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A story of one Amazing Team

Story of FC Scout
Started on 24 June 2015 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 18 July 2015 by Sam2901

Shocking news

Owner/Chairman/Manager of newly promoted Premier League team FC Scout – almighty Stam- has decided to step down as Manager, and give a chance someone else. Stam who worked as Owner/Chairman/Manager of FC Scout from its beginning, so since 2005. In those 10 years they managed to get promoted from Ryman Premier League to the Premier League in 10 years, winning Ryman Premier League (2005), Vanarama Conference South (2006), Vanarama Conference Premier (2007), Sky Bet League 1(2011). Along the way, they get into 2nd place of Sky Bet League 2 (2009) and Sky Bet Championship (2014). With those performances in the league, they also managed to win Johnstone's Paint Trophy in 2009 and 2010, and being runner ups in 2008 and 2011.

Press Conference:
Stam: OK, I will like to thank the media that they came for this conference.
Michael Thomson –ESPN: Is it true? You stepping down as manager?
Stam: Yes, it is true. I came to conclusion that I should give, some other manager a chance to manage at this level.
Alessandro Gattuso – Sky Italia: Do you think you are not good enough manager at this level.
Stam: I am really great manager, Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, Helenio Herrera could have learned from me, I AM THE GREATEST. I am stepping down, to give other teams a chance to win some games, and other managers need to work too.
Alessandro Gattuso: You, greatest? (Laughs)
Stam angrily throws both shoes at him (both hit him in the head)
Alessandro Gattuso: You are one crazy figlio di puttana
Stam: Maybe, but I am and will be to the end of Universe the greatest manager ever. And get the hell out of this conference.
Edward Smith – Sky News: So, who will be the next manager of FC Scout?
Stam: I prefer not to say this yet, they will be another press conference with that information next week. All I can say is that he is former footballer.
Edward Smith: Is he a former international? English perhaps?
Stam: He is a former international, but not English one, nor from United Kingdom.
Edward Smith: Hmmm…. I would say – and some will agree with me – that it would be better to have an English manager…
Stam: So, you think English manager = better? I am freaking Greek and I am great manager, Jose Mourinho is Portuguese, Sir Alex is Scottish, so no English manager doesn’t = better.
Edward Smith: Alright, alright. I don’t want to get hit by a shoe, and be thrown out of the room.
Stam: You will be in a minute, if you won’t stop annoying me.
Liam Wilson – Daily Mirror: So, what will you expect from first season in Premier Leauge and from manager?
Stam: I would love to win Premier League, but my minimum expectations for this seasons are: Champions League qualification, and semi-final of FA Cup. League Cup doesn’t interest me, so they can lose the first game they will play.
Liam Wilson: Aren’t these expectations a little too high?
Stam: My team is great, and I splash money, so I can have high expectations. IF those expectations are not meet, than I will make some sackings.
Liam Wilson: OK, thanks for answering.
Spokesperson: Does anyone else have a question?
*silence in the room*
Spokesperson: Ok, this conference is over.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy the story.
New Manager Press Conference
It has been a long week, since Stam decided to step down, as manager of a new fan favorite Premier League team FC Scout. Today Chairman Stam, has called this press conference to announce new manager of The Amazing Team.
Stam: Hello all, and thank you for coming for this press conference. I would like to announce a new manager of FC Scout. He is one of the most prolific goalscorer. One of the best players from Brazil, and hopefully he would be one of the greatest managers there will ever be. Let put the hands together for Romario.

Jason Stockton – The Observer: What type of formation you would like to play?
Romario: Ehh…. I don’t know yet. I barely meet the players, so I don’t know at what position they player best. So, firstly I would like to play some friendlies, see the players at training ground, and then I will decided what football and formation I would like to play.
Jason Stockton: Alright, but can you at least tell us, if it will be more like Brazilian football style, that you want see from the players, or more of English?
Romario: I would like the see the Brazilian, but I will not complain, if I will have to play the English style football.
Damien O’Leary – Irish Post: You have, quite a good few youngsters in your squad, will you give them a chance, or you will give more experienced players a chance?
Romario: I will definitely give chance to youngsters, but I would also like to have more experienced players, since there is no team like a team, which is based on youth and experienced.
Damien O’Leary: Will you want to buy a few players for a team to strengthen it, for the season?
Romario: Well, we will see. Mr. Stam gave me loads of cash, so I would really like to buy a few players, but we will see at what position, and who will it be. Since I would like to buy as few players as possible.
Damien O’Leary: Stam, said his expectations for this season in last press conference, but what are your expectations?
Romario: Well, those are fine expectations, so definitely I would like to match them, and even do better than, those expectations.
Steven Smith: With those new players, will you be more nation bias buys, or more foreign bias?
Romario: If I would have two similar players, with similar contract expectations, and similar value, I would pick the English or UK player, but that doesn’t necessarily mean, that I will only buy players from the United Kingdom.
Steven Smith: You seem like my type of guy, I am already starting to really like you.
Romario: Thank you, obviously this is England, so I wouldn’t like to have a squad with only foreign players, there have to be loads of players playing in the top tier of their own nations.
Steven Smith: Have you got a chance to see what player, you would like to buy?
Romario: Well, I know there are not enough Goalkeepers in the squad, so I will definitely try to buy him. Who? I don’t know yet, but I will look around.
Steven Smith: That is enough from me, thank you for answering and good luck with FC Scout.
Romario: Thank you.
Spokesperson: Anyone has any more questions?
Reporters all over the room saying “no”

Profile of the manager:

Manager’s expectations:
Champions League Qualifications
At least Quarter Final of FA Cup
Great start.
Good luck :)
FC Scout Pre-Season
During the preseason, FC Scout played a few friendly games, before finally competing in Premier League.

Maybe not the best sets of results, but still there were a few wins, few draws, and unfortunately few loses.
FC Scout, didn’t perform too badly, but there is still a work to be done. I have time to do, but now it’s time to play some league games, and in the league it will be a lot tougher than, those few friendlies. Chances were created, and not that many goals were conceded, but the team had problem with possession, but with little bit of work on tactic and players, that will soon change.


Quite happy with those transfers, while I know I could have done better, but with other teams wanting big bucks for players who are not even close to those expectations. Even with my 65M, it was thought to get anyone who I would like to have.

Capitol One draw:

Michael Thompson: So, Romario here are we after the pre-season has ended, and how are you feeling with the team?
Romario: Quite good, I got to know my players now, and I think this team can do a lot this season.
Michael Thompson: So, those expectations which were set by Stam, are good enough?
Romario: Well, we shouldn’t get over ourselves for now. I know I have a good team, but it will take time until, they gel in together, but otherwise I think I should make the expectations.
Michael Thompson: You were really busy during the transfer window, which player is your favorite?
Romario: I can’t really say that one of those players is my favorite, other will be jealous (laughs). But I think there are bunch of good young players, and a few experienced one.
Michael Thompson: What do you think about Capitol One draw? Are you happy with Barnsley?
Romario: Well, I know it could have been worse, but it could have been better. But until we play them I can’t complain.
Michael Thompson: Finally, have you found your tactic for now?
Romario: Yes, I did. Currently I will mostly use 4-4-2 formation, which will be quite attacking one. I also have come up with 2 other formations, but this I will keep to myself.
August update:
OK, first competitive matches for FC Scout under Romario, and in Premier League. Overall team played 4 games. 3 in Premier League, and 1 in Capitol Cup 2nd Round. Some matches were taught and some were quite easy.

Premier League:
Man Utd 2-6

QPR 2-0

Chelsea 0-7

Well those results were not what I expected …. Fully, at least. I mean knew that games against Man Utd and Chelsea, could end up in a loss, but not that massive defeats. Although I kind of think that sent off made a huge difference, since I was actually leading, but what could I do, but just fine him for that. I must say, that this is why team has lost heavily. Chelsea, well what could I say, but blame on myself, and probably tactic wasn’t right in that game. I mean I kind of underrated Chelsea in that game, so I have to say that it was my fault that defeat at Stanford Bridge.

Capitol One Cup:

FC Scout played Barnsley away, in that fixture. And I have to say it was really good match for the players, and I was really, really pleased with that performance and win.

3rd Round

In 3rd round FC Scout will face Charlton Athletic, at home. I think it should be quite a good fixture, I should win that game, but we will have to wait and see if the players will perform good enough to go away with a win.

International call ups:
What a terrible goalkeeper this Glenn T guy is, who concedes 7 goals in 1 game?!
Glad uni3s played, even once :D
September Update:
Premier League:
Everton 1-1

Not too good performance from FC Scout. I would even say that it was really crap performance for them. Although there were 2 debutants, but it is unacceptable to draw against teams like Everton at home. But in the end I am still happy that it wasn’t a loss, since even a point is really important.

Liverpool 4-4

Quite a nice result for FC Scout. Performance wise, it could be better. Although I am pleased that FC Scout made a comeback from 2-0 down, to manage a draw in the end. Although FC Scout, could have done a better job defensive wise, but they did quite alright job on offense, which in the end, ended up with high scoring game, which pleased every fan of both teams.

Newcastle 2-0

And first win of the season. Although I still think FC Scout team could have done better, so I need to tweak the tactic a little bit, but it’s definitely better than previous games. Players created quite a few chances, but the main problem in that game, was the possession. FC Scout just couldn’t hold on to the ball.


After 6 games, sitting quite low at 11th place. That is not a place where I would like to be, with bad start, I am hoping that with improved tactic, and players gel in with each other, they will do better job than that, and go to higher place.

Capitol Cup 3rd Round:

After really nice performance against Charlton, they are through to the 4th round. I think this was the best performance this month, since it was a game, where FC Scout had loads of possession and chances, they created.

Capitol Cup 4th Round Draw:

In 4th Round we will play Swindon. I think we should win, and make it into the quarter-final, but you never know, this might be the end of Capitol Cup run for FC Scout.

International games:

Monthly Awards:
Will you put this on Steam
2015-06-27 08:06#215463 TheAlex651 : Will you put this on Steam

I will put it later today, ok?

October update:
Premier League:
Sunderland 6-1

Finally a performance, which I am really happy with. Loads of chances created, chances which were finished off, along with loads of possession. I would really love to see that in every game, but what can I expect from such a group of players, who are performing once in couple of matches.

Tottenham 1-1

….. and here we are again. After really great performance against Sunderland, FC Scout were just abysmal. We were really lucky that we have managed to go away with a point because Tottenham, should have won that game easily. They were unlucky in front of goal, which we executed, and a point stayed at Sliverhawks Playground.

Arsenal 1-3

Terrible, just terrible. Another performance, which could have ended in really, heavy defeat, similar to one against Chelsea. Arsenal were just really unlucky in this game. And we were lucky that GK did some OK job in goal, and he managed to concede ‘only’ 3 goals.


After 4 points this month, FC Scout is still seating around mid-table. But with most of performances, I think that FC Scout should be at the bottom of the table, so if that to say, I think that mid-table for now is quite decent. But I would have expected better from such a team.

Capitol Cup 4th Round:

Another quite good performance this month. Although a win was predicted, since if FC Scout would lose, then it would mean that, they would have been laughing stock of all England, and Stam would have sack me.

International caps:

Youngest goalscorer:

Young Player of the Month:
November update:
Premier League:
Aston Villa 1-0

Quite a nice win for FC Scout, although the score could have been better, since players created a quite a few really good chances, and Aston Villa doesn’t perform too well, but I am really happy that it was a win, and 3 points stayed in Dover.

West Brom Albion 1-0

Another good performance and a win, but this time against WBA. This was a game, which FC Scout had to win, since WBA were a place below FC Scout. So, I am double pleased with a win. Thanks to this win, FC Scout strengthened their place in mid-table, and now could look at the top half of the table.

Crystal Palace 4-2

Although the score line could seem like we were better team, where in reality it was, Crystal Palace who were dominating the game little bit more. But FC Scout still could managed to get a good chances, which ended up with 3 goals and converted penalty. I will take this sort of win any day, instead of lose.


FC Scout is starting to get hold of a mid-table finish, although with little bit of better play, they could reach Europe this season. But this will cost a lot of extra effort, since we can’t catch up to any of bigger teams as of now.

International apps:

Played 2 times for my country and even scored 1 goal :D nice
You can reach the podium by the end.
What a fantastic idea this is, very interesting start made by the club too!
I'm terrible

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