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A Nation's Spine #1: American Dreams

Have you ever wondered what'd happen if a small country in Oceania was given an excellent first eleven? What would happen to their reputation? Read here to find out! Anybody can sign up!
Started on 15 May 2015 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 16 May 2015 by SimichC
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A Nation’s Spine #1: American Dreams

Hello everybody, and welcome to a new project I will be running on the site for an undetermined number of times. Basically, the main aim is to give a struggling nation (such as San Marino) a team of eleven top class players (made by FMScout members) and see how far they get during the careers of these eleven players. Will these nations thrive with their new stars, or will they remain low in the FIFA World Rankings?

I currently have a list of thirty nations, and while I don’t expect to try all of them (mainly because a lot of them are quite similar), I do want to get through around two or three for this FM, and then move on to FM16 (if I ever get it) to do a few more countries. I have noticed that the majority of these nations I have chosen are in Oceania, but I will try to be varied in the continents I do.

However, I will be starting in Oceania with American Samoa, who have suffered a 36-0 defeat against Australia in their recent history, amongst many difficult defeats. The reason I have chosen American Samoa, of all countries on my list, is because I believe that this will be a lot easier to get into the World Cup than countries in Asia, Europe or Africa, because while there’s only one space, which is entirely dependent on a play-off, there are fewer countries, and there are much worse countries to face.

I will update with yearly results, screenshots of the players and other news that may affect the development of the players or the country itself. I will keep track of player transfers, too, so you can see how your player is getting on in league football. I will reserve the post below to keep records of how the players and the countries have done.

So, if you’re still interested, you may be thinking ”How do I sign up?”. Or maybe you aren’t. Whatever. You can sign up by simply filling out this form. I will get to making the database and it should be ready a couple of days after the sign ups have closed. There are only eleven spaces, I’m afraid, but if there is high demand, then I can extend this to a slightly higher number. Please, when signing up, choose relatively realistic names. I’m okay with film/TV characters to a certain extent, but nothing like “Book Case” or “Plant Pot”.

Here is the form for you to fill out:
Common Name (if needed):
Date of Birth (1998):
Nation: American Samoa
Secondary Positions (if needed):
Weight (kg):
Height (cm):
Top five technical attributes:
Top five mental attributes:
Top five physical attributes:
Idols/Favourite Clubs:
Disliked People/Clubs:

And here is the official sign up sheet:
LB: Ryan Payne
RB: Gravy
LW: Joey Tribbiani
AMC: Bas Jilk
ST: Gaugakao Gilgamesh

Unless I increase the sign-ups, once a position has been taken, it cannot be taken by another person. Good luck American Samoans!
Name: Nelson Anita
Common Name (if needed): Gravy
Date of Birth (1998): 17th June
Nation: American Samoa
Position: Right Back
Secondary Positions (if needed): Left Back
Foot: Right
Weight (kg): 85kg
Height (cm): 189cm
Top five technical attributes: Marking, Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Technique
Top five mental attributes: Anticipation, Concentration, Positioning, Teamwork, Determination
Top five physical attributes: Acceleration, Stamina, Pace, Natural Fitness, Strength
Club: Fulham
Idols/Favourite Clubs: Troy Deeney, Orion Ighalo, Watford
Disliked People/Clubs: Arsene Wenger, Arsenal, Birmingham
Name: Ryan Payne
Common Name (if needed): Payne
Date of Birth (1998): 26th October
Nation: American Samoa
Position: Left Back
Secondary Positions (if needed): Left Midfield
Foot: Left
Weight (kg): 75
Height (cm): 188
Top five technical attributes: Long Throws, Tackling, Crossing, Long Shots, Marking
Top five mental attributes: Work Rate, Positioning, Teamwork, Bravery, Determination
Top five physical attributes: Acceleration, Stamina, Natural Fitness, Pace, Jumping Reach
Club: Celta Vigo
Idols/Favourite Clubs: Chelsea, Gianfranco Zola, Cesar Azpilicueta
Disliked People/Clubs: Man United, Arsenal
Name: Gaugakao Gilgamesh
Date of Birth (1998): 19th August
Nation: American Samoa
Position: ST
Secondary Positions (if needed): AMC
Foot: Right
Weight (kg): 68kg
Height (cm): 182cm
Top five technical attributes: Dribbling, Technique, Finishing, First Touch, Passing
Top five mental attributes: Determination, Flair, Vision, Composure, Decisions
Top five physical attributes: Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Pace, Stamina
Club: Tranmere Rovers
Idols/Favourite Clubs: Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, Jose Mourinho
Disliked People/Clubs: Manchester United, Everton
Name: Bas Jilk
Common Name (if needed):
Date of Birth (1998): 14 november
Nation: American Samoa
Position: AMC
Secondary Positions (if needed):
Weight (kg):68
Height (cm):187
Top five technical attributes: long shots, finishing,dribbling,passing,technique
Top five mental attributes:work rate,flair,teamwork,concentration,decisions
Top five physical attributes:acceleration,pace,stamina,strength jumping reach
Club: Ajax
Idols/Favourite Clubs: Frank de Boer,Jaap Stam, Louis van Gaal, Ajax
Disliked People/Clubs: Feyenoord,John Guidetti
Joey Tribbiani
not needed
28 december
American Samoa
Dribbling, Finishing, Long Shots, Passing, Technique
Decisions, Determination, Flair, Aggression, Vision
Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Natural Fitness, Strength
Seedorf Rooney Ji Sung Park Zlatan Ronaldinho Man United AIK Clermont Foot Berbatov
Mourinho van Persie Ramos Real Madrid Liverpool Man City Hangeland

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