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Curent Ability or rating

Started on 12 April 2015 by dco326
Latest Reply on 1 August 2015 by Maaka
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Hy, I'm use geniu scout and want to ask you... is it better to get gk that has 42,75% rating for gk but only 30 curent ability or the one that has 40,12% but 44 curent ability... I just want to know should i look more to the rating of the position and/or role or more to the curent ability, because consistency for example decrease curent ability and it made me think what is more important? Tnx
(Must be managing at a pretty low level then, haha)

I'm not fully sure of this, but I believe that you should be looking towards the higher % rating as those reflect the attributes essential for a particular position and/or role, since the match engine uses the base attributes directly rather than the CA.
Yeaaaa lowest england league :D I played for years with Vauxhall Motors and pushed them to premier league, and now I can't, they dont play anymore :(
this would interest me too....

im playing with PSG in season 20/21...

so i have 2 left back which have 151 and 154 CA, a bit under the rest of the team which has 160s or even 170s....

genie says the best player in the world at left back is baines which has 140 CA, lower than the 2 in my team and waaaaaaay lower that a few others with 160+ CA

i was keen on going for alex sandro from porto which has 165 CA

what should i do?

In addition, is it best to look at a player's Positional Rating og Role Rating? I.e., (I'm in 2023, took over Bayern München a coupla years ago), I've got this guy whose positional rating says 79,38% as AML, and 83,05% as AMC, but when I look at the role ratings, he's topping out at 89,94% as AML (with the role of Advanced Playmaker-Attack, but "only" 89,49% as AMC (Enganche-Attack).
What should I look at when deciding what his best position and role is? The positional rating or the role rating? He's got a 20 for AMC and 17 as AML (but 20 as ML), as well as 20/8 for Right/Left foot. His General Rating gives 83,05% for AMC and 80,34% for Winger.

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