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FC Barcelona - Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya

Started on 14 August 2015 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 2 September 2015 by TaroMisaki
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What happened to the chat? :S
Yeh what has happened to chat
2015-08-22 10:14#219013 Tello11 : What happened to the chat? :S

Is this really a good place to post this.
@tello11, joncs23 and The Alex651 I don't know what had happened, but you can have a look at the story ;)
A very good start mate! Good luck whith it!
@ to_the_hell_and_back thanks mate!
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8 yearsEdited
Unluckylie I was unable to load the save data, but I will restart this story and just upgrade the match-updates as soon as posible!

UEFA Super Cup Updated!
Supercopa Updated!
League start Updated!

Now we can continue!
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8 yearsEdited

A perfect Start!

Even after 8 games FC Barcelona are unbeaten and are leading the League table and are looking stronger than ever.
Loads of players are used by Manager Luis Enrique and he seems to only use a few players regularly, like Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez or Gerard Pique.


Matchday 3
(A) vs. Atletico Madrid 3:4 (3:4)

Starting XI: Bravo - Mathieu , Pique - Alves, Sergio (Rafinha), Alba - Rakitic, Iniesta (c) - Messi (Rafinha), Suarez, Neymar jr. (Munir)

Goals: Alves (6), Suarez (13), Mathieu (19), Messi (24)

Barcelonas games seem to get more entertaining week after week. 7 goals had been scored and we've seen all of them in the first half an hour!
It was a really aggressive match, espacially from Atletico Madrid, loads of fouls had been made by Atletico Madrid, but it was Jeremy Mathieu who was sent off early into the second half after a stupid foul in the Atletico half.

Luis Enrique:
We made it hard for ourselves here! I don't want to comment on Jeremys tackling, eventough I know, that all of you would love to here me say something about it. It's great to overcome one of our fiercest rival when it comes to winning the League this year! This was already one of the most important matches of the year and we won it with only 10 players, that's great!

Matchday 4
(H) vs. FC Valencia 2:0 (2:0)

Starting XI: Bravo - Vermaelen, Bartra - Alves (Adriano), Sergio, Alba - Rafinha, Iniesta (c) (Roberto) - Messi (Sandro), Suarez, Munir

Goals: Suarez (10. 32)

Loads of changes were made by Luis Enrique, both of the central defenders had been replaced for this game and the "B"-Option-Defenders made great work and kept a clean sheet! Enrique has 5 great central defenders (Pique, Mascherano, Bartra, Vermaelen, Mathieu) this Season, but he can only bring 2 per game, that could be a problem over the Season!
Luis Suarez made some great movements in the offensive line and the Valencia defenders really looked like they weren't able to defend him, which led to 2 goals by the uruguayian striker.

Luis Enrique:
I'm priviliged to work with such an amazing squad! The deepth of the quality in it is fascinating! I can rely on anyone, no matter if it is Lionel, Ivan, Gerard or the young players like Sergi Roberto, Rafinha, Munir, Bartra or Sandro. And you haven't seen our young players in the B-Team, there are some players, who can help us in this Season!

Matchday 5
(A) vs. Malaga 1:4 (1:1)

Starting XI: Bravo - Bartra, Pique - Alves (Adriano), Sergio, Alba - Rakitic, Roberto (Rafinha) - Messi (c), Neymar jr. (Sandro), Munir

Goals: Messi (23, 53), Alves (57), Rakitic (69)

Malaga are really hard to play. You don't know what you expect of them, sometimes they attack from the beginning they sometimes defend with every player and counter. In this match, they defended the first few minutes and then quickly attacked out of nowhere! They got the lead thanks to one of this attacks, but after 20 minutes Luis Enrique made a few tactical adjustments and Barcelona gained the upper hand and won this match.

Luis Enrique:
Malaga did what I thought they do, they gave us a tough fight and were unpredictable in the opening minutes! Malaga can do anything, maybe they're not the best in every aspect of the game, but they are a real thread for almost every team in the Liga BBVA!

Matchday 6
(H) vs. Rayo Vallecano 5:1 (4:0)

Starting XI: Bravo - Mathieu, Pique - Alves (Rafinha), Sergio (Gumbau), Alba -Rakitic, Roberto (Adriano) - Messi (c), Neymar jr,, Munir

Goals: Munir (6, 17), Messi (21, 57), Busquets (38)

Well it was like we expected. Barcelona left Vallecano no chance, it will be very different in the away game for Barcelona as Rayo are one of the strongest teams at home, away it looks a little bit different.
It was great to see, that Munir is able to replace a player of el tridente.
Barcelona scored some brilliant team moves against Rayo and it looks like they inherit Luis Enriques tactics better game after game.

Luis Enrique:
It's great to see that the young players take over responsibilty, like Munir who tried to replace Luis Suarez or Sergi Roberto who made a great match as a right wing back, a position he never played before, but I will surely test him in this position, after what I've seen of him today!

Matchday 7
(H) vs. Real Sociedad San Sebastian 2:0 (2:0)

Starting XI: ter Stegen - Mascherano, Pique (Bartra) - Roberto, Sergio, Alba - Rakitic (Rafinha), Iniesta (c) - Messi. Suarez, Neymar jr (Munir)

Goals: Luis Suarez (31, 33)

San Sebastian made some great counter attacks, but Marc-Andre ter Stegen made a great League debut for Barcelona. Ter Stegen had been given a chance by Luis Enrique after he made a great impression at the training ground and Claudio Bravo wasn't really fit over the last few days.
Luis Suarez made a quickly brace and won the game for Barcelona!

Luis Enrique:
That's the great thing, even if Messi is defended by 2 or 3 players like today, we have great strikers in front who can take the hugh space and create some great goals, like Luis did today!

Matchday 8
(A) vs. Real Sporting Gijon 1:3 (1:0)

Starting XI: ter Stegen - Mascherano, Pique - Alves, Sergio (Gumbau), Alba -Rafinha, Rakitic (Sergi Roberto) - Messi (c) (Sandro), Suarez, Munir

Goals: Suarez (7), Sergio (50), Munir (90+3)

The newly promoted team was really offensiv in their approach and showed, that they came to try to win, even in the Camp Nou!
Gijon only lost once until now and wanted to keep that record.
They tried everything even in the extra time of the second half, when they were only one goal down and had a chance to win a point against Barcelona, but a great counter attack over Roberto and Rafinha came to Munir who scored the last goal of the game!

Luis Enrique:
You can clearly see, why Gijon gained promotion last year! They played some fantastic football here and we were a little bit lucky that we didn't conceed a late equalizer. That's all I need to say about today!

Banging in the goals mate, might start my own Barca game, always thought of doing one and going hard into the youth set up but yet I've never managed Barca on fm since i started near 10 years ago.
@walkinshaw I'm aiming to take advantage of the great youth facilities and try to build the future around them! The goalscoring will get better, I can promise you that, just wait for the next update!
Love your layout, it's very good on the eye. Good luck!

El Tridente are on a run!

FC Barcelona had the best trio last year, when Luis Suarez, Neymar jr. and Lionel Messi scored an all time record of goals for a striking trio. This Year they could aim to break that record, which could be possible, because Luis Suarez isn't missing several months this year.
Last year Suarez was banned until the first el classico due to his World Cup bitting scene with Giorgio Chiellini.


Matchday 9
(H) vs. SD Eibar 10:0 (5:0)

Starting XI: ter Stegen - Mascherano, Bartra - Alves, Sergio, Mathieu (Adriano) - Rakitic (Rafinha), Iniesta (c) - Messi (Munir), Suarez, Neymar jr.

Goals: Suarez (5, 15, 55, 68), Rakitic (11, 39, 53), Iniesta (28), Neymar jr (81)

What can you say? An all time FC Barcelona record with this win! Barcelona biggest win in their history so far was a 10-1 way back in the 1930s'. Now Barcelona have a new record with this unbelievable 10:0 win.
Barcelona showed some of the best team moves that we've seen over the last decade, probably only the team goals under Pep and Tito were that great. Lionel Messi created some lovely chances and goals with his trademark alley-oop pass into the penalty area.
Ivan Rakitic showed that he has the abilities to replace Xavi, maybe he's not quite as good as the Barcelona legend, but who is?

Luis Enrique:
I'm just happy that we were able to show our fans such a game, everyone will remember this match forever! I hadn't thought, that I would say that after the game, I have to admit that. Now let us just enjoy what we have witnessed today and even the Eibar supporters gave us standing ovations, that's incredible. Which Fans would've done that?

Matchday 10
(A) vs. Real Betis 0:3 (0:1)

Starting XI: Bravo - Mascherano, Bartra - Alves, Roberto (Gumbau), Alba - Rafinha, Rakitic (Pique) - Messi (c) (Munir), Suarez, Neymar jr.

Goals: Messi (7, 61), Neymar (46)

Not quite what the spectators expectet here today. Barcelona had real problems to create chances and they had problems to break the defensive wall that Real Betis build here.
It needed some individual moments to create the goals.
Even after the first goal of Barcelona, Betis weren't interested in even trying to score and therefore the game was set after only 7 minutes when Lionel Messi scored the goal after a brilliant free kick.

Luis Enrique:
I couldn't believe what I've seen here today! I guess I've never seen a Team which only thought about defending, even after they conceeded. They didn't want to win the game, they didn't want to score a goal and what's the worst thing about that is, that they didn't tried to please their fans, that what's football is all about!

Matchday 11
(H) vs. Villareal 5:2 (4:0)

Starting XI: Bravo - Mascherano, Pique - Alves, Samper, Alba - Rafinha, Iniesta (c) (Roberto) - Messi (Sandro), Suarez, Munir (Neymar jr.)

Goals: Suarez (7), Munir (19, 20, 27), Samper (83)

Villareal started surprisingly weak into this match. Suarez early goal and the 8 minute hattrick by Munir really made the match! It was Munirs first Hattrick for the Barcelona Team, of course he made some in the Juvenil A and the B-Team, but not in the senior squad. Another great thing was, that Sergi Samper showed everyone, what kind of a talent he is, he intercepted an amazing 13 times, he scored and he managed to dictate the game. He could've set his starting point in the senior squad here!

Luis Enrique:
I'm deligted with the young players and what they showed our Fans here. No matter if it is Sandro, Munir or Samper, all three have showed that we can rely on them! And we will need them in order to keep everyone as fit as possible

Matchday 12
(H) vs. Levante 8:0 (5:0)

Starting XI: ter Stegen - Mascherano, Pique - Alves, Sergio (Samper), Alba - Rakitic, Iniesta (c) (Roberto) - Messi (Sandro), Suarez, Neymar jr.

Goals: Neymar jr. (7, 28, 37, 50, 54, 83), Suarez (10, 39)

Neymar was incredible and he did something, Lionel Messi wasn't able to do by now. He scored a double hattrick, Lionel Messi was able to score 5 goals in a game against german Bundesliga gigant Bayer Leverkusen or 4 against Arsenal London, but he never managed to score 6 goals in one competitive game for Barcelona.
All three strikers already have 10+ goals in this Liga BBVA campaign and are about to have an amazing scoring Season.

Luis Enrique:
I don't know what to say! One of my strikers performances outstanding in every game, but todays display by Neymar was above everything I've seen this Season. 6 goals in one game, I don't know if I've ever seen this before in a competitive game! Even in Pre-Season games it would be outstanding against lower league teams.

@TayBAFC thanks mate, that's what I wanted, great to hear that it is good on the eye

Goalkeeper Madness at Barcelona!

It was an intense battle at the beginning of the Season, between last years Liga BBVA goalie Claudio Bravo and last years Champions League and Copa del Rey goalie Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Both wanted to become the number one Goalkeeper in all competitions.
3rd Keeper Jordi Masip seemed to have no chance against the two internationals and only plays in the League as soon as nothing can change anymore.
At the start Luis Enrique choosed that it would be the same way like last year!

But after an international break Claudio Bravo seemed to be unfit and was in need of a rest, therefore ter Stegen played in a few Liga BBVA matches and he performed in an outstanding way and the media put some pressure on Barcelona manager Luis Enrique to keep the young german in the Starting Eleven.
One spanish newspaper made this espacially clear as their Headline was "Ter Stegen, the goalie of the future, but he has non on the Barcelona bench!".

Manager Luis Enrique tried to be quite about this topic, but a radio station heared this statement from him:
...ter Stegen is the Goalkeeper with a potential to become better than Manuel Neuer or David de Gea, that's why we are so lucky to have him here! He is still young and will be the Number 1 it is only a matter of time, maybe I'm about to leave him between the posts, but maybe he has to wait until next Season, just wait and see!

Claudio Bravo seemed to be unhappy about the fact, that he is just over 30 and could be the Number 1 years to go,'s annoying that my own Manager probably just waits to cut me out of the Team! I made an excellent job over the last 15 months and after a few good games of Marc, he can't back me up? I'm very disappointed now and really need to have a talk with Luis and Barto!

The young german also had his say in an interview a few days ago.
...becoming the number 1 here in Barcelona is the goal I work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. I want to be the goalie in every match, I don't care if it is the Copa del Rey, the Liga BBVA, the Champions League a Friendly game or even a Training Match, I'm an competitive person.
I know that it is hard for Goalkeepers, because only one can play. Outfield players have it easier to be in the starting eleven and I know that it is a hard situation for Claudio and Jordi and I think they are great personalities and our working atmosphere is good, but I want that place and I'm aiming to be the number 1 right now!

It will be interesting to see, who is the Number 1 in the upcoming match, the first el clasico of the Season, both Goalkeepers are fit now and Luis Enrique has a lot to think about the last few days before he has to decide who will be the number 1!

Luis Enrique about to leave?

What a news that was today! Luis Enrique is thinking about leaving FC Barcelona at the end of the Season!
The Barcelona Manager has won everything in the last 15 months and might look for a new challenge in the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga.

Barcelona are on a strong run, but inside of the team there is a hugh potential of breaking down. The goalkeepers are putting pressure on Enrique, because all of them want that first eleven place for themselves and no one wants to share the games.
Now Enrique admits, that he might want to look for a new challenge and is seriously thinking about leaving Barcelona.
I really need to think about my future! It is really hard to be the Manager of Barcelona, I really know, what Pep ment when he left Barca. It is really hard to keep the tension up to bring the best out of the team!
You need to know, that I love this team and I'm really privileged to be the Manager of these players. I coach probably the best player, who ever entered the pitch, but it's really hard a year here is unlikely to a year at any other club.

Former Barcelona Manager Pep Guardiola left Barcelona a few years ago and Guardiola said that he left Barcelona, because he was tired and needed a break and made a sabbatical year, before he joined german Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich.

In case I would extend my contract I want the Fans to know that I only would sign year-long deals, because it is hard to predict how I feel in a year, I don't even know how I think about everything in a few weeks.
I want them also to know, If I leave, I don't leave because I don't love the club, the Team or the Fans. They will always have a special place in my memories and I wouldn't be able to manage another spanish club in my career, I wouldn't want to play against them every year.

What a breaking news that was, Luis Enrique thinks about leaving Barcelona, who would've thought that?

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