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Scouting Platform Rebooted

Started on 9 May 2015 by Stam
Latest Reply on 12 August 2015 by talhak
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As you might have noticed, our scouting platform (formerly known as social scouting) has received a revamp and is now exposed on homepage, showcasing latest activity (reviews, ratings, screenshots).

There are 3 more steps to take and I need some feedback to decide what's best.

1) Create an infographic to share on our social profiles.
That should include a brief report on the player, his face in scope style and not sure what else. I still haven't found the time to design it, so share any design ideas you might have.

2) Recruit regular reviewers and set a format/template for these "verified" reviews.
These reviews will get stickied and show up on top of all other reviews for the player. I believe these should be cold-blooded baseline reports regardless of having in-game experience with the player. In other words, briefly outline the following: best role, strengths, weaknesses, personality
If you have a different idea, please share and explain how it can work better.

3) Write a beginner's manual to using the scouting platform.
This is something I need to do to encourage our members to contribute to the project. Feel free to suggest what I should include in that manual, just in case I haven't thought about.

Everyone is welcome to join the efforts on this really remarkable project which has been in the shadows for too long. It deserves to be on the spotlight and I have every intention of promoting it as much as possible from now on.
All three options would work really well, I especially like the stickied reviewer one, thats good, as it gives people a place to go and a really good baseline on the players
Like all 3 idea's especially the baseline reports, as we have already seen that one persons bad experience with a player can have a dramatic affect on his overall rating.

Hence I think a baseline would be good as a non biased place to start. Loving it so far!
verified reviews look like very promising Stam. We need more active scouting platform I think. Maybe we can improve review traffic by adding reputation to members for each review. Even I look for the most popular wonderkids' profiles, I see only a few reviews.

fmscout is my fav. FM fansite & very glad its position in FM world. thanks to everyone here.
Hey talhak, thanks for the kind words.

I'm pleased with the activity of our scouting platform, considering the fact it launched quite late into the FM15 season. The signs are encouraging looking ahead and I'm optimistic that the project will flourish with FM16.

We abandoned the idea of verified reviews, but I'm doing something similar on my own. Player report cards, which are being shared on our social profiles and attract new contributors into the scouting platform.

I agree with the idea of rewarding contributors for posting player reviews and I have already planned such a feature which I like to call "site quests". Player reviews could be a reoccurring quest our members can complete to earn points.
brilliant Stam, as always appreciate your vision.

hope to review players from my experiences for FM16. another great feature can be creating cards for each player per season. For example profile at start, profile after 1 year, and so on. but it should be categorized (like a new field/column for a database table). i.e. it would be great if we can see who are the stars of the game in 2020. Also this categorized profiles will let us too see the improvement of each player.

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