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From Darkness To Light

From Darkness To Light - The Unemployment Challenge With A Twist
Started on 5 October 2015 by Zed
Latest Reply on 10 October 2015 by Zed
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Episode One Season One: A Short Prologue

I’m Tom Henderson, 35 years old, and I’m from London. My passion is, has always been, and will always be, football. The perfect distraction. For 90 minutes, I forget the negative things in life and totally immerse myself into a magical world. Impossible goals, spectacular passes, unexpected outcomes and amazing fans. I’d argue that football is the best and most enthralling sport in the world.

For the past few long and devastating months I’ve really needed football to distract me from life. About five months ago, my wife, Charlene, was shot in a horrible accident. Well, that’s what authorities say, I don’t think it was an accident at all, because of a dream I have. During some nights, shortly after the death of my wife, I’d have terrifying dreams about the events that happened that day. I dreamt that she was shot by a hitman wearing a leather black trenchcoat, who also tried to kill me.

Anyways, let’s not get distracted from the main storyline here. So, as you’d imagine, my life has been filled with darkness ever since my wife passed away. My wife was a sweet and loving woman, who was always there for me. Together, we lived a careless life and we were both happy. Since she’s departed us, I’ve been struggling to keep my head above the water and not drown in the sea that is called life.

Only when watching my beloved West Ham at the mythical Boleyn Ground, I’ve managed to take my head off it all. As a life-long Irons fan, I’ve experienced the highs and the lows. Trust me, there have been many. In some way, West Ham is a reflection of my own life. I’ve experienced joyous highs, but also depressing lows. Now, I’m hoping that I can add the highest of highs to my life. Being successful as a football manager.

I’ve always wanted to do something in the fascinating world of football, but never really had the chance to materialize that dream. After the devastating loss of my wife I decided to start on a coaching course. I want to become a football manager, so I can think about football not for 90 short minutes per week, but for the whole week.

I had never played professional or even semi-professional football in my life, but because of my touching life story, the FA let me join this basic coaching course. I passed with ease and was now cleared to find a semi-professional club in England. Many lower-league teams were still looking for a manager, so I applied at virtually all open jobs and waited for one to get back to me.

In the meantime, I read many articles on revolutionary managers from the past and present and dreamt about being one of them. I wanted to climb up from the rags of English football to the summit: the Premier League. I knew this was a ridiculous dream, but the time I wasn’t thinking about the loss of my wife was good time for me.
Setting the scene very well from the opening post, liking it! :D
great start man, good luck!
Jack: I'm going to try to bring out a lot of story-based updates this story, something I've not done before. I'm glad you liked the start :)
InfraRed: Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it.
Good luck bae, liking the update :)
Nice start mate, really enjoy these unemployed type saves & with a set up like that I'm sure this will be a awesome! :)
Tallery: Thanks bae :D
C.J.Lippo: I've never done one before, hope I make it to the Premier League or another big league!

Episode Two Season One: The Day That Changed My Life

What started as a normal day in my life, ended as the darkest day in my life. At seven in the morning, I kissed my wife a quick goodbye, like every day. But what I didn’t know was that it was the very last time I’d make contact with her red lips. I closed the door behind me and felt a quick chill running through my spine, but I ignored it. “I’m not superstitious” I thought to myself.

The long and boring drive to my work, over the busy A12 to Chelmsford, where I work, was as long and boring as ever. When I finally got out of the usual traffic jams of London, and got to the grey, contemporary building in which I’d worked since finishing my study, I sat down in my leather chair and started drawing. I was an architect.

At around two, just after lunch, my mobile phone started vibrating. I picked up, expecting it to be a client that I gave my mobile phone number.

TH: “Hello, this is Tom Henderson speaking, Johnson Architects.”

FM: “Hello mister Henderson. I am Frank Mee, London Police. I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you…”

It didn’t yet strike me something horrible could have happened, and replied rather calm.

TH: “Yes, what is it?”

FM: “I’m very sorry to report that your wife, Charlene Henderson, has just been killed by a bullet that has hit her critically in her head.”

Dead silence. I didn’t know what to think, so I thought nothing. Mental images of Charlene flashed through my mind, and slowly I started to realise what had exactly happened. Many questions arose in my head, but before I could say anything, I felt dizzy, and after that: darkness. Nothing.

Nurse: “Mister Henderson. Mister Henderson. You’re awake, at last. We were starting to get worried.”

I looked around me, and I appeared to be in a white, sterile hospital room. My head hurt. My parents and my parents-in-law were sitting around my bed, grieving, dressed in black. I couldn’t recall what had happened in the hours before. The questions started to roll off my tongue, uncontrollably.

TH: “Wh- Why am I here? Why are you all here? Why are you crying? Why are you dressed in black? Why is my head hurting? What’s happened?!”

Nurse: “I’m very sorry, but your wife, Charlene, has been killed in a shooting in the centre of London today. After a police officer told you the news, you fainted and hit a wall, leading to a concussion. Your colleagues, shocked, immediately called 112 and we brought you to the hospital.”

I vaguely remembered that I was talking to a police officer before I passed away. A sharp pain in my head.

TH: “Oh my God… That’s horrible… Who’d do such a sickening thing?”

Nurse: “We have no idea. The police are investigating on the crime scene and they’ll report on what they’ve found to you. I’m going to leave you alone with your parents and the parents of Charlene now.”

The nurse walked out of the room, and an icy silence hit the room. We were all staring at the wall or at each other, dumbfounded. My mother, Jackie, was the first to break the silence.

JH: “I think I speak for all the people in this room when I say that this is the saddest day I’ve ever experienced in my life. To lose your wife, daughter, or daughter-in-law at the age of 32 is terrible. The best thing to do for us now, I think, is to go home and deal with our loss in our own manner. ”

The room nodded agreeingly and all left in overwhelming silence, bar me. I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days so the doctors could monitor my concussion. Spending time in the hospital is never fun, but with the whole situation concerning Charlene, these few days were to be a living hell. With nothing to do, I thought about my beloved wife every day, every hour and every minute. I was aching to be able to go back home so I could set my mind to something else and try to put this all behind me.

Compelling writing here mate!
Jack: Thanks bud :)
Justice: When I read Jack's story, it's all serious. Then I see that signature and I can't take it seriously anymore :P

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