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Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

The story of a young Georgian refugee, born through the chaos of the Abkhazia War to find his feet in the footballing world.
Started on 5 October 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 July 2019 by Justice
2015-11-30 15:15#222345 the champi0n fm : Brilliant mate Adam Pepper will do a good job for you and chip in with some goals too
Nice to have someone else's opinion on him rather than just my scouts'! Thanks man :D
Just got up to speed on this again, brilliant work mate!
Ongoing good stuff. And well done on the largest signature I've ever seen on site. LOL

Keep it up, mate!
(Late) Congratulations on the win in Montaigu Tournament Final.
Adam the hero :D
joshleedsfan: Cheers, Josh! :D

tenthreeleader: Thanks, and yeah, I desperately need that fixing soon :))

Murtagh: I think it's great that you're taking time out to get up to speed with my story, a big thank you to you there :D
3 August 2015

Today was the day. Bradford City were arriving at Bradford Park Avenue's Horsfall Stadium today. At five o'clock, Adam Chabukiani would face the club that pushed him out, wrongfully, so that Dean Windass could work his criminal magic to pay off an outstanding debt to one of his chums.

On the other hand, it was also the club that Adam saved from liquidation. The Bantams fans will always hold a place in their hearts for Mr Chabukiani - they were the ones who meant the most to him. He had been born at Horsfall Stadium, but bred at Valley Parade, not through the football, but by the fans.

It was the final preseason game of the campaign, before Avenue faced their first League game against Alfreton Town on the eighth day of the eighth month in the Vanarama National League North, at home. It would be Adam's first competitive match as Bradford Park Avenue's manager, the start of an era, you could say.

Adam and most of his team had arrived after some Bradford fans - from both sides, City and Park Avenue - were already buying their first pints of the evening. Adam's players were greeted by the Park Avenue fans only. But Adam received hugs and handshakes from fans from both sides, Park Avenue because he was their manager, City because he was their saviour.

"Right lads," Adam began. "I'm not giving you any Martin Luther King speech about how you're all a great bunch of lads or anything, all I'm gonna say is the lineup, and then it's up to you to make this man a happy man," Adam pointed towards his own face.

"Liversedge, you're starting in net. Wilkinson, right-back. Greaves, Kasjusz, centre-backs. Holt, left--back. Onto midfield, in the centre, Potts and Paul Marshall. Out right-wing, McCarthy. Left-wing, Hallahan. In the hole, I want you, Pepper. Up-front on his own is Matthew Fletcher."

Adam waited for the quiet breeze of noise to die down before naming the ten-man subs bench. "On the bench, Stewart, Wylde, St Juste, Walshaw, Turner, Richard Marshall, Bentley, Ainge, Schofield and finally, King." Adam stared around the dressing room to see if any hands were raised. None.

"Listen," started Adam, "If you beat these set of bastards today, or even get a draw, or just put in everything you've got, we've set off on a good footing. I want you back in these changing rooms dripping with sweat, do you hear me?" Adam growled at his team.

"Listen, boss is right, let's fucking do these in today, ey?" shouted Paul Marshall, rising from his seated position.

The rest of the team jumped up just like Marshall, "Yeah!!! Come on Avenue!" they cheered in unison, provoking a little smile on the manager's face.

Avenue had lined up, everybody in position, with Adam Pepper's foot planted firmly on the ball, glanicing over to the other half of the pitch, where City's team were set out. Adam's entrance to the dugout caused an applause from both sets of supporters, with City fans recalling Adam's life-saving contribution to their club little over ten years ago. He returned the applause before facing the pitch, hands on hips.

Steven Darby of Bradford City had cleared an Adam Pepper corner with his head, provoking a pending counter-attack at the feet of James Hanson in the twenty-eighth minute. Holt backed off the striker, so much so that he had the time to switch the ball over to the run of Josh Morris. Morris got inside the area before placing a square ball across to Chantler, who simply stuck the ball into the open net. One-nil, City.

"Offside!!!" the crowd screamed at the linesman, including Adam himself. Adam wasn't sure if it was the intimidating roar or the fact that Chantler was genuinely offside, but the linesman flagged for offside nevertheless. Game on once more. Nil-nil.

That was the only significant happening of the first-half, apart from a long-range effort by City's Billy Knott which found the advertising hoarding to the right of Liversedge's net. Adam wandered over to the entrance of the changing rooms, patting all of his players on the back as if it was a head count in the army.

"Well done, there, boys," praised Adam as he closed the dressing room door shut. "We've done some good stuff out there so far, I'm happy, Micky, anything you want to add?" asked Adam, looking over to his assistant, Micky Engwell.

"Aye, not bad out there, lads," copied Micky, "All I've got to say really is that we need to stop backing off and we need to meet our crosses, whether they are attacking or defending crosses. We need to get to them." he added.

"Cheers, Micky." said Adam, turning back over to look at his squad, whilst nodding his head at Engwell's comments. "I'm gonna make a few changes out there now, Stewart, you're on for Liversedge. Ainge for Greaves, Wylde for Kasjusz, Turner for Wilkinson, Bentley for McCarthy, St Juste for Hallahan, Walshaw for Fletcher, Marshall for Potts, King for Pepper, Schofield for Marshall." Adam listed all ten changes he could make today.

The second-half was only eight minutes young before Bradford City bursted into life with a long ball over the head of Simon Ainge finding Luke James' feet in space, only for the on-loan striker to sky the ball one-on-one with Jon Stewart. Maybe that's why Peterborough didn't want him, chuckled Adam.

As the game wore on, so did the power behind City's attacks, with Luke James missing yet another sitter after a low cross was sent in by Billy Knott, only to be tipped away by Jon Stewart. Alan Sheehan also had a chance late on, squandered by his lack of attacking prowess.

The game ended at 0-0, with Bradford Park Avenue offering little entertainment for its own fans on Derby Day, but a draw against the big boys in town was good enough for them, and Adam, who once again praised the side for their efforts today, before motoring home to order a pizza from the local Balti Shop down the road from Chabukiani's bungalow.
Great effort to hold City mate. Now the real work begins for Adam though...

Preseason Review

So I have completed the first five games of my managerial career, being at the helm for 34 days, I still have to get used to the trials of managing a football club, and I have been given a year to do so by my chairman Dr Dean. During preseason I have set down the bedrock for a successful, functioning football team. I have taken up the spaces I had for coaches, scouts and physiotherapists, not to mention a Head of Youth Development and my own assistant manager of my choice.

To add to that, eleven players have joined us so far at the club. Eleven good quality players, that have all been assessed by the brand new scouting system. A system that both Raymond Porlock and John Deacey had to deal without. On top of that, we have the best scouting team in the league, according to many internal reports by several media outlets.

But we are talking about preseason here. A time period of which a team can build, or crumble. A time where fitness is the priority to most teams, as long as they have the players they want to get fit. We played five matches in our preseason campaign, beginning in Buxton, as we headed to The Silverlands ground, to face a team simply named Buxton Football Club. That was before fixtures against Hucknall, Blackburn Rovers Under-21's, Bristol City Under-21's and finally Bradford City's first team - the team that I saved over ten years ago. Let's see how these went down:

BUXTON FC 0, BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 2 (McCarthy 8 Walshaw 65).

Team: Liversedge (Stewart), Turner (Pursehouse), Greaves (Ainge), Piwowarczyk (Clayton), Holt (Mather), Potts, Schofield (R Marshall), P Marshall, McCarthy, St Juste (McDonald), Bentley (Walshaw).

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 4 (Fletcher 23, 37 McCarthy 58 R Marshall 74), HUCKNALL TOWN 2 (Pattison 15 Sykes 82).

Team: Liversedge (Stewart), Greaves (Turner), Ainge (Wylde), Piwowarczyk, Holt (Wilkinson), Potts (R Marshall), Pepper (Schofield), P Marshall, McCarthy (King), St Juste (Hallahan), Fletcher (Walshaw).


Team: Liversedge, Ainge, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Wilkinson, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, Hallahan, Fletcher.

BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 3 (P Marshall 18, 28 Fletcher 31), BRISTOL CITY U21 0.

Team: Liversedge, Wilkinson, Greaves, Piwowarczyk, Holt, Potts, Pepper, P Marshall, McCarthy, Hallahan, Fletcher.


Team: Liversedge (Stewart), Wilkinson (Turner), Greaves (Wylde), Piwowarczyk (Ainge), Holt, Potts (Schofield), Pepper (King), P Marshall (R Marshall), McCarthy (Bentley), Hallahan (St Juste), Fletcher (Walshaw).

Player of Preseason - Luke Greaves.

Shortly after his release from League Two side Accrington Stanley, accumulating no appearances for the club since beginning his professional career there, my Chief Scout was quick to notify me of this talented 19-year-old centre-back, with the game-head of a seasoned pro. I thought it was just what we needed, and by God it was. Greaves offered us versatility at the back as well as solidity. He was able to break up any play coming from just about anywhere and I cannot wait to see his progress after this season finishes.
Jack: Oh, it's to good to pass up this story.
Man, this f-ing car :( Right before the debut against Arsenal. Oh man, this boy's life is full of darkness.
2015-12-01 18:46#222410 Murtagh : Jack: Oh, it's to good to pass up this story.
Man, this f-ing car :( Right before the debut against Arsenal. Oh man, this boy's life is full of darkness.
The kid had so much going for him! :(


Hi guys, as you will know, this piece isn't part of this storyline, obviously. It's just a sidenote to thank all of you who are reading, commenting and loyally following this thread about Adam. Such a following has been noticed by the wider audience and has been nominated as a Story of the Month contender, and I just want to take the time out of thinking of new updates to say how much it means to me, as a writer and a person to have this many people appreciating my writing.

Thank you all,
10 August 2015

It was a warm afternoon in the late-summer of August, and Adam had just arrived back home from the training ground, Cemetery Road. The same old house that Adam's stepdad had moved his mum and Adam himself for the first time without the aid of the council.

Adam's stepdad, Jeremy, had helped Adam throughout all of the anguish of his injuries during his playing years, and supported him when he was back at Bradford Park Avenue. He was very ordinary. Nothing particularly exciting or any outstanding qualities. Just a very straightforward working man.

After Adam's real dad had left him and his mother to care for themselves, they both needed a helping hand, both mentally and financially. Adam's mum had a job as a cleaner at the local Guiseley school, but as you would be able to tell, it didn't pay much. After that, she decided it was time to get out of that poor, damned area of work for her teaching courses. Back in Sukhumi, she was a factory worker, making all sorts of clothes. She was now a teaching assistant at the school she was once cleaner of.

But for Adam, a football manager, now, it seemed awful still having to live with them, especially working on £350 per week from Dr John Dean at Bradford Park Avenue. It was time to get his own place, where he could work in peace, sleep in peace, watch TV in peace, and even bring girls back without a hint of insecurity about his parents' reaction.

He would approach Jeremy - the only person in the house - about it now. He would break it to Adam's mum in the best way possible. He was good at that.

"Jeremy!" Adam called from downstairs.

He heard a rush of running footsteps coming down the staircase and towards the kitchen, before seeing the simple figure of his stepdad.

"Alright, Adam, good day at work?" he asked cheerily.

"Yeah, not bad, not bad at all," he responded, smiling. "A bit of fitness doesn't hurt anybody,"

"Certainly doesn't, you'd have to ask your mum about that - she's just gone out jogging!" he laughed at his wife's new motivation to get fit.

"Hahaha, yeah," Adam said, with his laughter fading before starting a conversation about moving places - buying a house for himself. "Listen, Jeremy, I need to speak to you about something,"

"What's that, Adam?" he asked, pulling out the cutlery drawer to cut up his toast, which had just sprung up from the heated depths of the toaster.

"I've been thinking that since I've got this new job, and I'm starting to earn a fair bit, I want to buy my own place. Get my first mortgage and everything, you know," he said, biting his lip slightly as he leaned on the dining table.

"Yeah?" Jeremy asked. "Are you sure about that? Will you be okay with your money and everything?"

"Yeah, I mean obviously it won't be anything special, I spend most of my time out of the house anyway. It's just somewhere to get on with my work in peace, you feel me?" Adam told his stepdad.

"I understand, yeah. I mean it's a big thing, getting a mortgage and buying your first house, but only you know yourself if you can go through with it," he opened it up for discussion.

"I mean, I already have my car sorted out, I know how to do a bit of decorating, but all I need is a computer, a desk and a few pens with somewhere to sleep at night," Adam responded.

"Adam," said Jeremy, approaching his stepson. "Don't worry about it, I'll get you down to the estate agents and we'll see what happens from there, okay?" he put his arm around Adam, comforting him a little, as though he was a child.

"Cheers, Jeremy," smiled Adam. "Means a lot, I mean it."

"Don't worry about it, you deserve it after everything that cunt you have to call a dad put you two through," Jeremy said, looking up at a picture of both Adam and his mother, Irina together.

Adam went over to give Jeremy a hug. This meant the world to him, and he had a great bloke like Jeremy supporting him every step of the way. Everything was coming into place in Adam's life, for once.
Hey mate, just wanted to congratulate you on 10,000 views as well as your SotM nomination. I think I speak for everyone who has read & enjoyed this story, that both are very much deserved.

I've read a lot of FM stories in my time but none better than this. Seriously mate, great work. KIU! :)
Congratulations on the nomination Jack. Very well-deserved :)
congrats on nomination

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