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Arsenal Kit

Started on 1 November 2009 by electraguard
Latest Reply on 3 November 2009 by electraguard
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I installed the 3d kits for FM09 and the this year's kits in FM10. IN FM09, they all worked fine except the Arsenal Home kit. It always would show up as a plain red jersey, no lettering, insignia or anything. I checked everything and looked at all the .png files but could not find out why that was happening. I just gave up and figured it was a glich whit the game. The same exact thing happens with FM10 with the 09/10 kits.

Has anyone else seen this?
get another arsenal kit? and look in the "config" file by opening it in notepad and see if the club ID and such are correct.
electraguard's avatar Group electraguard
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I have used two kits, 08/09 in FM09 and 09/10 in FM10. It is only the home kit that shows up red only. The other two kits for Arsenal are fine, ie., the have all the stuff on the jersey. Only the home jersey is blank red.

I did look at the config file and the team number is correct, the same as the away and third kit. Also, when you look at the png in the file the home jersey is the way it should be, not all red.

It seems something is getting lost why it imports that jersey.
hmm that is very weird, have you seen anyone have this problem? i havent heard of such a problem before.
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14 yearsEdited
I haven't heard of this problem from anyone else.

Today I saved a different teams kit as the arsenal home kit to see if it would show up. I didn't, just the same red shirt. I also tried putting a copy of the arsenalhome.png line first in line in the config.xml file. That didn't work either.
I have searched the folders in mydocs and steam for arsenal, arsenalhome, 602 (team number) as well as looking at all the .png files for a plain red jersey and couldn't find one. Attached is a screen shot of the arsenal kits from their information page within FM10. Maybe someone will recognize the home shirt.

I just discovered that the Tottenham home kit does the same thing except it shows up white instead of red. All the other Prem. Lg. Teams are okay.
I have the same problem with Arsenals home shirt:

And a problem with som other shirts:

Does Anyone have an idea?

that is really really weird, i dont use kits anymore as i barely see them in the game now. so i dont know what the problem is.
You correct, they don't show up well in the game but they do on the information pages.
Here is the fix:

You need to edit the config.xml and add the year to the code:

<record from="FILE_NAME" to="graphics/pictures/team/UNIQUE_ID/kits/home/2010"/>

However, for the 09/10 kits I downloaded for FM10 I had to use 2009 at the end of line shown above. For the 08/09 kits I downloaded for FM09, I had to use 2008. So you may have to mess with what year to add. I don't know if it is depended on the kits used.

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