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Antalyaspor - Barca Reloaded

Started on 11 July 2015 by Cakar
Latest Reply on 17 July 2015 by Cakar
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Yusuf ?im?ek announced as new PEC Zwolle manager

After achieving promotion with Antalyaspor in PTT 1. League, the 39 year old manager surprisingly announced his departure to Eredivisie. Before his leave ?im?ek gave a short statement: "We had a great season and Antalyaspor is a good team, but I'll never achieve the greatness I crave for here." ?im?ek had been working with the team since February 2014.

Antalyaspor fans were understandably furious after ?im?ek's contemptuous comments. Especially after the recent signings of Eto'o and Ronaldinho, the team was expected to perform well in the Turkish Super League. The board hasn't given any updates on who will be taking over the job yet, the rumors suggest Hami Mandirali, who had the job for 1 year before ?im?ek, as the top candidate.

(Using FMSteve85's 2015 database for this save!)

Next Antalyaspor Manager: Ex-Barcelona Midfielder Jose Mari Bakero

Antalyaspor have hired Jose Mari Bakero as their new head coach. The 51 year old has been a manager since 1999, working with teams like Real Sociedad and Polonia Warsaw. Although Bakero isn't known for his achievements as a manager, he is famous for his years as a player for Barcelona and Spain. The new head coach didn't take too long to introduce himself, organizing a press conference 2 days after his arrival. Here is what he had to say.

Q: Many people think that Antalyaspor's payroll budget is too small for this level of competition, are you going to approach president Gültekin Gencer for an increase?

"First of all, I'd like to thank President Gültekin Gencer for having me here. He has been very helpful in the moving process. Secondly, no. I believe the team's budget is enough to build a solid squad and I hope to prove it in the upcoming months."

Q: What are your ambitions for this season?

"I know that the team doesn't have a great history in this league, facing relegation most of the time. I intend to remove that image and show everyone we are here to stay."

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to your players? Who do you think will be the key players this season?

"I can't say anything concrete, we haven't even played the friendlies yet! I obviously do expect Eto'o and Ronaldinho to make a difference for the offense though."

Q: Speaking about the new duo, you used to play in Barcelona yourself, would it be fair to say you took this job due to the recent Ex-Barca signings?

"No, this team won promotion without those players and that alone shows their strength. Having them here is a nice plus but I would take this job offer regardless."

Q: New head coaches often bring about times of upheaval and some at the club might fear for their jobs. Will there be many changes in the staff/squad?

"It is a natural process, I'd like to give everyone a fair shot at their position but I'd also like to build the team before the league begins. So yes, I expect there will be some changes quite soon. Thank you for your questions, I hope to have a great run here."
Really nice start and an interesting choice of club. Good luck :)

Ba?san signs new Antalyaspor contract

Antalyaspor winger Emrah Ba?san has commited another two years to his team by signing a new contract with the club. The critics agree the 22 year old talent has improved dramatically in the three years he spent in Antalyaspor and has already become a key player for the club.

Fantastic start and a lovely read so far, love the title too!
@GlennT: Thanks! I didn't see any Turkish League saves here, it's about time. :P

@IWelshWizard: Thanks, it took me a while to decide on a title.
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Antalyaspor snatches up free agent Florian Julien

After failing to land a new contract at the end of his time with Brestois, 21 year old full back Julien confirmed his move to Antalyaspor today. Bakero explained there will most likely be a foreign player moving out, as Julien's arrival puts the club at 9 foreign players. Super League rules allow eight players to sign up and five players to start in the first 11.

The rumors surround Lamine Diarra (ST), Charles Itandje(GK) and Saso Fornezzi(GK). Because Eto'o arrived, if the Spanish manager isn't interested in a two-striker formation, he might let Diarra go as he is too good of a "sub" for this team. The team also has 3 foreign goalkeepers, so Bakero might be inclined to send one of them out.

Lamine Diarra leaves for Montpellier HSC

After failing to find any offers for Charles Itandje, Antalyaspor's new head coach has done the expected and sold Lamine Diarra yesterday. The club got $875K from the deal and the fans generally seemed content with the transfer. The 30 year old striker has been with the team since 2012 and scored 23 goals during his time with the Scorpions. Bakero gave a small speech today about the deal:

"Lamine is a terrific player, however he doesn't fit in the club's plans currently. I talked to him about my plans before transfer listing him and he was a true professional about the whole deal. I'd like to thank him for his great attitude and years of service to this club, and I wish him good luck in Montpellier HSC. Finally, I believe the boost we got from this transfer is vital for the team's improvement and I'm already in talk with some talented midfielders so the fans can expect some good news in the next few days."
Nice keeping going man and it wil be great
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8 yearsEdited

Two midfielders in, one out

Antalyaspor fan favorite Petr Janda left the club a few days ago after Slovan Liberec's $400K offer. Head coach Bakero admitted he was planning on keeping the player as the team lacks decent talents in midfield but Liberec made an offer he simply couldn't refuse. The fans were confused as Bakero said he'd bring in talented midfielders, not sell the ones they have. Nevertheless they were happy the club sold Janda for such a high price. Today, the head coach fulfilled his promise by unveiling two Turkish midfielders at once: Hakan Arslan and K?vanç Karaka?.

Hakan Arslan - The 26 year old had two decent seasons in Sivasspor and is known as a good central midfielder overall. The club paid $750K for the player and most people agree it is a decent price.

K?vanç Karaka? - This transfer was a bit controversial, the 29 year old was an important player in his team Rizespor, which made him pricey. Despite this, the club gave $900K for the player which broke the record transfer fee given by Antalyaspor. The board and fans aren't too happy by the amount paid for the player considering his age, so Karaka? will have a lot of pressure to prove himself in the upcoming matches.
Some interesting signings there! Love the story so far.
@joncs23: Thanks for the support, it means a lot!
@IWelshWizard: Cheers, I know some of the players are unknowns so far. I'll post some info on the squad along with the friendly results soon!

Bakero happy with preseason performance

Jose Mari Bakero: "Even though wins against weaker teams is not much to boast about, I like what I saw from this team. We held the possession and created clear chances each game while not giving up many opportunities at our goal. About the match against 1461 Trabzon.. I think we were simply unlucky, we deserved that win. We are facing tough opposition early in the league, playing against last year's champion Galatasaray in the first match. I won't exaggarate our chances, but let's just say they'll have their work cut out for them if they underestimate us."

Antalyaspor's head coach looked quite confident in the press conference. Having confidence after matches against 3rd League teams may be easy. Whether he will remain confident after early league matches against well-established teams like Galatasaray, Trabzonspor and Bursaspor.. we'll know in a few weeks.
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8 yearsEdited
Team Overview - Season 1 Kickoff

This will be a short overview of the current team, I intend to do this every season to keep everyone updated on the state of the team.

Coming into our first season we will be using 4-2-3-1 (flexible-control), I believe this suits the team well since my best players want to play in the positions ST, AM and RW. It also happens to be one of my favorite formations.

Unless it fails miserably, we are not going to use any different formations this season, however we will develop different playstyles with it. Currently, we are utilizing possession-based football using the instructions below, I came up with the tactics/instructions (well.. I didn't come up with 4-2-3-1 myself but you know what I mean) so feel free to give constructive comments!

Key Players:
I chose 5 key players for this season. I believe these players' performance will change our resulting position dramatically... hopefully for the good.

Samuel Eto'o (ST)

Eto'o fits the complete forward role that this formation needs. We are playing a patient game in offense, so our forward needs to be more than a finisher. Obviously we will still be relying on his scoring but perhaps not as much as other solo-striker formations would.

Ronaldinho (AM)

There's not much to say about Ronaldinho, every football fan out there already knows him. He's 32 but he hasn't lost much from his technique. Unlike the rest of the squad I'll leave his instructions very flexible and let him do his thing. Surely, he won't make me regret it.

Rais M'Bolhi(GK)

Solid goalkeeper from Albenia, he was transferred from Philadelphia and hasn't played any games yet in Antalya. With all of his important GK attributes over 10, I'm expecting consistently good performances from this guy.

Emrah Ba?san (RW)

Youngster of Antalyaspor is now 22, I've been a fan of this kid since 2012 and he hasn't let me down once. Playing with Ronaldinho and Eto'o in the front will be a great experience for him.

K?vanç Karaka?(CM)

As I said before, this guy broke the transfer record for Antalyaspor, so naturally the expectations are high. He looked decent in the friendlies assisting 4 goals in 3 matches even though he carries the CM(Defend) role. I can't wait to see how he does in league.

First Team Players:
Here is the rest of our first team.

Head Coach:
And here is Bakero's attributes!

That should be it for now, I don't want to bore you with more stats. :P If you'd like more info about anything, let me know. Next up, Antalyaspor vs. Galatasaray!
How about signing Berbatov or Drogba as backup? Konapylanka is good too, if he is available.

Glen Johnson and Vlaar are quality too.

P.S. I love this story!

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