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Game Widget Condition column

Started on 8 November 2009 by tasra
Latest Reply on 14 November 2009 by RedArmy20
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Can someone tell me if there is a skin that bolds the condition column in the team widget. I like how it changes color as the condition of the player goes down, but I cant see it very well. Is there an easy fix to make this column bold so it will show up?

are you using the original skin or a downloaded one?
tried both. i prefer dark skin, but have had to play light due to the contrast between the light grey and dark grey is hard to see. Both lights are still hard to see when the game is being played. I like to have the player rating widget up so i can see who is getting tired and needs to be replaced. When a player goes to the seventies range and below, its extremely hard to see.

Is there a way to get the condition column to be bolded like the ratings column?
A way should exist of course, I'm just not aware of it as I haven't started working on any FM skins yet. I can search for such way later and let you know.
you can change it but i dont know exactly how.

i know 1 thing is that it a "config" type of file which you open in notepad and there should be values you can change for colours etc.
(the file will probably not be called "config".)

but i think it only works with a downloaded skin.
alrite this is what you do if you have a downloaded skin:

go to:

" Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\skins\"skin name"\settings "

there it should be a file called something with the skin name. example "skin settings".

right click on that and open with notepad.

thing is though, i don't think it changes the in-game widget one as well.
but you can try anyways.

in notepad you should find something like this:
<!-- profile attribute colours -->
<colour name="low condition" red="169" green="23" blue="23" />
<colour name="mid condition" red="139" green="139" blue="139" />
<colour name="high condition" red="255" green="255" blue="255" />

you can change colours there.
heres a chart of colours with numbers:

everything at "255" and its white. everything on "0" its black.
thanks for the info.

Do you know anyone who is creating a skin that would be willing to try this too?
Make a dark skin with this change?
you mean changing colours? i think every skin has it's own colours. or at least has the config file for you to change the colours.

or do you mean that someone making a skin to change the widget thingy?
change the widget thing would be great.

tried your suggestion of trying to change the condition settings for the downloaded skin. It didnt work.
well as i said, it might not work in the widget. and that's the case.

there must be something different for the widget, but i can't find it.

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