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Olympique Lyonnais - Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust

A somewhat grim tale through my french managing experience, with a twist - hoping not to offend anyone, as it is written with the best intention to please the audiances that read.
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Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2015-04-29 19:14
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credit to tallery, once again.

Prologue: Ash to Ash / Dust to Dust

It was a hot summer afternoon, as I hanged around my hotel suite. The warm aroma of festivities lounged about in the streets, the kids were on their way back from training camp and the wife and I were relaxing on the comfortable king sized bed together. The TV was on, but it kept us company in the background as we weren't really watching it, we would just sit back and speak to each other softly, she would tell me what troubled her as of late - and I would pretend to listen, somewhat spacing off into my own world, like always... And then it hit us both, urgent news on the news - it was definetly important, so I turned up the volume.

"We're sadden to report shocking news that the Olympique Lyonnais senior squad & staff has recently deceased by a misflight accident that caused the plane to lose control and crash into the Pacific Ocean, we'll have more as these news develope."

I sat there speecheless. How could it be? One of Frances most competitive, and historically rich teams had fallen to such a tragic end - I could do nothing but mourn, as the religious man I was. Praying for their souls, as the wife understood and sat close to me, with an arm over my shoulders. But I did not want to stand back and watch such a great team like Olympique Lyonnais crumble into forgotteness, I knew what I had to do, I too after all was a newly graduated coach; why not me? I felt like it was the right thing to do, maybe it was meant to be destiny.

But what cruel destiny it was...

Next Update: Chapter 1
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AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC 2015-04-29 19:18
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*throws SoTM*


If you keep this up.

It's yours.
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RossCoombs's avatar Group RossCoombs 2015-04-29 19:19
00 9 posts joined Apr 29, 2015
Brilliant start. and brilliant concept. Can't wait to see how this goes.
InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2015-04-29 19:20
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*throws SotY*
^What Alex said. this is an amazing start man; keep it up!
Laurens's avatar Group Laurens 2015-04-29 19:20
nl 131 posts 19 likes joined Aug 13, 2014
Amazing start really! Can't wait for the next update.
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2015-04-29 20:17
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Chapter 1: Le Patriotique Angè

After shortly being assigned to manage the Real Madrid Castilla team, "Zizou" had sent in his resigning despite being grateful to Real Madrid for all their support through the years from his playing career to his coaching in present day. He is now in the midst of a press conference after agreeing terms with Lyonnais fans devastated by recent events, he is the glimmer of hope the club just may have needed.

And so the press conference had begun, I shook Mr.Aulas hand and took a seat beside him as I stood before a room packed to the brim with journalists I then knew how important this was to the world of sports; I wasn't just a figure of importance, I was being depicted as the savior of hope for this club that had lost almost everything.

Zidane: "I would like to thank everyone here for coming, Mister Jean-Michel Aulas mainly for accepting my proposal to guide the players left at the club to salvation in the league, as that remains probably the most realistic achievement possible, and that would be optimistically speaking. Unfortunately we all know what happened to the staff and senior team of the club, and may their souls rest in peace, right now the only players remaining at the club I have been told are the youth under 20 players - so there really is hope yet, for at least some of these young lads to come through and become an icon and a symbol for the fans this season. I won't be talking about transfers or tactical talk, I believe there are much more serious issues to adress today, that is all for my opening speech I'll give the word over to the Chairman now..."

And so the conference went on for hours, and with the hours the room grew grim with frowns and tears from friends and family of the deceased. After that was over with, we proceeded to the board meeting where we discussed the poor financial situation in which I was "supposed" to rebuild an entire 23 man team to participate in the league with, yea, right. Although the good news was that the FFF and the FIFA spoke with the Chairman and gave them their full support for the upcominc season to show their sympathy over the tragedy occuered; the FFF and some of the richer clubs in France all pitched in to help O.L. raise funds for this summers and next januarys transfer window I believe the amount raised was near £40-45m euro, and the FIFA agreed to close an eye this year regarding our FFP which wasn't all too bright to begin with. I guess it was up to me now, the rebuilding had begun.

Last Update: Prologue
Next Update: Eleven Bricks
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InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2015-04-29 21:02
gb 1861 posts 156 likes joined Nov 09, 2013
niiiice! thats some decent money to start rebuilding with man; be interesting to see what you do with it
the champi0n fm's avatar Group the champi0n fm 2015-04-29 22:19
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Unnusual but interesting start you've got me hooked
C.J.Lippo's avatar Group C.J.Lippo 2015-04-29 22:33
au 827 posts 99 likes joined Feb 26, 2015
Great start mate! Can't wait to see how this plays out, very, very interesting!
No1VillaFan's avatar Group No1VillaFan 2015-04-30 10:31
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I have read this and cant beleive i didnt comment, i will follow and i hope it will be a sotm contender in the future
Cappy13's avatar Group Cappy13 2015-04-30 11:44
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Brilliant start I will be following
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2015-04-30 20:38
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012

Chapter 2: Eleven Bricks on the Wall.

One, two, three months into it now. I've been sitting by the phone all summer, barely seen the family aswell - I had to work hard to make sure the choices I made were the right ones, it was a delicate time for the club and I was working closely with the scouting team on which players to sign. Of course I had brought with me a shortlist I kept over at the Real Madrid times, plenty of stars - but would they be willing to join a team in our predicament... And more importantly, would they be able to hold the pressure? Week in and week out, their psycological strenght would have to be imperative.

We decided to split up the scouting team, the scouts regarded as the most capable were sent to South America to report back in with talents that may do our cause, whilst the rest of us stayed in Europe, and to be honest I don't think any of us have had more than two hours of sleep in months. At least we had a solid youth team left at the club, they had stayed over with the under 20 national team during the tragedy and had escaped that cruel fate months ago... For our own good aswell, Umtiti and Benzia are regarded as some of the most talented young french players in the nation and the entire board comittee agreed to giving the captain band for years to come to Samuel Umtiti - he would become the icon of resurrection for the club in the world, I was hoping the lads would be available to handle the pressure to be honest.

Olympique Finalise The New Senior Squad!

These players were all hand picked from hundreds of reports, we've worked hard on this web of scouting teams layed all over the globe - and the diversity goes to show. From Turkey to Korea, all the way to a well established Brazilian connection created to improve the flair in the offensive capacity of the team. We were well pleased with the youngsters brought to the Club, as this being a long term project we decided to opt for a low average age team with high margins for growth, and thankfully the Chairman were said to keep alot of patience in our regards given the sensativity of the situation.

Le Piece de Resistance

Samuel Umtiti, new captain of Olympique Lyonnais.

Kerim Koyunlu, a pacey winger capable of shredding defenses.

Gèrman Pezzella, strong center back to strenghten our defense.

Kim Seung-Gyu, promising Korean National Goal Keeper.

Previous Update: Le Patriotique Angè
Next Update: The Draperies Fall
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No1VillaFan's avatar Group No1VillaFan 2015-04-30 21:39
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your graphics are insane, awesome, just awesome
Empyjon's avatar Group Empyjon 2015-04-30 21:42
uy 10 posts 4 likes joined Nov 27, 2014
Loving the graphics and the vibe of the story! Keep it up
walkinshaw's avatar Group walkinshaw 2015-04-30 23:22
au 348 posts 54 likes joined Jul 03, 2014
Good luck dealing with the team chemistry mate with the whole new side.
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