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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
Justice: Cheers mate, EURO qualification is a must-do after winning the World Cup for sure! And thanks about the Community Shield, it was a tough game for definite but our resilience paid off :)

uzairghauri: That's some record to read all of the updates in 24 hours! XD About Adam's personal life, the story got so filled up with football news and I was advancing through the save so quickly that updates to do with his personal life have died down slightly. However I will definitely try to aim and produce more personal content in the next few days/weeks for sure! :)

It's the start of the new season, and as you may well know I already reported the victory in the FA Community Shield. But since then we have started the Premier League season too. We started our first game against Arsenal with a loss at The Avenue, followed by a fantastic away win at Aston Villa and finally a win against Newcastle to put us up to fourth.

The summer transfer window is now over and we end that period with three new signings and 27 outgoing which will account for £167M of our income this season. Our net spend for this summer is +£153.75M without losing any big names involved with last season besides Yann Sommer, whom we have replaced well with John Taylor.

After three games in the league, the table is already starting to shape up the way it is predicted to end - especially at the top end of the table. Thanks to our opening day loss to Arsenal, we were handicapped from the very first match. This has put us into a lower position of fourth.

Since Arsenal benefitted from their opening day win against us, they have nine points to their name with a 100% win record alongside Manchester United, who currently top the Premier League table at the end of the first month.

At the bottom of the table, Leeds United have fought back from their -5 point deduction at the beginning of the season and have entered positive numbers as they won two games. If they hadn't had the deduction they would be in sixth place, but instead find themselves in 17th with only one point. Leicester, Everton and West Brom make up the bottom three, with West Brom yet to win a game yet.

Jurij Dinaburskij has started his second season at the club very brightly this year, with four goals in four games. With his strong first season behind him, the Russian striker is already shutting up the 'one season wonder' claims after his hat-trick at Villa Park in Bradford's second fixture. Dinaburskij has linked up well with his strike partner Matt Fletcher in the opening few games, scoring a combined five goals between them so far.

Dina is bae <3

For the first time in the club's history, Bradford Park Avenue have been represented in a Champions League Group Stage draw.

In a ceremony at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, clubs had officials present to report back. Bradford chairman John Dean and manager Adam Chabukiani represented Avenue at the draw last night.

The pair were spotted giving each other a wry smile when it was announced on the stage that Bradford would be put in Group E alongside Bayer Leverkusen, SL Benfica and IFK Goteborg for the competition's Group Stage.

Pundits across the nation and Europe itself said that Avenue were given a tough group to deal with, but insiders report that Chabukiani believes that advancing in the competition is easily achievable.

Bayer Leverkusen - the first seed for Group E - faced Bradford last season in the Europa League Group Stage and beat them in the Final of the same competition in the same season. However Bradford finished on top of that group and will be looking for the same outcome except in the Champions League this season.

However since last season, Leverkusen haven't really added many new faces to their team this season, with the £4M signing of AS Monaco right-back Ousmane Paye the only main signing this summer, as well as the capture of 29-year-old Peruvian Yordy Reyna on a free transfer following his release from Freiburg.

Bradford will have to keep an eye on last season's Bundesliga Footballer of the Year and Best Player in Europe winner Gabriel Barbosa against Leverkusen. The Brazilian scored a brace in last season's Europa League Final clash which ultimately brought the trophy back to Germany that year.

In contrast to Bayer Leverkusen, Avenue's second Champions League opponents SL Benfica have invested in their team rather heavily this summer, adding five new players for a total of nearly £20M. Corinthians striker Marcelinho was the most expensive at £8.5M but has yet to start in a league game this season.

Last season Benfica advanced through the Champions League Group Stages in a group with AS Monaco, AC Milan and Steaua Bucuresti. They were knocked out in the 1st Knockout Round against FC Barcelona though.

Finally, the last team in Group E is Swedish side IFK Goteborg. With the club obviously having a lot less spending power than other teams in the group, they have only been able to spend just over £500,000 this summer on seven new players.

IFK Goteborg were the team that Bradford bought Min Young-Hoon from for £1.3M, before the Korean moved to Wolfsburg for £34M a year later. Goteborg are unsurprisingly the least likely to advance into the next round of the tournament due to their low reputation in the Swedish league.
It's not a bad draw mate and it gives you a chance of going through! It won't be easy not at all but Avenue even being there shows how capable this side is of producing quality results!
A challenging group, but one I'm sure you're happy with. Progression to the next round would be fantastic, and I can see Bradford achieving that with ease!

In our second month of the new season, we would have liked an unbeaten month in the league. However the defeat at the hands of league leaders Manchester City prevented that particular opportunity at the Etihad Stadium. We played our first ever fixture in the UEFA Champions League, which finished 1-0 in favour of SL Benfica unfortunately.

We retain the same position we had at the end of last month in fourth place as we pick up nine points out of a possible twelve this month. It seems like we have broken away from the likes of Chelsea and Newcastle for now as we lead them by four points. Saying that, we are currently four points behind leaders Man City.

At the top, it looks tight between the two Manchester clubs, with United having a game in hand on their City rivals. The Red Devils have a 100% win record this season in the league despite spending a mere £28M this summer.

As it stands, Leeds are still in their recovery process after the five point deduction handed to them by FIFA at the start of the season. They sit at the foot of the table. Leicester and Hull fill up the other two relegation spots, both on four points.

Meanwhile Rémy Cabella clocks up the years, he is still producing top quality performances every single match. Since joining us four years ago, Cabella has been getting better with every single season, and right now he is standing out as one of our best performers. Cabella has had a great month in September.

Unlucky results against Benfica and City but you seemed to recover well and results in the CL will pick up next time around!
If Dina doesn't win the Ballon d'Or, the game is rigged.
mgriffin2012: Hope you're right about the Champions League! I'm desperate to advance in that competition more than anything and getting knocked out so early is a no-go.

Justice: There's plenty of talent in the footballing world, but completely agree that Dina is right up there with the best of them!

16th October 2023

10:54a.m. on a rainy October Monday morning. Jeremy Kyle is blaring through the four-feet high speakers either side of the telly, the whole neighbourhood could hear a lanky junkie screaming his lungs out, which were no doubt coated in tar from all the cigarettes he had inhaled in his life. He was ranting on about something like his girlfriend nicked his car and shagged some other lad in it, probably her own brother or something judging by the amount of fingers she had on her right hand. Six, that is.

My phone, which had slid out of my left pocket and down the back of the sofa had started buzzing, somebody was calling me. I shuffled my hands behind my back, trying to find the rectangular piece of metal using only my sense of touch rather than actually standing up and taking the effort to look for it.

The tips of my fingers finally located my mobile phone and I dug it up from the back of the sofa. The caller ID said 'John D', basically it was the Bradford PA chairman John Dean who was calling, despite training starting in about an hour or two. I slid my finger from left to right on my iPhone 5000S to answer the incoming call.

"Y'alright John? What's up?" I asked, letting Dean know that I had answered his call.

"Hi Adam, just wanted to know if you're free in the next fifteen, maybe half-hour? Just got something I'd like to discuss with you down at the training ground." He replied, straight to the point.

"Yeah, if I get a move on I should be able to be there. Does it have to be before training?" I said.

"Preferably. Might give the lads a bit of a boost going into Tottenham away on Saturday if everything goes to plan." He implied the situation, and it clicked straight away. It sounded like John wanted to discuss contract talks.

"Sure, whatever John. I'll be down as quick as I can," I told him. "See you in a bit mate." I said before hanging up.

Dressed in sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt, I might as well get changed into football training attire. I rushed up the stairs into the walk-in wardrobe and stuck all my training gear on. My tracksuit bottoms went on followed by a training shirt and then tracksuit jacket. All with the initials 'AC' inscribed on them, as was the case with every employee at the club apart from the directors who wore suits which never seemed to get washed.

I locked all the doors and unlocked my trusty old BMW 9 Series which I received as a gift from Gareth Roberts, the club's Managing Director after achieving promotion from League One into the Championship.

I lived a mere ten minutes away in the car from the club's training ground. It was pretty easy to get there. With training starting at 12:30p.m., the meeting had better be quick and simple otherwise I would have to get Wayne Benn to take charge of training until I exited onto the field.

I parked in the staff car park, in which there was only a few more cars present. After signing four autographs for some kids playing football around the corner, I made my way in towards Dean's training ground office - different to his The Avenue office slightly. I knocked three times on the door.

"G'morning, Adam, come in." Dean said as he opened the door, as I was greeted with a great big John Dean smile.

"Good to see you, boss," I called him 'boss', although it was clear to see who was the real 'boss' at this club. His name went by Adam Chabukiani, not John Dean. "What's the meeting for?" I asked.

"Meh, contract renewal." He said, as if it was the least meaningful job on his to-do list this week.

"For me?" I asked.

Dean, with his head down at a few documents laid out on the desk lifted his eyes up to look at me as his spectacles dropped further down to the tip of his nose. "Well it wouldn't be you I'd be talking to if I was offering one of your lads a renewal, would I?" He asked rhetorically, with a smile springing up on his face again.

How long?" I asked.

Dean didn't say anything in return, he just pushed three documents over towards my side of the table. The contract offer, the legal information and the signature line where I would sign my name along with a few other officials at the club.

I looked over the new deal. Four-year deal, one-year extension on my old deal which expired in June 2026. However, the detail that struck me, of course, was the wage. I would be taking home a weekly salary of £67,000 per week. In total, that contract was worth almost £14,000,000 which didn't even include the 15% yearly wage rise.

£67,000 is a huge pay rise in comparison to the last deal, which had me tied down to a £50,000 per week deal with no yearly wage increase. It was a deal that would make me the 4th highest earning manager in English football, after José Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Massimiliano Allegri.

As I studied the details of the offer, Dean's voice piped up. "We do expect you to win the Premier League with those terms, Adam."

I looked up at the chairman, the man officially in charge. My heart burning with ambition and pride. "You don't need to worry about that. I will honour my new contract with a Premier League trophy, Mr Dean."

I picked up the pen which had been dipped in ink by John Dean. I signed the papers. I am Bradford Park Avenue's manager for the next four years.
That is a huge ask man but one that I think you're more than capable of achieving!
Happy for you to be given a new contract, especially with great terms like that! A title is a big ask but a capable one!
Congratulations with the new deal, and good luck with achieving your chairman's lofty aims!
Nice new big deal for you, but quite a lot of pressure that comes with it. Good luck meeting the goal

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