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The Journeyman

Started on 30 January 2015 by nobleTP
Latest Reply on 5 March 2015 by nobleTP
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The Journeyman

Right, before settling into my story I thought I'd explain my plans for this save. I've been a small poster on FMScout for coming up to a year now and did a couple of saves towards the end of FM14's life. However, after playing around with this years game I'm ready to do my first real story on the site.

Unlike last years I hope to bang out updates daily or every other day depending on my outside of FM studies (I'm sorry, I'm not that addicted). Of course there may be times when I don't have time to post however I really do plan on taking this story far and establishing myself on the website.

What's the concept of my story? Well I'm going to be starting from the bottom and I mean the bottom. No coaching badges and a limited playing career. My character will have had limited playing experience but as the name suggests he will be some what of a seasoned veteran at many clubs. Where and with what role? Well I guess we have that to come.

I really do hope you guys enjoy this save, as I've said before I really want to go far with this.

Onwards and upwards!

Change of Role?

I was 22 when I left my playing career. Didn't get anywhere. Spent my Saturday afternoons freezing on the bench and making drinks for the other lads. "Footballers life" they said. Pfft.

I remember taking a complete break from the game. Went to college and did a course in management. Management in what? Football? No, just sport in general. Football was always on the back of my mind, careers were laid out in front of me. My teacher knew I had played football from a young age, we spoke about the "beautiful game" and the club he played for on weekends "Wealdstone FC". It was then he dropped the news.

"Tom, if you're interested I can get you an apprentice place at Wealdstone. You'll get a few qualifications out of it and who knows they might keep you on. Shadow the manager, learn from him-be the apprentice like Andre Villas Boas and Mourinho were". I couldn't turn it down, this could be my breakthrough back into the lavish life of football.

Here I am now 8 years later. I've travelled all over the UK. I've been assistant manager at numerous clubs never once looking beyond the conference. I was known now-the young Wealdstone lad turned Journeyman. Stints at countless clubs but never settling. I had a couple of medals: cups and league, but was never kept on for more than a year because of my age. I knew clubs overlooked the experience I had now-8 years as an assistant and now I want to take a big step and be the big guy-the manager.
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Blyth Sack Wade

Blyth Spartans axe club manager Tom Wade after a year in charge with the club.

Club chairman Tony Platten today announced that short term manager Tom Wade will not be staying on with the Spartans for another season. The club has yet to comment on why Tom has been sacked however there are unconfirmed reports from inside Croft Park that the departure may be down to the mixed season that the Northumberland club endured.

Since his arrival Wade took a struggling 18th place side to 8th in the Northern Premier table. However, more was expected as he failed to impress in the FA Cup with Blyth struggling to make it to the first round of the FA Cup with a poor 3-1 defeat to AFC Fylde. Wade was always hopeful of getting Blyth to the Conference, something never done in the club's 116 year history. This was a short lived ambition. Tom has been at the club since 2012, starting off as assistant manager to Tommy Cassidy before landing himself a caretaker job in 2013 and later being appointed as manager later that year.

Fans have quickly taken to social media and the clubs forum to voice their opinions on the matter. It seems the man everyone wants is the seasoned Conference assistant Thomas Pascoe. Pascoe has recently said he would be interested in proving himself as a manager. With experience at clubs such as Grimsby, Aldershot and Torquay fans feel that Thomas is the man to bring the club to these goals.

With Blyth's first pre-season game against Billingham Syn in the next two weeks Blyth need to find someone to occupy the vacant position.
Good luck, love a good journeyman save!
Good luck :)
Good luck man !
Walter, Joaquimorais and bebero: Thank you! Hope you enjoy this story!

Job Interview

The taxi pulled into Croft Road car park. "Here you are buddy, good luck". I clambered out of the cab and straightened my shirt. This was it: Croft Road, home to Blyth Spartans. This would hopefully be my first true managerial club.

I checked I had everything: CV, notepad, phone and wallet. This is it I thought to myself, I'm an hour away from completing my dream. I strolled quickly to the doors leading to the grounds offices. It was a short walk but as everyone says 'it felt like a lifetime'.

Inside was the familiar face of Tony Platten. He had a coffee in one and a big smile on his face. "Welcome Mr Pascoe, glad to see you're here! Shall we go to my office?". I nodded obligingly. Tony led the way down the corridor, trophies and pictures lined both walls. Some I noticed-Blyths most reason title the Northern Premier League from 2006/06. This was the corridor I hoped I could fill with more accolades.

Platten seemed very relaxed. His office was small, the kind that seems welcoming. "Shall we begin?" I asked.

"Welcome to the Blyth Spartans and Croft Road. Before we get into the finer details of the job I'm interested in your initial impressions of the club. I'm sure you've studied us for the past few weeks."

"Well, where to start?*laughs*In all seriousness though this club seems to have that close knit community. I spoke to Wade a few days ago and the comments he made about the backing from the fans is unbelievable. This seems like a club that if given the chance I can really do things with, the conference is just one of my many aims."

"You speak of having aspirations, could you tell me more?"

"I've always set myself ambitious targets. Obviously during my time here I'd like to get Blyth into the Conference and from there the football league. My more ambitious targets would be to pretty much make Blyth a European great-Premier league titles, FA Cups, Champions League titles."

"I have to admit, the club's a long way from that..."

"Have faith in me! I can make this work-I might need some funds along the way but that would come with trophies and league dominance."

"I fully agree with you. I myself have an ambition for the club. I'd like to see us have a very English based team with one of the best young player academies in the country, like Arsenal's and Southampton's."

"Aye, playing and developing youth is a regime I strongly believe in."

"Im glad we're both on the same page there. If you were to be given the role as manager here are the finances I'd set aside for you:two and a half grand for wages and sadly with the finances as they are nothing for the transfer market."

"I'm completely fine with that. Free agents can be some pretty solid players, some hidden gems in amongst them."

"We as a club have no philosophies that we wish to judge you on, unless you yourself have some you want to incorporate?"

"For the time being, no."

"That's that then. Thanks for coming Thomas. Obviously I need some time to analyse the other options. If you get the job I'll give you a ring. Cheers for coming!"

"No, thank you for inviting me!"

Blyth Bring In Pascoe

Club Chairman Tony Platten has confirmed through the clubs website that Pascoe will take the hot seat on a one year contract,

With just under two weeks until the first pre-season friendly Tony Platten has announced the predecessor to Tom Wade-Thomas Pascoe. Announced on the clubs website Platten said this:

"The last few weeks have been nothing short of tough. Choosing a manager is never easy for a club: fans, players and the board all want to see the right man take the reigns. The last few weeks have involved numerous phone calls, interviews and sleepless nights. Finally, I can announce that Thomas Pascoe has been chosen to take the vacant position. Good luck to him with the role."

Thomas will be expected to gather results quickly. The Blyth fans are faithful to the club and will want him to show them that he is capable of leading the club to league success this campaign. The club have also confirmed that Thomas will be conducting his first press conference tomorrow. Fans have been asked to tweet out any questions that they wish for Thomas to answer.

Billingham Syn is the first pre-season test for Blyth. With the game coming up in just under a weeks time Pascoe does not have that long to find his strongest XI and implement his tactics into the squad.
Right, it's finally here, the next update-been busy with college work so haven't had time for FM. All good now and I'm ready to continue my story.

Blyth Spartans A.F.C-The History

Founded in September 1899 by Fred Stoker Blyth Spartans are located within the small town of Blyth in Northumberland. The unconventional name was thought to have been given by Mr Stoker due to his hope that the players would take inspiration and the fighting spirit from the historic Greek Spartan Army.

The Spartans play their football at the 4,435 capacity Croft Park. Opened in 1909 it has been the home of The Spartans ever since and has undergone two redevelopments. Blyth's first adventure into competitive football came in 1901 when they joined the East Northumberland league-winning it in the very same season.

Since that maiden victory in the league in 1901 the Spartans mainly stayed in and around the Northern County leagues before entering the Conference North in October in 2004. Blyth's best footballing period was in the 1997-78 FA Cup when they reached the 5th round and held Wrexham to a draw. The replay at St. James' Park was not the fairytale ending for Blyth as they were defeated by a strong Wrexham squad.
Nice start to your story mate

Will be tough getting Blyth to the top but I am sure you can do it :)
Cappy13: Yes, it's going to be tough but I'm up for the challenge. Thanks for reading

Squad Overview

So, with the manager all settled in, I think now is the time to run through the key players in the squad and my aims for the current transfer window

Dan Maguire

At 21 years of age striker Dan Maguire has by no means reached his peak in terms of goalscoring ability. Signed in the 2012/13 campain Dan has made 78 appearances and scored 30 goals. With 24 of those coming last season I'm hoping he will be able to carry his form into this years season. With his high work rates Dan has the potential to provide goals when the club most needs him.

Alex Nicholson

Starting his career at Newcastle the 20 year old right back will have a lot to offer in his favourable right sided position. Arriving under Tom Wade last year on a free transfer Alex has been a part of football league under Preston North End. Given the right training Alex could turn into a very strong player at the club.

Neal Hooks

With 262 caps and 23 goals across his career, English midfielder Neal Hooks is one of the more experienced players within this fairly young squad. At 27 years of age he has very good stat's for the league that we are in and has the playing experience around the non-league, after playing in the Vanarama leagues since 2008. With his very good mental stat's Neal is tireless when on the ball and will be one of the leading players for the upcoming season.

Robert Dale

Club legend, fan favourite and Blyth Spartans captain Robert Dale holds the record as most capped player in the club. With 334 caps and 114 goals Robert has played only two seasons away from Blyth both at the start and in the middle of his decorated Blyth career. Not only does Dale posess strong leadership qualities he is very skillful on the ball and is very strong at putting off defenders with his ability to do the unexpected. There is no other player in this Blyth squad who can replicate what Robert does on and off the ball.


With the pre-season drawing upon us I have implemented my fist tactic into the team's training sessions. Nothing flashy just basic bog standard football. The 4-4-2 formation gives me strength in both defence and midfield but with the different variations that I will be creating shortly means that I can slightly change positions to either make the squad more attacking or defending. As the season progresses I may begin incorporating more advanced tactics and formations however for the foreseeable future I will be running this formation.

Transfer Targets

Currently I have no actual players with which I am actively interested in signing. However, with the lack of defensive options I will be definitely bringing in one or two more defenders before the window shuts. If the offers are there and the players are happy I will be releasing a number of players in midfield. Without currently giving away any names I feel like I will not be playing these players and they are also receiving what I would consider high wages for their current abilities.
Good luck with Spartans!
Nice start to to the Story, good luck at Blyth! And I did your banner in the thread if you wanna use it :)
Justice: Thank you for reading!
Lucas: Thanks for reading, I will definitely be using that graphic from now! Thanks so much for making it. Also I chose Blyth because of their little cup run this year!

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