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FC Scout FM15 Sign Up

Started on 21 June 2015 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 24 June 2015 by macdab55
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1. first name- Sam
2.second name- Overdijk
3.common name- Sam2901
4.ethicity- North European colour- Blonde tone- White
7.DOB- 29/1/1997 of birth - Amsterdam
9.Nation - The Netherlands
10.Second Nations:
11.please complete these stats with full honesty:
-adaptablility - 14
-ambition - 12
-controversy - 4
-loyalty - 15
-pressure - 7
-professionalism - 15
-sportsmanship - 18
-temperament - 15
12.languages spoken- Dutch, English
13.height and weight- 170 cm, 75 kg
14.left and right foot- left
15.ONE main position - LM
16.2-3 secondary positions - RM, CAM
17.2-3 positions that you could play that will be edited with maximum 12 - N/A
18 1st tier attributes(5 of them): value of 20 - Dribbling, Work Rate, Determination, Pace, Leadership
19:2nd tier attributes(5 of them): Work Rate, Team Work, Long Shots, Technique, Finishing
20.3rd tier attributes(5 of them): Agression, Descions, Flair, Agillity, Acceleration
21.4th tier attributes(5 of them): Corners, Marking, Tackling, Strength, Heading
22.preferred moves: choose from the game editor - None
23.favorite people: from 1-100 - Frank de Boer (100) Ricardo Kishna (90)
24.disliked people: from 1-100 - None
25.favorite clubs: from 1-100 Ajax (100) FC Barcelona (90) Liverpool (80)
26.disliked clubs:from 1-100 Feyenoord (100) PSV (100)
First Name: Nigel
Second Name: Quashie
Common Name: pompeyblue
Ethnicity: European and African
Hair Colour: No Hair
Skin Tone: Light Brown
DOB: 16/12/1997
City of Birth: London
Nation: England
Second Nations: Ghana and Scotland
- Adaptablility: 15
- Ambition: 15
- Controversy: 6
- Loyalty: 15
- Pressure: 8
- Professionalism: 16
- Sportsmanship: 18
- Temperament: 15
Languages Spoken: English
Height and Weight: 183cm, 77kg
Right Foot: Very Strong
Left Foot: Fairly Strong
Main Position: DM
Secondary Positions: CM, AM, RB
Potential Positions: CB, SW
1st Tier Attributes: Tackling, Passing, Anticipation, Heading, Strength
2nd Tier Attributes: Vision, Teamwork, Work Rate, Off The Ball, Balance
3rd Tier Attributes: Stamina, Pace, Natural Fitness, Decisions, First Touch
4th Tier Attributes: Long Shots, Leadership, Dribbling, Determination, Marking
Preferred Moves: Dictates Tempo
Favorite People: David James (100), Matt Taylor (95)
Disliked People: Nigel Adkins (100), Rickie Lambert (100)
Favorite Clubs: Portsmouth (100)
Disliked Clubs: Southampton (100)
2X GK: Glenn T.
2X RB:TheAlex651
4X CB:Akash, Louis O.
2X LB: macdab55
2X RM:Th3RealLegend,
4X CM: iRoba,Feliks, SimichC, pompeyblue
2X LM: Sam2901
4X ST: AaronHJFT96

Not too many places left, so please sign up, so this could start as soon as possible.
First Name: Mladen
Second Name: Jovanovic
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Hair Colour: Light Blonde
Skin Tone: White
DOB: 1/4/95
City of Birth: Zurich
Second Nations: Croatia
Adaptability: 16
Ambition: 12
Controversy: 4
Loyalty: 18
Pressure: 7
Proffesionalism: 17
Sportsmanship: 19
Temperament: 14
Languages Spoken: Swiss and German
Height: 5"11
Weight: 68kg
Foot: Right
Main Position: CM
Secondary: AM
1st Tier Atts: Passing, Vision, Work Rate, Stamina, First Touch
2nd Tier Atts: Determination, Pace, Long Shots, Leadership
3rd Tier: Strength, Acceleration, Free-Kicks, Off The Ball, Dribbling
4th Tier: Tackling, Flair, Finishing, Crossing, Heading
Preferred Moves: None
Favourite People: Michael Ballack, Iniesta, Xavi
Favourite Clubs: Zürich, Leverkusen
Disliked People: Barton, Catterole, McClaren
Disliked Clubs: Newcastle, Young Boys, Köln
uni3s's avatar Group uni3s
8 yearsEdited
1. first name- Unies
2.second name- Ananda Raja
3.common name- uni3s
4.ethicity- Asian colour- Black tone- Brown
7.DOB- 21 July 1996 of birth Jepara
9.Nation Indonesia
10.Second Nations: -
11.please complete these stats with full honesty:
-adaptablility 19
-ambition 13
-controversy 10
-loyalty 20
-pressure 9
-professionalism 16
-sportsmanship 15
-temperament 15
12.languages spoken- English, Spanish
13.height and weight- 180 cm 70 kg
14.left and right foot- right foot
18. Finishing, Dribbling, First touch, composure, decision
19: Anticipation, Acceleration, Pace, Strength, Decision
20.Off the ball, technique, work rate, concentration, determination
21.corner, long throw, marking, tackling,positioning
22.preferred moves: Places shots
23.favorite people: Cristiano Ronaldo(100), Luka Jovic(100), Humam Tariq(100)
24.disliked people: none
25.favorite clubs: Arsenal (100)
26.disliked clubs:Tottenham (100)
2X GK: Glenn T.
2X RB:TheAlex651
4X CB:Akash, Louis O.
2X LB: macdab55
2X RM:Th3RealLegend,
4X CM: iRoba,Feliks, SimichC, pompeyblue, Zap
2X LM: Sam2901
4X ST: AaronHJFT96, uni3s

9 spots left, so please sign up for positions which are open. All I need is 1x GK, LB,RB,RM,LM and 2x CB and ST.

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