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The Cult - F.C. St Pauli

Started on 10 May 2015 by OwenFWTFC
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Welcome! I haven't wrote for quite a while due to things outside of the internet and things, but now I can finally sit down again and write. I'm really excited for this story because it's something fresh on the site I think and it's something I can really showcase my strengths in. So with that said I hope you enjoy!

The Club

The club is none other than German side, St Pauli! A club with a historic story and one of the biggest followings in Europe and for the right reasons. The club are known for the actions they took after racism and hooliganism in Football, especially through the 80's. Now, St Pauli sit in 2.Bundersliga but nevertheless still hold the fanbase they had back then. I chose them due to these reasons, they really do show the German way. Germany is such a wonderful Footballing country now and I really do enjoy watching German Football!

The Manager

The manager is a 22 year old English/German man named Matt Reid. Matt had many problems growing up due to the relationship between his Mother and Father as they split up when he was only eight. Matt lived with his father and visited his Mother every two weeks. But, his Father raised him as well as he could, he took Matt to all Blackpool games, their local side and every year they flew out to Berlin to watch Hertha Berlin. But the effects still hurt Matt inside and he struggled through School, eventually leaving with a few A* and some B's. However, Matt now is found in Pubs with his friends, getting drunk over a lot of Fosters and the Football. Something has to change for Matt.. surely?


Just One More..

"Just one more," I said in a rather drunk voice. I was in the pub once again and had already had too much to drink. Another Saturday afternoon here as usual too, watching Chelsea v United on the T.V. that hung on the dirty white wall of the Crown Pub. "No, you're not having anymore Matt... you're drunk out of your mind again and remember what happened last time?" warned Jack, my close friend, who was always there for me. "No, I'm having another and we're staying here," smiling with a rather strange look from the eyes. "We're not having a repeat of the 'strip down incident' Matt.." I couldn't help but laugh at this. "I didn't strip down fully at least, it could've been much worse!" I continued laughing again. "Er.. if your dad and I weren't here, you would of. We only just managed to pull you out of here before you made a fool of yourself again Matt. Mate, whatever happened to you? Once upon a time I looked at you and wanted to be like you! Now I just look back thinking what went wrong, said Jack rather angrily. I just looked at him then said, "I'm the same person! I don't care what you say! You and everyone are wrong. You have no idea what you're on about!" Jack was clearly annoyed and replied, "Fine, I can't be bothered with this anymore, you better book yourself up because until you do I'm through with helping you and you just ignoring me. I really am!" Grabbing his coat and his phone, Jack walked out, leaving me sat with this bird I tried picking up and seemingly got. I just carried on the rest of the night without him,

Trev came in about half an hour later and sat down with me. "Alreet Matt, who's it going?" as he gulped down his pint. "Alright I suppose, you just missed Jack he-"
"Stormed out? Yeah, I saw him, didn't look too happy, I just popped into Terry's newsagent and got some fags, want one and we'll continue outside?"
"Yeah go on then." I took a fag from the box and paced off outside with Trev. "He was pretty angry with me because I'd 'let him down again..'
"By..?" Said Trev.
"I don't have a clue" I replied, taking a puff of my fag. "Well, actually I have had too much to drink he said,"
"You do sound pretty drunk mate.." said Trev in a calm voice. "Saying that not as bad as the 'striping down incident from the other night." We both just laughed and then back inside to resume the night. It was a great night as usual, partying after the game and talking to loads of the boys again as they came in over the night. Ended up face down on the table drunk, but it was worth it.

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