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FM2016 Create a Club

Started on 2 October 2015 by Iamstrad
Latest Reply on 1 November 2015 by GuiseleyFan00
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Create a club - what I want to know is this: how will the geographical location of a club determine things? In my experience, when you take a small club like FC United of Manchester up you benefit from regens from a sizable area, better reputation, more attendance possibility etc. When you take up a tiny middle of nowhere team from the countryside you get none of these benefits. So if I create new team "London FC" and put it in central London it should benefit from its location no matter what size the club currently is.
On a similar note, there are a handful of Welsh and Scottish clubs playing in the English pyramid, what if I choose my team to be located in Ireland or the Faeroe Islands? Can it still play in the English leagues but get regens of its own nationality? I'd love to be able to try to get a small Faroe club to the top of the Premier league and help them win national trophies, or put San Giovanni in the Italian leagues rather than Sammarinaise.
Does anyone have any ideas on this?
Can't answer any of your questions myself, but surely if you are in Manchester or London you'll get less attendance? Because London and Manchester have much bigger teams. Even if there is more population they will all watch the bigger sides, so it would probably be best to be in a place like Bristol, where there is a lot of people but the two Bristol sides are fairly small.

And I'd imagine you can play in a different country, but I'm not sure.
In the editor (as in the old way of doing things) it is possible to create a team that is based elsewhere. Such as Swansea and Cardiff being based in Wales, but play and qualify through the English league system.

I've used that when I created my Scandianvian database. All leagues were based in Denmark, but the teams were based in their respective countries.

As for city size etc. I can't say, but it'll most definitely have the same effect as if it were an pre-created team.
I think an interesting use of this could be in the MLS. We're already seeing the expansion of American football and, given the way football transfers work in the MLS, I reckon it could be fun.
there is good and bad to this for me... I wanted to create another Canadian team for MLS but when i go through create a team the city listings are only American... theres 3 Canadian teams in MLS u should be able to pick Canadain... I'll be able to fix that once the full game comes out and i can use the editor..

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