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America League 2013

Project to create a database based on a fictional US soccer league
Started on 21 April 2015 by PhotoshopNewbie
Latest Reply on 23 April 2015 by PhotoshopNewbie
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So this guy called Patrick Cummings made a fake American soccer league imagining what a hypothetical three-tier league would look like if soccer became popular like in the rest of the world. You can see his work here: But I have been wheeling around trying to find a way to turn the league into a playable one for FM13, which is the version I am currently playing. I have a google drive folder at which has all of the content I have so far. I have all of the pictures from Patrick Cummings as well as nearly all of the team crests rasterized, and I even have a spreadsheet detailing things about the teams like their stadium capacity, the stadium I imagined them playing in, and the dates of foundation for each fictional club. So far I have been mostly working on creating FM-style jerseys for all of the teams, including third jerseys. I have only a few dozen left to do, and I was wondering if anyone here is interested in helping out on this project. This originally started on the FM community on reddit, so if you go to you can find the currently barren place that I personally find easier to use. That does not mean I am abandoning this thread any time soon; I would just like to get the idea out and see what interest there is for this idea. While reddit is great for conglomerating every subject together, the FM subreddit is pretty light on real modders, so I could always use help on any sdie in which you think you can help. Even if you can't do anything, I would still like it for you to declare your interest in the project or to ask any questions you may have. So if you do have any interest in making this an actual thing, just comment and post and generally think about this idea, since I would be incredibly appreciative for any of you to help me with this task. There are 68 teams in the three tiers, and to complete the database would require 206 jerseys, countless numerical values, and a general appreciation for Mr. Cummings' original project, since at some point I will have to enter things like reputation and finances into the database, and I'd love for the decisions to be made by more than just me. Thank you for helping create an awesome FM community and I hope you can appreciate what I am trying to do here with your help.
The concept is brilliant, but for me, the clubs are unrealistic, their all from relatively unknown places outside of the US and therefore, doesn't have an appeal. But the GFX are class though :P
I can appreciate that. America is pretty unknowable if you don't get the geography and culture that results from a continent of a country. Thanks for the compliment on the GFX; I've been teaching myself photoshop and I think I might not be completely incompetent at it.
If it were me, I would use those, but put them in lower divisions, and have clubs from your major cities (NY, Chicago, Washington, San Fran etc.) as your top division, then it would be a lot better. If you need any help, I am not bad at Photoshop and GFX myself, so PM me and I am willing to give you a hand when I have the time :)
Well, there are a few jerseys in particular I'm having a tough time on. Since you should know LA and San Fran, could you figure out a way to make their jerseys? The San Fran one is based of pictures of the landscape there, and the LA one has these palm trees on them that I don't know how to make. And I don't really want to mess too much with Mr. Cummings' work; this is all his idea, and I am just trying to make a pragmatic adaptation for FM with a few cosmetic changes. If you read the whole series of posts on his website about the fictional history of the teams you can get a better understanding of what he's trying to do. Leeds has one team in the second division in England, and Germany has one decent Berliner club and the top-flight club in Hamburg is likely to be relegated this season, and considering the size of the United States I don't think it is ridiculous to think that a city like Buffalo could make it to the top tier or that a team from Houston could fall to the third. There are about 35 or so jerseys I have not figured out a way to make, so if you want to tackle anything just get back to me. It's strange that nobody else seems to have discovered this thread on any of the sites I crossposted to.

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