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Olympique Lyonnais - Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust

A somewhat grim tale through my french managing experience, with a twist - hoping not to offend anyone, as it is written with the best intention to please the audiances that read.
Started on 29 April 2015 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 31 May 2015 by Icarus
Crumble: You know how to sweet talk your way into a story writers heart ;)

League debut & results update coming in 5!
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
7 yearsEdited

Chapter 5: We debut as One.

It was the day of our league debut, my official debut in ligue 1 as a manager and no longer a player... How the time flies. Now I understand the times I would get benched, I could understand a players disappointment better - I was looking also to take every tip my past managers passed onto me and mold them into my way of coaching, hopefully for the better of the team. Although I can't forget the incident from yesterday, for safety reasons I had to tell my wife and kids to fly out of Lyon for a few days, just to be safe... We were not going to let anyone take this away from us, even if we had to go against the grain, our pride in this club shall come first and foremost.

The match begun and the boys looked roaring to go, and it showed very early into the game as
Flamboyant midfielder Zè Rafael got Olympique Lyonnais off to a flyer by scoring a thumping effort from range in the 3rd minute. From there we went on to dominate the game, although we wasted alot of chances, in the end we were lucky enough because the last goal of the game was an own goal from Sylvester Igboun; an incident which will undoubtedly have caused him some embarrassment, although it gave us the win - and the first 3 points in the league!

Although we stood equal ground for the most part, experienced midfielder Etienne Didot gave Toulouse FC the lead with an accurate finish at their home ground from inside the penalty area in the 19th minute and this seemed like a mountain to climb for us. Tenacious midfielder Papa Alioune Ndiaye completed the scoring for Toulouse with a placed shot from close range on the 39th and closed the first half on the 2-0 score for them. Second half was a complete step back from what I had seen in the previous days, we still had alot to work on but this did not discourage me in the least - it only motivated us to do better.

After the first two fixtures in the league it saw Olympique Lyon standing in 8th position with a win, and a loss. Not a bad start, it could have gone worse - and it is early days yet in the league therefore the squad is mostly optimistic at this point, the realistic achievement for us would be landing in Europa League. And speaking of Europa League we still had another Qualifying match - the last one against Elfsborg home & away, with a game against Lens inbetween coming up. But I'd never set the bar that low for the team, for as far we know we're still in it for a cheeky title run, because if you aim for the Moon, even if you fail you still land upon the stars.

Previous Update:Chapther 4: The Call
Next Updated: Chapter 6: Contortion, Corruption... And Abduction
That loss to toulouse would have hurt, hope ya don't make losing to small teams a habit :)
A decent start but plenty of room for improvement, and I expect improvement! A very interesting update before as well, who is this mystery caller? ;)
Toulouse have a decent squad and away, with the squad you have assembled, it's a decent result.
"because if you aim for the Moon, even if you fail you still land upon the stars."

Like your thinking mate, great philosophy! ;)
Wow. This is incredible writing. SOTM is going to be a tough choice this month. Keep it up :)
Motivated1: Not exactly a small club that, they'll probably end the season above us :P

Pompey: I expect it aswell, and with the youths at the club you can rest assure there will be massive improvements... As for the caller, you'll see ;)

Pauker: Agreed 100%, away games especially against mid table teams are always tougher than they look.

Lippo: Yeah it's one of those things man, I always keep that motto when I strive for something.

Xander: There are alot of quality stories out there out for Sotm, including your Belgian duette but I thank you for your kind words ;)
Excellent start to this story, a shame about the Toulouse loss but you can't win every game, especially with almost the entirety of your squad dead ;)
Adam: such a grim point of view lol
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
7 yearsEdited

Chapter 6: Contortion, Corruption... And Abduction.

Somewhere on the outskirts of France...

A bright orange shade clashes down from the Sun, as the evening comes to an end and meets the horizon to bring forth night. Just outside a small wooden shed with the lights coming from the interior, a pick-up truck drives by the garage and four man in suit and ties come out. They're tall fellows, that all carry guns on the side - well groomed nonetheless. They enter the shed and greet a man sat down smoking a cigarette in an expensive suit and tie that was inside, speaking to an older fellow bald fellow that wore tinted glasses.

"Bonsoir, patron Dupont. We're here to report on the "transactions" between our firm and the newly appointed Zinedine ZIdane..." He said, speaking as the head of the group towards the man sitting before them.

"...There is no need, I can see the results for myself." He stated, with a disappointed expression - as he put out his cigarette in the ash tray besides him.

"Yes, unfortunately things didn't exactly - " He was cut off before ending his sentence.

"It's of no matter, we'll just take more bold approaches then. We have here a recorded conversation between him and his wife, it seems she is heading towards the Airport of Lyon as we speak... I believe you know your job?" He said as he stood from the chair.

"Oui oui, patron. We'll be back briefly." He said as he accompanied the others of the group towards the door.

"One thing, don't harm the woman and children... It's not how we do business after all." Said the older bald fellow on the other side of the room.

The grunts left the shed, and made haste onto their target. What seemed an ill intentioned plan from these man would surely put into great difficulty the Algerian family who recently came back to the motherland to help a football club in distress, although now it seemed they had gotten themselves into something bigger than themselves... How will "Zizou" react to what is about to strike his entire world, his family.

Previous Update:Chapther 5: We debut as One.
Next Updated: Chapter 7: I am Zidane
Really interesting story so far, excited for the next update :D
Dundundun... :O
Oohh this is getting excited

*sits down waiting for next update
I like your story lines absolute class, can't wait for the next update

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