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Obtainable Strikers Help!?!?!

Started on 7 November 2009 by M1D
Latest Reply on 31 May 2010 by UnbeatableFC
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Hi, I am currently playing as Newcastle in my 3rd season and we are lying in 4th place and have done well our 2 seasons back in the Prem but I need a new striker, one which will make the team deadly when going forward. The only problem is being Newcastle, we don't have the ability to lure:weep the likes of Messi etc. away from there clubs. Does anyone have a idea of great players which are obtainable for a side which is not considered the biggest in the league n stuff lyk that?
I have £38 Million to spend after some clever deals, so money can be spent :D

Thnks for any help you can give 8)
euge's avatar Group euge
14 yearsEdited
Welliton, i got him for 20,000,000 48months installment lol might be abit much but was worth it

or Hulk, Morimoto :D

*use "imgw" tags when posting bigger pics*//redarmy
I found a decent player Oscar Trejor, amazing player for the price, only cost me £7.5 Million but you could gt him for less. Plays for Mallorca and a def wonderkid!!!
jonothan cristaldo
plays for velez
first season you can pick him up for under 2 million
he is amazing
Takayuki Morimoto, amazing player, maybe zarate?
@ euge, I bought Welliton m8. World class signing, he has already scored 6 goals in 3 games for me at the start of my new season and also helping me see off Barca in the group stage of the Champions League... Thnks for the help m8 and everyone elses suggestions ;)
im a big cardozo fan so its gotta be him
euge : Welliton, i got him for 20,000,000 48months installment lol might be abit much but was worth it

or Hulk, Morimoto :D

*use "imgw" tags when posting bigger pics*//redarmy

wow they're good stats :shock :shock :shock
humberto suazo?
kikin fonseca?
rodrigo palacio?
there's hundreds you could get for that amount...
ebi smolarek and mark viduka...both free transfers at the start of a new need to up the wage demands of smolarek to about £20k cos ajax come in for him too but viduka joined me at middlesbrough as a backup player on about £4k a week.

smolarek scored nearly 50 goals in my championship winning season playing as a trequartista striker in a 4-2-3-1.

viduka was limited to less than 10 appearances due to smolarek's form but still scored more goals than he played games.

on a side note, i'd recommend jack wilshire on loan, i played him left wing but he can play practically anywhere in attack.

mark yeates was also a revelation despite his poor ca/pa. nearly 20 goals from the rightwing.

gary o'neil was also a good player for me playing as an attacking midfielder and scoring 20+ goals.

also i'd forgotten about vincent enyeama but i've just discovered he's available for about £800k, most keepers with his ca/pa cost over £5m and simply won't join a lower rated team such as middlesbrough/newcastle.
I bought Welliton as was recommended and he's a fantastic player, but one thing that bothers me is his injury proness.. He's been out for like half my season, if not he would def. be top goal scorer
Niknar's avatar Group Niknar
14 yearsEdited
Jozy Altidore. Got him at Celts, partners Agbonlahor. They are deadly, Altidore is valued at 16m and is closing in on American goal record.

And Riviere, Saint Ettiene. Amazing stats!
Lewandowski and Kramaric got them for Birmingham and both got 20 Goals a season league first two seasons with Kramaric playing Trequistra in a 4-2-4
Adriano if you like to gamble :)
For me i suggest you to try Nadaban and Neymar. They are both 19 years old and they work very well together!

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