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Ajax,De Amsterdamsche Droom

Started on 28 February 2015 by Laurens
Latest Reply on 5 March 2015 by OMGItsToddzy
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Laurens's avatar Group Laurens
9 yearsEdited
Laurens's avatar Group Laurens
9 yearsEdited

I'm riding on my bike to the trainstation, I just bought a new suit for a wedding of my nephew so I can wear it today. Let's check my phone again, 13:30 right?

After a long train trip from Oosterbeek to Amsterdam I'm finally at the ArenA. I really love the stadium, it feels like i'm in a dream.

Ah, there's Overmars.

"Hello sir, How are you?"
"Well i'm really good, and you mister Overmars?"
"I'm good too thanks, will you walk along with me so we can talk a bit?"
"That seems like a fantastic plan mister Overmars"

We walk trough the training ground where we finally enter a small office. We walk trough the hallway where we enter a door. My childhood hero Edwin van der Sar and Dennis Bergkamp are sitting behind a desk

Edwin:"Good morning mister '
Me:"Good morning mister van der Sar"

And after talking for a half hour we're finally done.
Overmars:"Well I think we know enough you'll get a message of us tomorrow if you're the man"
Me:"Well anyway, thanks for this great talk, It's an amazing experience to meet you guys"

Next day I opened the newspaper as I do every morning, I was quite disappointed because I saw this:

I knew I couldn't be the manager of Ajax, I'm way too young to be a manager of the best club of The Netherlands. Frank Rijkaard has managed Barcelona! I only managed some youth teams of a local footall club. there's no way I could be the manager. Prrr,prrr. A text? I'm not really in the mood but let's just check it.

OMG! How's that possible! It's insane! But how, the newspapers said Frank Rijkaard was the new manager!

*Next Day*
Good luck on your second story mate. Try to make this story running for few days and you will get some readers.
Class layout ill be following
Laurens's avatar Group Laurens
9 yearsEdited
My first day as manager of Ajax, I'm pretty nervous. I'm going to meet my players on the training today. Ajax gave me a new car so I don't have to take the train.
*a hour later*

There's Overmars again,
"Hello Mister "
"Hello Mister Overmars"
"I'm first going to show you some things of Ajax, Will you follow me?"
"Of course mister Overmars"

This is the main field of the training ground called:"Sportpark de toekomst "

While we're walking trough the training ground I meet Jaap Stam,"Good day mister , Nice to meet you"

we walk further and Overmars shows me every training field, they even have got a Adidad MiCoach training field

"Well mister now going to the second field, where the first squad is training"

Every player shakes my hand, I'm going to have a small speech:
"Good day everyone, I'm the new manager of Ajax, some of you may not know me so let me introduce myself, I'm Laurens and I'll be the replacement of Frank de Boer

(In the next update I'll write about transfers and stuff)
Player review:

Best players Lasse Schøne 4 stars

Lasse is by far the best player of Ajax. He was the most productive player of 2013/14. The Dutch fans call him Klasse Schøne because Klasse is Dutch for excellent/class. The midfielder who is born in Glostrup,Denmark plays since 2012 in Amsterdam and since 2005 in the Netherlands. He started in 2005 at SC Heerenveen, than he moved to De Graafschap where he made 12 goals in 70 games. He moved to NEC Nijmegen in 2008. in 2012 his contract ended and he joined AFC Ajax. He speaks fluently Dutch,English and Danish which is very positive because as you may know there are a lot of Dutch players and Danish players at Ajax. Also he's really a leader so I'm going to make him captain, at the moment Niklas Moisander is but I don't think he's a leader.

Second best player Jasper Cillessen 4 stars

jasper Cillessen is a Dutch goalkeeper from Nijmegen. He joined the youth academy of NEC in 2001 and played there till 2011. In 2011 "The New van der Sar" joined Ajax. THe first goalkeeper of Ajax was Keneth Vermeer, In 2013 he became the first goalkeeper of Ajax, after a bad period of Keneth Vermeer Frank de Boer decided he wanted to try if Cillessen was ready. Cillessen did a really good job and became first goalkeeper. In 2014 manager of the Dutch national team Louis van Gaal chose him as first keeper for the national team, he became 3th on the World Cup after losing the semi-final against Argentina.

My transfer targets are Alaxendre Lacazette, Obafemi Martins and Sam Larsson.

Alexandre Lacazette. Lacazette is a French stiker of olympique lyon. Lacazette is 23 years old and is for me one of the biggest talents of Europe. On the moment my strikers are: Arkadiusz Milik,kolbeinn sigthórsson and Richairo Zivkovic. I think Milik and Zivkovic are great talents but Sigthórsson is really bad, he's slow, his shooting is bad and he's just not the man for Ajax. I didn't choose a tactic jet but I think if I buy Lacazette I'm going for a duo: Milik and Lacazette. Lacazette already made 21 goals this season in real life and it looks like he's really going to get to the top.

Obafemi Martins. I don't know much about Martins but I know he's a great player. He's strong, fast and his shooting is very good. He's 30 and that's a good thing really. I've got a lot of youngsters in my team and my only player with experience is Niki Zimling, who is not that good.

I've been following Larsson for a while, I was pretty happy when he joined SC Heerenveen so I could see him play every weekend. I'm really impressed by him and I'm really going to sign him (atleast I'll try) The LB from Sweden is 21 years old but plays like he's 26. He made already 5 goals in 13 matches this season so he can score and he can pass for sure. I hope to buy him for 4.5 million euro's but I don't know if Heerenveen will sell him because he joined a couple of months ago
Good luck with the transfer targets :) Let's hope Lacazette is as much a beast on FM as he is in real life this season :)
Laurens's avatar Group Laurens
9 yearsEdited
I'm sitting behind my desk playing Football manager to see if my tactic works
if I simulate it, Lost my first 5 games so I th...
*knock knock*
"Please come in"
There's Marc Overmars
"Hello mister "
"Hello Mister Overmars"
"I found a great talent who fits perfectly in our philosphy"
"Go further"
"His name is Thom Senden, he's 15 years old and plays for MVV Maastricht"
"He's a midfielder who's 184 cm long, his condition is insane"
"Okay, and did we scout him?"
"Yeah, our best scout John-Steen Olsson said he's a great talent"
"Sign him..."
"I beg your pardon?"
"Yeah just sign him, if you and John say he's good, he must be good"
"Amazing sir, we had a nice talk, so we're going to talk to him tomorrow"
"Bye sir"
"Bye Mister Overmars"

*Overmars leaves the room*

Thom Senden, let's google this youngster, Okay well I can't find much more
about him than this picture, I'm sure I'll meet him in a couple of days.

[this is the player:]


"Come in please"
*Hans van der Zee walks in*

"Hello mister how are you?"
"I'm pretty good what about you mister van der Zee?"
"I'm good too"
"That's nice"
"As you wanted we've watched some trainings of Olimpique Lyon to see if
Alexandre Lacazette fits in our system'
"THat's great, and what do you think"
"We think he's an excellent player and we advice you to sign him"
"That sounds good, How much does Lyon wants for him?"
"Around the 8 million"
"That's a lot..."
"We know that, you could try to sign him for less but he's a really great
"I think I know enough Hans, It was nice to talk to you"
"Well see you soon Mister "
"Good day Hans"
"Good day mister "

Well let's place a bid on him, I'm going to bid 8 million on Lacazette let's
see if Lyon responds"

*Next Day*

"Hey mister !"
"Hello mister Overmars"
"We've some good news for you"
"I'm always in for good news
"Look at this news paper"

"Great job mister Overmars"
"No problem'
A good update and good to see youth being signed :) good luck
Good luck with the season ahead, Hope you will be able to afford, Alaxendre Lacazette such a monster.
Your graphics are impeccable and your writing is also really good as well and that is what makes this story easy for me to read, a new glory era to replace the 1970's?
Laurens's avatar Group Laurens
9 yearsEdited

"Come in please"
*Hans van der Zee walks in*

"Hello mister how are you?"
"I'm pretty good what about you mister van der Zee?"
"I'm good too"
"That's nice"
"As you wanted we've watched some trainings of Olimpique Lyon to see if
Alexandre Lacazette fits in our system'
"THat's great, and what do you think"
"We think he's an excellent player and we advice you to sign him"
"That sounds good, How much does Lyon wants for him?"
"Around the 8 million"
"That's a lot..."
"We know that, you could try to sign him for less but he's a really great
"I think I know enough Hans, It was nice to talk to you"
"Well see you soon Mister "
"Good day Hans"
"Good day mister "

Well let's place a bid on him, I'm going to bid 8 million on Lacazette let's
see if Lyon responds"

I enter my office and I start up my computer.
D*mn I really need another computer this one is slow as..
*knock knock*
van der Sar walks in
"Good morning mister , I heard you like your computer"
"Hehe, yeah it's a bit slow but good morning Edwin"
"I wanted say we've talked to a Spanish trainer Josep Segura and we think
he fits perfectly in our system, do you want to speak him?"
"Well it's your job to hire new trainers right? If you think he's a great
trainer than just hire him"
"Thank you for your trust mister , I'll speak with him and he'll sign
a contract tomorrow"
"Sounds great, see you soon Edwin!"
"Good day mister "

*van der Sar leaves the room*

Well let's see if the computer is ready, 4 new mails, interesting.
Let's see, a E-Mail about Lacazette. "Dear Laurens . We decided to
accept your bid on Lacazette. You can talk with him about a contract.
Greetings Hubert Fournier, Manager of Olympique Lyonais"
That's awesome!
*You've got new mail*
A mail of Edwin van der Sar? interesting.
"Hello mister . After our conversation earlier today I decided to
hire mister Storm. A 57 years old trainer who us currently at PEC Zwolle.
He was very happy to join our team and he'll arrive here tomorrow. Greetings
Edwin van der Sar."
Hmmm, that's sounds great.
I really want to sign Obafemi Martins... Let's call Marc Overmars.
"Hey mister Overmars how are you?"
"I'm great, thank you"
"Marc I want you to sign Martins"
"I beg your pardon? Can you give me more details?"
"Obafemi Martins. A striker of Seatle"
"But mister , don't we need to scout him?"
"No I just want you to sign him as soon as possible"
"Well mister I'll do my best but it's not that easy"
"just do it"
"okay, well I'll see you soon mister "
"see you seen mister Overmars"

*Next day*

Prrr,prrr,prrr,prrr. Ugh not again my phone, let's just answer it.

"Hello mister I've some great news for you'
"Well that sounds good, what is it?"
"Me and Edwin are going to seatle tonight to speak with Martins"
"Are you serious? Wow"
"Yes, I'm serious. We're going to talk to him about a contract"
"That's insane Marc! Good job!"
"No problem mister , I'll 33speak to you tomorrow"
"Have a good flight mister Overmars!"
"Thank you mister , Speak to you soon!"
*5 minutes later*
prrr,prrr,prr. ugh why am I so popular.

"Me again mister "
"Hello mister Overmars"
"Hello, I just got a E-Mail of FC barcelona"
"Okay, What do they want?"
"THe placed a bit on Keshin, the bid around the fi..."
"Don't sell him, he stays with us"
"Uhm... Well okay sir"
"I really got to go further now Mister Overmars"
"Bye Mister
"Bye mister Overmars, have a good flight"

*3 days later*

prrr,prrr,prrr,prrrr, My phone again? d*mn.

"Mister I've some amazing news for you"
"Who is this?"
"Sorry, You speak with Marc"
"Ohw, Well as you know I love good news"
"We've finished the deal"
"Of Obafemi?"
"Yeah, I really got to go now, we'll speak tomorrow"


Group A:
Arsenal has got an easy draw, the more interesting thing is the battle
of place 2, I think Anderlecht is going to the last 16 but Basel and Zagreb are pretty tought too.
Group B
An easy draw for Barcelona but Shalke and Sporting Lissabon are really good.
We can already say Red Bull is going out but they've a squad with some good
young players.
Group C
This is a very interesting group, It will not be easy for Juventus this year.
FC Porto,CSKA and Monaco are very good. I think Monaco will reach the last 16 with Juventus but it's going to be tough.
Group D
Liverpool are unlucky with there first draw since a long period. Dortmund,Atletico and Besiktas are very good, I think Liverpool will reach the Europa League and Atletico and Dortmund will go to the last 16
Group E
Mine group is very tough, but achievable. We'll lose against Chelsea but maybe we can win or draw against Shakhtar. Steaua is very tough too, we lost 2 years ago from them in the Europa League and they've got a really good squad
Group F
This is a pretty easy draw for Real Madrid, I think only Galatasary will be hard for Real Madrid but I don't expect suprises in this group. Galatasaray will be second, and AS Roma will go for the Europa league but Leverkussen is going to leave European football
Group G
This will be a easy one for Manchester City, only Benfica will be tough but Sparta Praha and olympiakos are just not good enough to win against Benfica and City
Group H
The group of death for me, I really don't know what will happen, Bayern Munich will be first but PSG and Napoli have a really good team, for Bate is it hopeless

Good results mate, keep it up.
Tough group but good results there

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