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Multiple Nationalities Not Showing

Players with multiple nationalities only showing their primary nation.
Started on 28 February 2015 by tarek
Latest Reply on 10 March 2015 by Genie
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The 15.3.0 version of Genie Scout is currently only showing the primary nation of a player. In addition to only sorting and searching by the single nation.

Previously it would list nationalities separated by a slash.

E.g. Australia/England or Argentina/Spain

Within the FM15 scouting network, you can get around this by searching/filtering by nationality being "Partially" then the nation of your choice. Versus the "Is" function which returns ONLY those whose primary nationality is of the country you've chosen.

For example, if Player A is Brazilian but also holds an Australian citizenship (through spending the amount of time there and their paperwork going through) he would be primary Brazil, secondary Australia.

If I search player "Is" Brazilian, he WILL show up.
If I search player "Is" Australian, he will NOT show up.
If I search player "Partially" Australian, he WILL show up.

Previously in Genie scout this guy would be listed as Brazil/Australia, and would come up via a filter of nation "Brazil" or "Australia" which is infinitely better than the FM way.

So long story short, has this function been removed? Overlooked? or a bug?
In addition, I've noticed that others have had issues with nationalities being incorrect or mixed up. I'm currently not experiencing incorrect nations, the nationality listed is correct, but it is a singular return. So I'm just missing out on being able to see the multiple nationalities that many players have.

Could anyone confirm if they think this is key file related? If so, I'll email Eugene and see if it can be sorted. But I haven't changed my PC or anything and my key file is very recent.

I would ask for another key file.
I have the same problem here..
Thanks for the reply Justice. (Btw, your whitehawk tactic is awesome)

ive emailed Eugene to let him know about the issue and to see if he recommends a new key or if he thinks it's a bug of sorts.

Yes same issue... It seems checking nation part broken in patch... Probably genie needs to fix it when he has time..
Thanks for noting that guys. I've also emailed Eugene to report this particular issue, but I'm sure he'll look into it like oxy said when he's got the time and opportunity. Cheers. :)
Just wanted to post an update to this issue for those who are interested.

Received an email from Eugene and he sent me a new key file. However, as I mentioned to him, this unfortunately didn't solve the issue.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the 'g' version (i don't have the free version on my pc anymore) and applied both keys and still have single nationalities. My next workaround will be to export a "partial" nationalities shortlist from the game and see if it opens in genie scout, this way at least it's a working solution until Eugene has the time to look further into the issue.

Overall, I'm no programmer, but I think this could be a potential bug since multiple people are experiencing it. I'm going to continue to talk with Eugene (and hopefully he doesn't get sick of me!! haha.) and see what else can be done.

Same problem. And I want shortlist system be like gs 14. I dont want just open slf file. directly click and show.
Second nations bug is resolved and will be available in the 15.3.1 compatible version which is going to be released today.

Regarding loading of shortlists, it's a bit difficult since in FM 15 shortlists files are encrypted. Also, the most people find new feature of loading players list from the memory is really useful, especially 'Realistic transfers' filter option.

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