mullins (Torn Hamstring) – 1 to 4 days
ST (C) – Jimmy Delgado (Twisted Knee) – 12 days to 2 weeks
M (C) – Augusto (Torn Calf Muscle) – 2 to 3 months

October 28th

Portland beat Seattle by a score of 4-0

October 29th

Allstate Goalkeeper of the Year shortlist was announced today as each Manager gets 1 vote

GK – Rais M’Bolhi – Philadelphia: 25 Apps 27 Conc 1 PoM 6.94 AvR
GK – Donovan Ricketts – Hamilton FC: 31 Apps 44 Conc 1 PoM 7.09 AvR
GK – Nick Rimando – Real Salt Lake: 34 Apps 1 Ast 41 Conc 0 PoM 6.81 AvR

The East Wild Card is today as Columbus takes on New England. New England won by a score of 2-1 over Columbus in extra time.

We have drawn New England in the one East Conference Semi Final set for October 31st. The first leg is set for in New England as we will host the 2nd leg.

October 31st

We have a road game against New England in the 1st Leg of the Playoffs

Hamilton FC @ New England (1st Leg West Conference Semi Finals)

Eriq Zavaleta scored his 4th of the season (14)
Bastian Meisenheimer scored his 5th and 6th of the season (pen 67, 83)

Final: 3-0 W

Donovan Ricketts (Hamilton FC)
Tyler Hemming (Hamilton FC)

Marvin Chavez (Hamilton FC) – 1a 7.8 rating

Kyle Bekker’s agent came to us and wanted to discuss a possible contract increase as they wanted 6k until December 2018. I agree his current contract at 1.5k until December 2017 isn’t alot of how well he has done with Hamilton FC and Team Canada.

We decided to lower it to 4.3k per week until December 2018 however we have added a 2.3 Minmum Fee Release clause.

Philadelphia beat NYCFC by a score of 2-1 in their first leg of their Semi Final game.

November 2015

November 1st

We got word that owner Greg Brick will be retiring as Club Owner next season and has give us word that they will find a new owner before he retires.

Hamilton FC’s Jimmy Delgado wasnamed the Player of the Month for October as he scored eight goals in four games

The second leg isn’t until the 7th of November which is 6 days away as Delgado is to be out for 5 to 9 days so he might be back in time for that 2nd leg.

West Conference has their first leg today as Sporting Kansas City beats Portland by a score of 2-1 and Real Salt Lake beats Seattle by a score of 1-0

Colorado Rapids have hired Sigi Schmid as their new Manager. He previously served as Seattle’s Manager from December 12th 2008 until October 27th 2014.

November 3rd

Donovan Ricketts, Fredrik Stoor, Zach Loyd and Eriq Zavaleta were all named to MLS Team of the Week

Kyle Bekker signed his new contract offer worth 3 yrs at 700k over the 3 yrs.

November 4th

Four of our players have been called to international duties as Kyle Bekker is joined once again by Bryce Alderson for Team Canada for dates November 11th and 17th as Marvin Chavez will joine Houduras for November 13th and November 17th as Jimmy Delgado will join Ecuador for the 13th and 17th.

November 6th

Our ticket staff have told us that the game against New England tomorrow has been sold out and that over 23,200 fans will be attending when we take on New England in the second leg.

Chicago Fire has hired Frank Klopas as their new Manager. He previously served as Chicago Fires manager from 1998-1999 then left for Montreal Impact in 1999 until January 1st 2000 and then from January 1st 2000 until October 30th 2013 he was their coach/manager and then got fired. He then became the Manager of Montreal Impact on July 7th 2014, then got canned on the 26th of October 2015 and then was hired back on as their Manager by Chicago Fire today.

November 7th

Today is the 2nd leg of the MLS East Conference Semi Finals 2nd leg as we are at home against England. Keep in mind we have a 3-0 lead going into today and Jimmy Delgado is day to day and will not start however he will be on our line up as a sub.

New England @ Hamilton FC (Hamilton has a 3-0 lead in the leg)

Marvin Chavez scores his 12th goal (28)

Final: 2-1 L (4-2 HAM on Goals)

Josh Janniere (Hamilton FC)

Robert Heggestad (Hamilton FC); Hassoun Camara (Hamilton FC)

D.Barnes (New England) – 9.0 rating

Hamilton FC advances onto the MLS East Semi Finals as they win 4-2 aggregate win over New England as we will be joined my NYCFC in the MLS Semi Finals.

NYCFC made it to the MLS Eats Semi Finals with a 5-2 aggregate win over Philadelphia.

Josh Janniere will be out of action for 3-4 weeks with a pulled hamstring

The first leg between Hamilton FC and NYCFC will be at Yankee Stadium

November 8th

Montreal Impact has hired Ben Olsen as their Manager. He previously served as D.C. United’s Manager between August 4th 2010 and October 27th 2014 before he got sacked.

Sporting KC beat Portland by a score of 3-2 which gives them a 5-3 score after both legs as SKC moves to the West Semi Final who will play either Seattle or Portland.

Real Salt Lake drew a 2-2 tie with Portland as Real Salt Lake finished with a 3-2 score and will move on to play SKC in the west semi finals.

November 9th

Jimmy Delgado has fully recovered from his injury and will be 100% for our first leg game against NYCFC.

November 10th

NYCFC’s Steve Birnbaum has won the MLS Player of the Week

Robert Heggestad was named to the MLS Team of the Week

Canada U20 lost to Kuwait U20 by a score of 2-0

Toronto FC has named Giovanni Savarese from New York Cosmos as their new manager

Greg Vanney was named as Los Angeles Galaxy’s new Manager

November 12th

Seattle’s Clint Dempsey was named USA Player of the Year. He had 19 goals in 31 games with a AvR of 7.26

Our 23 yr old midfielder Terrance Johnson has left his agent Jeff Peters, reasons are unknown

November 13th

25 yr old defender Juan Cruz Gotta is complaining that I havnt kept my promise, once I get the chance that I can release him he will be gone.

November 15th

Jimmy Delgado was named MLS Newcomer of the Year. 25 yr old Jimmy Delgado put in a string of amazing performances this year, scoring 32 goals in 34 games with an average rating of 7.55

NYCFC David Villa came in a very close 2nd place and Frank Lampard of NYCFC took 3rd

November 16th

Canada U20 beat Ivory Coast U20 by a score of 3-1

Canada U20 – Marco Bustos 1g; Edin Husic 1g, John Ling 1g
Ivory Coast U20 – Moussa Sanoh 1g

November 21st

We head on the road as we take on NYCFC in the 1st leg of the East Semi Finals.

Hamilton FC @ NYCFC (1st Leg East Semi finals)

Jorge Villafana scored his 5th (43)

Robert Heggestad

Final: 1-1 Draw

Jorge Villafana (Hamilton FC) – 1g 8.6 rating

With the 2nd leg being held at our pitch we will have the home town fans on our side and also which ever team scores the most goals in the 2nd leg will advance to the MLS Finals

We got some bad news as Robert Heggestad will be out of action for 3-4 weeks with a twisted ankle

November 22nd

The first leg in the West Semi Finals went down as Sporting Kansas City won by a score of 6-2 over Real Salt Lake

November 23rd

Juan Cruz Gotta missed practice so he was given a 2 week fine

November 24th

Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer was named MLS Player of the week

November 28th

We are on our home pitch today as we take on NYCFC in the 2nd leg of the East Semi Finals. Our sales reps have announced that today’s game is sold out with 24,200 tickets sold even though our stadium only holds 24,000

NYCFC @ Hamilton FC (2nd Leg East Semi Finals)

Jorge Villafana scored his 6th and 7th (33, 35)
Marvin Chavez scored his 13th and 14th (64, pen 94)
Jimmy Delgado scores his 33rd goal (113)

Dax McCarty (Hamilton FC)

Final: 5-3 W (Extra Time)

Jorge Villafana (Hamilton FC) 2g 1a 9.3 rating

We move onto the MLS Finals as we take the East Semi Finals against NYCFC 6-4 in aggregate win

Dax McCarty will be out 3 to 4 days with a dead leg

We have given our squad 3 days off

With our 5-3 win over NYCFC the game has set a new MLS record for a high scoring game.

November 29th

Today is the 2nd leg of the West Semi Finals as Real Salt Lake needs more than 6 goals to score to advance over Sporting Kansas City.

Sporting Kansas City won by a score of 2-0 to take a 8-2 aggregate win over Real Salt Lake as it will be 1st Place East vs 1st place West in the MLS Finals.

We got word that we got 1.6 million from our corporate and hospitality facilities and a further 961k through match day commercial and retail acility.

Total Merchindise sales for the season were over 220k with non domestic sales of 22.05k of this total.

We sold a total of 1,973 shirts with the top 5 sellers being.

Jimmy Delgado – 1
Marvin Chavez – 2
Kyle Bekker – 3
Robert Heggestad – 4
Jorge Villafana – 5

The MLS Cup will be hosted on December 6th 2015 on our home pitch as we were the higher seeded team due to winning the tie breaker.

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