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The Wonders of a Greek

Greek manager taking on hexagon challenge
Started on 18 July 2015 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 31 July 2015 by Jer
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2015-07-22 16:09#216707 Pauker : Great update! Best of luck in Qatar, you'll probs meet Xavi there!

Thanks mate, hopefully if he will play, then he won't be good against me.

Tactics and Squad Depth

Since I like playing attacking football, wherever I can, my main tactic will be attacking 4-1-2-3 Narrow. I hope this tactic will be what I look for which is, a lot of possession football, and enough chances created. I think this football is what fans are looking for, since as I am a fan that is a football I love.

Second tactic, is a tactic which is based on 1995 Ajax. I didn’t created this tactic, as it was ‘friends’ idea. I think I am going to like this tactic, well I haven’t used it yet, but somehow, I think this tactic will be a good tactic, maybe not for Al-Khor, but I will definitely use it for other teams.

Third and final tactic 4-3-2-1 narrow. As usually, Al-Khor is not Barcelona or Al-Sadd, so I can’t play against everyone with one offensive tactic. This tactic is more defensive tactic, which I will use to play against bigger opposition or just against someone who I don’t think, I could win against. I mean, I know that I wrote I like an offensive football, but points are important too, so I just need a tactic to play against bigger teams, so I could pull off, at least a point.

Squad Depth:

For a team which is supposed to be in lower half of the table, I don’t think I have a bad selection of players. I think with good tactic, and maybe a few additional players, I think Al-Khor, could achieve good position, maybe not this season, but next one. Since I still need to get know everyone, and see what tactic will do the trick to achieve high expectations.
Interesting tactics, especially the second one. Normally when you play three-at-the-back, you have defensive wingers, but not here. I'm guessing you're using that one against weaker teams? Anyways, good luck at Al-Khor!
2015-07-23 10:39#216777 Zed : Interesting tactics, especially the second one. Normally when you play three-at-the-back, you have defensive wingers, but not here. I'm guessing you're using that one against weaker teams? Anyways, good luck at Al-Khor!
You guessed it right. :P And thanks mate.

First Month

OK, so first month of playing time for me was in December, where Al-Khor played 3 games, two in the league and one in QNB Cup. Rivals were not that bad, so I knew that I won’t win all those three games, but I had my hopes up.

First game was against Al-Gharrafa at home. Even playing at home I wasn’t a favorite, so I didn’t have any hopes up in this game, since well I though Al-Gharrafa is a good team, and they were 5th before this game. To my surprise, my team actually played really well in this game, and put such a great performance, that fans were really pleased with this game. TO many people’s surprise, Al-Khor were 3-0 up at the half time, which definitely no-one actually could believe what is happening. But unfortunately like it happens a lot to my teams, Al-Gharrafa managed to comeback with 2 goals just 12 minutes into the second half. I really thought that they might comeback from this, but fortunately for me, and fans, there was another goal in 76th minute, but it was for Al-Khor, which just settled the result for the rest of the game.
In second game, we played Muaither, which I must say that I have underrated, mostly because they were second from the bottom, and they managed to win. I must say, that this game was quite equally, I mean both team played the same, so I though the fair result would be a draw.
Al-Khor took an early lead, just in 7th minute, it was already 1-0. But Muaither equalized in 16th minute, so it was quite a good game from the start. Unfortunately there was another goal in first half, and it was scored in 39th minute. Many fans across the nation, will agree with me, that this goal was definitely an offside, but the blind assistant referee didn’t notice it and it was a goal, which should stand. There was another controversy, since we didn’t get deserved penalty. And to make things worse, we had a not called goal in 90th minute, because of an offside, so we could have won this game, but with some controversies, we actually lose the won game.


With win against Al-Gharrafa, we moved to the 9th spot from 10th, and with loss in second game, we managed to stick to that position. I must say, that I am still not pleased with this position, I would like to see this team, at least in 6-7th position, I know they have potential, but there still need to be a lot of work to do.

QNB Cup:

In last game of group stage of QNB Cup, Al-Khor played Al-Sadd, away. So, I knew I was going to lose from the start. I knew that, I shouldn’t be mind to this like that, that is Al-Sadd, one of better teams in country. And well, with defensive tactic, we only managed to lose one goal, without scoring one, so I think 0-1 loss was a good result for use, but I still would prefer a win.
Come on, if you know you'll lose, do it in style!
Moving Up
January saw Al.-Khor play 4 games, which included 2 games home, and 2 games away, and one game, when there were 6 new players in a squad.

First game against Qatar SC. They were quite high in the table. And I have to say that until around 40th minute, it was quite a close game, already being 1-1 score. But unfortunately, between 40th and half time whistle Al-Khor, had conceded 2 goals, which was disappointing for me. After half time, game didn’t change too much, although Qatar went after the attack. They attacked a lot more, but score didn’t change much, except Qatar managed to go up by 3 goals, followed by second goal by Al-Khor.
Second game, was definitely the best game played by Al-Khor, so far. Really great to see my team play like that. Loads of chances created, and it seemed like every shot Al-Khor made on target, it seemed like it went in. First half, didn’t seem like it would go like that. Although they were 5 goals in first half, but it was a 3-2 lead for Al-Khor. But in second half, it was just amazing. First half was quite close, but second was just domination by Al-Khor.
In third game, I chose 6 new players to play in first 11. So I knew, I could have potentially lose this game, or at least my team wouldn’t perform as good, as I would like. And no doubt it was a poor performance from Al-Khor, but again more than half of the squad, is new. So, I knew it would take some time to get them to gel. But despite a poor performance, my team managed to win 2-0 in this game. One goal came from a corner, when next came from counter attack, so not the best of goals, but I will take it.
Fourth and final game, came against Al-Rayyan, which is a team which I applied for, and unfortunately, they didn’t hire me…… twice. And now they are sitting at the bottom of the table. Start of the game, didn’t look promising for Al-Khor, since they managed to concede a goal in 7th minute of the game. But Al-Khor managed to equalizer in 12th minute, so it was a nice to see that my team managed to equalize, so quickly. And just 20 minutes later, Al-Khor managed to leading goal. And it didn’t end there, since 5 minute before the half time whistle, there was 4th goal in this game. And with 3-1 score line, I knew Al-Rayyan will not comeback, I just knew it….. And they didn’t, they even managed to concede fourth and final goal. And I went home happy that day, since nothing is better way of saying fu** you for not hiring me, then beat that team 4-1 on their own ground.


So, Al-Khor managed to move up from 9th to 7th in move of January, which I think is really great, since they are on a course for mid-table finish. And you never know, with such a great results, they could move up to the top 4 positions, which is Champions League spots.
Progressing, which is good! Nice update :)
Big wins, which is fantastic! Hopefully you'll be able to break into the top three as there is a little gap of 8 points between you and 3rd place :P
Same old.
In February only 3 games played, which seems like the season is coming closer to the end.

First game, was played against Al-Shamal, since Al-Khor played at home, I expected a win from this game, since Al-Shamal were lower in the table. And what a match this was, really great performance from my team, but slightly poor defensive work. Al-Khor were quickly up by 2 goals since, they were already leading 2-0 by 4th minute, but Al-Shamal, also scored quickly in 8th minute. Score didn’t change until half-time. Just after the restart. Al-Khor were again up by 2 goals. And like in 1st half Al-Shamal also scored quickly. Result didn’t change until 80th minute, when Al-Khor scored quick two goals, to make this game end, 5-2.
Second game, was played against much better (at least I thought) Lekhwiya. This game was off to the fast start, as it was already 1-1 by 8th minute. Match was quite even, with slightly better performance by Al-Khor. I thought that a draw result would be fair, and it would be at the end of the game, but unfortunately in 59th minute Lekhwiya has second goal, which ended up to be a winning goal.
Last game in February, was an amazing performance by Al-Khor. Team seemed like they were starting to gel in quite well, and it seems like a team which opposition should be afraid off. First goal didn’t came too quickly as it was scored in 36th minute, but second goal came just shortly after in 40th minute. So, Al-Khor were up by 2 goals by half-time. Two other goals came in 54th and 63rd minute, so not too long after the second half restarted.


Still sitting in 7th place, which is not too bad, but I am still hoping for that 4th spot, which is just 3 points away, so I think it could be possible for me to achieve that. I think aiming for top 3 spots, is out of my reach, so I am going to aim for that 4th spot.
Best of luck to get into the top four!
Impossible – Possible
It’s March time and the league is soon to be over. In March Al-Khor played 4 of the last 6 games of the season in the league.

First opponent was Al-Jaish. And I have to say that I kind of underestimated the opponent. Since, in this game my team did not actually perform well, despite the result. Al-Khor were really poor in this game, and I think Al-Jaish deserved a win in this game, but I need points, so one point from this game is still a success. Despite the performance, before the first half Al-Khor were 2-1 up, which made the team talk a little easier, before I even noticed, Al-Khor weren’t 3-1 up, but 4-1 up before 60th minute. Which I though was amazing, and I thought this was it, my team will win this game. But it had to end like this, with performance like this, Al-Khor just couldn’t win a game, where they were leading by 3 goals. But on good note, at least I didn’t lose this game.
Second game was away game to Umm-Salal, which I was quite afraid of, despite playing at home. I was worried before this game, since in previous game, it was just abysmal performance, but Umm, where actually in 2nd place before this game, so I thought they could perform well in this game, and steal those important points. Fortunately for me, Al-Khor played really well in this game, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde games, and it make it easier that Umm didn’t perform as I expected, they were playing below the standards. So, I have to say that this was a really important win, and really good comeback game from previous game.
Third and definitely the hardest game, since Al-Sadd, were two positions above me, and they were playing at home. Since they were just slightly above me, I needed to win this game, I just needed those 3 points. And I have to say, that it was quite close game, both sides were created chances which they could finish off. There was 1 goal in first half, but it was from penalty, which I think it is good that they converted it, but I still would prefer to score that goal from a passing game. For a second goal, we had to wait really, really long time, since it was scored in 80th minute, by my striker, and I just knew it then, that it will be a win. Since 1-0 isn’t really a good lead, because it could be easily lost, so I was a never wreck, until that 80th minute goal.
Fourth and final game in March. It was against Al-Ahli, I expected a win from this game, since Al-Ahli is in lower league position, and this game was played at home. So, it should have been 3 points, and it was 3 points from this game. To surprise, all three goals, where scored in a first half, and there were scored by one player. Al-Khor took lead in 11th minute, and it was a penalty, which again, it is good that it was a goal, but I would prefer to score that goal from action. Second goal came quite quickly after the second, because it was scored in 17th minute, third and final goal came in 32nd minute, which came to conclude this game.

So, with this good, and lucky month, Al-Khor made it into 5th position, and only 2 points behind the 4th position, so Champions League spot is looking closer, and closer. But I will have to play those 2 very important last games of the league.
The Only Way Is Up
It’s April, and two last league games. These games were most important games up to date, since it was the difference between the Champions League play next season or not.

So, first game was against Al-Gharrafa, which is also the first team which I actually played against. In first game at home, we won 4-2, so I hoped that in this game we will win too, since they are underperforming throughout the season. First half wasn’t too bad but there weren’t any goals scored. In second half things picked up. In 51st minute there was controversial penalty for Al-Khor, which like in previous matches was converted into a goal, and since this goal, it was more of Al-Khor game. It seemed like Al-Gharrafa lost hope that they could win this game, or even a draw. And I think it was sad for their fans to see this, but fortunately for Al-Khor there was second goal in the game, and it came in 80th minute, to finish this game off.
Second and last game of the season, was played against Muaither, who were in 12th spot, so they were fighting to avoid relegation. So, I just knew that there wasn’t an option where Al-Khor could have lost or even get a draw. Game started really well, as Al-Khor got first goal in 2nd minute of the game, from the corner. Al-Khor attacked, and attacked, and finally in 28th minute, there was another goal for Al-Khor, which meant that they were 2-0 up until the half time whistle. Until the third goal for Al-Khor which was scored in 56th minute, game didn’t changed too much, but just 3 minutes later Muaither, managed to scored goal. That goal gave them hope, as they started attacking a little bit more, but the score line didn’t change and Al-Khor managed to win that game.

So, with two really important wins, Al-Khor managed to get to that important 4th spot, which should mean, that Al-Khor should play in AFC Champions League next season. Which I think is what I should got after, I mean I know that Al-Khor doesn’t have what I takes to win AFC Champions League, next season, but I think that with good performance, in the league and in the Asian Competition, I could get noticed as a manager, and maybe better teams will get more to notice me.
Got the 4th place! Brilliant!

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