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Tottenham Hotspur: Five Star Football

Started on 3 September 2015 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 6 September 2015 by TheLFCFan

Tottenham Hotspur: Five Star Football

Hello, everybody. Again. I said Middlesbrough would be my last attempt at a story, but I really want to give it another try. I’m feeling particularly motivated to write a story, thanks to some people who have given me positive feedback in the past and thanks to other stories around. But I’ll get to thanking people for inspiration later. ;)
FM16 is just around the corner, so I want to give FM15 story writing a proper try and actually get into the games in an FM15 story (what a target). So, here I am with one last try (although it may not be, I’m not making any promises) to prove my commitment isn’t worse than Gemma Collins’.

So, what club will I be managing? It is the club everybody thought I supported, Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. Yes, an England story. Again. Why? Because they are in such a mess considering where they should be, and there is more than enough money to improve the team to take them to the higher heights of the Premier League.

The manager will be revealed in the future.

Qualify for Champions League
Finish in the top two in the Premier League
Win the Premier League
Reach the knockout stages of the Champions League
Win the Champions League
Win the Europa League

Turns out that's it.
Looking forward to this but two Tottenham stories started within an hour? Wow :P
Good luck!
Good luck boo!
TayBAFC: Thanks! I know, and for such a small, irrelevant team. ;)

Justice: Thank you! :)

InfraRed: Thank you boo :*

Tottenham Shockingly Sack Pochettino
Say what?... Tottenham are on their way to having their fourth manager in as many years as Mauricio Pochettino is sacked.

Should we be surprised? Tottenham have sacked Mauricio Pochettino after a so-called “disappointing” 5th place finish in the Premier League.

Pochettino, 43, joined Spurs at the beginning of last season, after Tim Sherwood was sacked. He helped the North London side reach the top five, securing a Europa League finish, as well as a Capital One Cup final appearance.

But, alas, it was not enough for chairman Daniel Levy, who has sacked Andre Villas Boas, Tim Sherwood and Pochettino since 2012.

In a statement released on Tottenham’s website, things were explained as, ”We are disappointed to announce the termination of Mauricio Pochettino’s contract, effective immediately. This is due to disagreements with expectations he had failed to meet. We wish him all the best.”

However, we managed to contact a spokesperson of the Argentine manager, who said, ”Mauricio had absolutely no idea of the expectations he had to meet, and was only told this morning. He is extremely shocked by this sudden sacking, and disappointed with [Daniel] Levy for handling this so poorly.”

Juicy gossip, eh?

21st Century Tottenham Managers

Year Left
Win Percentage
David Pleat (C)
Caretaker manager
Glenn Hoddle
David Pleat (C)
Caretaker manager
Jacques Santini
Martin Jol
Juande Ramos
Harry Redknapp
Andre Villas Boas
Tim Sherwood
Mauricio Pochettino

So, who will replace the unexperienced Pochettino at White Hart Lane? Bookies currently have Jurgen Klopp as the favourite, with Roberto Di Matteo, Ledley King and Guus Hiddink close behind. And, of course, John Carver.
AVB has got Tottenham's best record as a manager? You wouldn't think so, based on the reviews of some Spurs fans :P

I wonder who will take charge after Poch.
Hmm.. who will it be? Great update too!
Justice: You should know that Spurs fans aren't the most intelligent ;)

InfraRed: Indeed ;)

TayBAFC: I wonder. :D Thanks! :)

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Daniel Levy
Here, you can have a look at our exclusive interview with Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy. He answers questions about the sacking of Pochettino, his possible successors, and… you asked some very strange questions. See him answer some of them here.

First of all, thank you for being with us. How are you today?
DL: Honestly I’m not very good. I tried to make a smoothie with the bones of a dead rabbit I found on the street and it broke my blender. Then, when I went down to PC World to get myself a new one, I got kicked out. Then my agent tells me I’ve got this interview… that might be the worst thing to have happened today.

We’ll just ignore that and move on. Do you care to explain why Mauricio Pochettino was sacked?
DL: Just ignore that? I am Daniel Levy and I am not one to be ignored! When I talk, you listen, and you respect the opinion of The Special One!

Right, right, sorry. Do you care to explain why Pochettino was sacked?
DL: Who’s Pochettino? Oh, Maurine. Yes, I sacked Maurine. I wanted to finish in the top ten in the Premier League but we only finished fifth. I was disgusted with Marley’s performances as Tootenham manager and I sacked him because power is wonderful. Also, he speaks like Russian or something and I don’t trust Russians.

I… uh… I don’t think anyone does. Who do you have lined up to replace him?
DL: Me want to look at John Carver, because he is an excellent manager. Just look, he took Newcastle from 10th right to 17th! That is a skilled manager, that’s so many points. Tottenbeef are useless, only getting 6th every year. We need to get 20th this season, or our next manager will be set on fire too.

Set on fire…? Moving on. Who do you see as the star player of Tottenham?
DL: Definitely Juande Ramos. Actually, thinking about it, Hannah Gomis is a very good player too and I am hoping he does well this season.

You appear to have become confused.
DL: Did I ask you to check my mental state? Ask me more questions before I set my rabbit on you!

Your rabbit?
DL: Dammit, I tried to make a smoothie out of it.

Let’s move on. Do you think you can do better than rivals Arsenal this season?
DL: We’ve always done better than Arsemall! They always come 4th, but we’re 6th. That’s somewhat better. We are, by far, the best club in Southampton.

Okay, let’s see what the fans have to ask you. TheKingOfTroll69 asks “What am I?”
DL: You are just little mouse.

...right. PCPlod asks “Have you ever sucked poo?”
DL: Of course I have, it’s my favourite hobby. Sometimes, Arsene Wenger and I meet up and-

NO. Here’s a question from BlatterPlatter$$$, who asks “Why haven’t you paid me?”
DL: Because, Sepp Blatter, you are useless! I wanted you to take us to the top! But you took us far, far away! Down the league table! And you didn’t fix all of the news websites who put the league tables upside down! You had too many chances with me and now I’ve stopped paying you my millions! There! I said it!

You are quite a character.
DL: I didn’t ask for a compliment.

Believe me, it wasn’t. Tammy asks “When are you going to give up and stop being Spurs chairman?”
DL: Never! Never I say! I am making millions off this club managing business, and I’d never give it up! Unless an offer from McDonalds pops up again. McDonalds is my favourite food.

I suppose that answers the next question, from NotRonald?
DL: Why? What did they ask?

...never mind. Well, it’s been an experience having you for an interview, but that’s all we have time or mental capacity for.
DL: YOU do not get to end the interview! I end the interview! You have no power over me. Wait! Why are you leaving? Don’t you dare take that camera away! I AM WARNING YOU! I WILL SHOVE MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT YOU WILL-

We turned the camera off there.
Cant beat a good rabbit bone smoothie can you! ;) Funny update man bet it was fun to write.

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