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Dream Job story: Building a Career

Started on 2 March 2015 by MisterLister
Latest Reply on 4 March 2015 by MisterLister
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Building a Career

So, let us start!
From the title you can see that this will be a unemployment story. After a couple of months after my Partizan Belgrade story which stopped thanks to crash dump after which save became corrupted. But here I am again with my, hopefully, long period story.

I found a inspiration in starting this story after reading and following Jamesg237, so, thank you mate!

I had a lot saves in which I was starting unemployed and had big success, but I have never written about those. I have made up from conference to Premier league and won it couple of times, also Champions League, FA Cup and others.

This story will be written in a mixed fashion. So, you will see some news articles and monthly basis update, sometimes two months in one update.

So, I just hope that this story will have at least half of that success, but I believe that it will be BETTER!


This will not be a classic English unemployment save, but I believe it will start there because my coaching qualifications are that powerful :P

And my game setup will be, lets just say, not ordinary!

English- down to Vanarama N/S
Belgium- Second league
France- National
Germany- Third division
Holland- Jupiler League
Scotland- down to Scottish league 2
Spain- Segunda Division B

This will be a long, long story so be ready for anything! Enjoy

Let's start then. In about hour or so there will be first update so STAY WITH THIS STORY AND COMMENT!


This is where you can check mine success with clubs!
Good luck mate. :)

Conference clubs parts companies with their head coaches!

As our reporter said to us, couple of teams from conference league have fired their head coaches. Aldershot Town, Chester City, FC Halifax and Dover. It is well known that biggest candidates are Martin Foyle and Neil Young.

But, today we saw a unknown man who entered all of this clubs headquarters and went out after couple of hours. Who is this man? Is he maybe a new manager of one of these teams?

Anyway, it will be very interesting if we see some new faces joining this sport as this man is very young and would be a very, very fresh face to see in football management.

Stay with us and find out who he is and will he join one of these clubs!
Mate, I love Chester, I hope you get the job!
2015-03-02 21:33#209540 BadWolf : Mate, I love Chester, I hope you get the job!
They are a interesting club to be, but we'll see :)

I will soon put an update where did I got job!

Here we go...

So, after a day or two without doing this story, as I was still thinking should I play this or not, I'm ready to begin. It will be a tough ride, but eventually I'm sure that I will be able to make big things. In older FM's I was playing many time unemployment challenge but never written about it. So, this is a new experience for me and I just want to ask you to be patient if something is bad with my writing and structure of this story. I had got jobs after starting unemployed in Dortmund, Schalke, Manchester United... All that happened after starting unemployed with sunday league experience.

In this save, as you could see from beginning, I started with the lowest possible qualifications and I already applied for jobs that were available at the beginning, but they have all rejected me. There were Newport County, Queens Park from Scotland but every single appliance was rejected like it was a piece of junk. I am now on holiday, and waiting to get some interviews, but I don't expect to many offers until October-November. It will just be a boring time while getting job but after that it will be pretty amazing, and I promise that.

As I was writing this, the job offer came and I can just say that it is pretty interesting offer, so stay with this story to see which club is it and will I get job there!

Welcome to Sutton United F.C.

And here it is! My first job! It is Sutton United Football Club, founded 116 years ago and they are based in Sutton, London. There were many jobs available, Kiderminster, Chester, Halifax, Aldershot, but every club has rejected me before getting to Sutton UTD. This season they are performing really poor and are lying in 18th place of Vanarama Conference South, but were predicted to finish in top 3 so board are asking from me to get at least to play offs. It will be tough, I can bet but if I do what I know to do I will be able to do everything I am asked. I believe it's proper club to begin with, as they have one really interesting trophy in their cabinet, a Anglo-Italian cup which they won in 1979, a trophy that Wolves, Roma, Fiorentina and many other big clubs have won!

The journey starts right now guys, so don't hesitate to comment and follow, because this will be a bumpy ride. See you soon with first update!
I love starting out unemployed, had one unemployed fm15 save myself which took me all over the world, probably the most fun I've ever had. Good luck with the team :)
unemployment saves are the best, exploring new players and clubs. I'll follow this one for sure! I'm curious how long you will stay at this club. Good luck mate!
sieninen: Thanks for following and for wishing me good luck!

RicardoKishnaajacied: Thanks mate, and thanks for commenting

Soon will be first update with month report. Cheers

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