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Poll: Big Sam and the Stadium of Gloom

This time it's purely financial
Started on 7 October 2015 by Hortensius
Latest Reply on 29 October 2015 by Hortensius
How should Big Sam spend his massive pile of money? (17 votes)

The tale of Big Sam's fantastic interview ( or how he came to be able to afford a small island nation)

* Scene big Sam’s presumably northern presumably palatial Pad*

*The phone rings*

*Big Sam looks at his phone, unknown number*

Big Sam : I tell you lynn if this is another call about my PPI or an accident I was in years ago or even somebody telling me they want to stick solar panels on my roof I will lose it …

Lynn: Like the west ham job?

Big Sam: Low blow Lynn low blow

Lynn: Like the…

Big Sam: Don’t you dare Lynn don’t you bloody dare

*phone still ringing*

Big Sam: Now look I don’t have PPI I’ve never been in a car crash and I don’t want to rent my roof to you so you can stick solar panels on it just leave me alone or me and Kevin Nolan will come looking for you.

Ellis Short: Sam sorry to call unexpected its Ellis..

Big Sam: Calling during dinner and I don’t care what your name is I just want these calls to end.

Ellis Short: Short

Big Sam: What does height have to do with it?

Ellis Short: Nothing Sam, its Ellis short

Big Sam: Sunderland? But that’s even worse than PPI calls

Ellis Short: Now look Sam we're up a creak and dick jumped out with the paddle we need someone who can save us and build something get us stable, create a northern powerhouse we want you Sam ... we need you.




Ellis Short: Sam you still there?

Big Sam: LYNN! Get on the phone to the estate agent we're buying that mansion in the Costas and get me the number of the Ferrari dealership


Ellis Short: Sam? Hello?



Big Sam: Sorry Ellis... i was err... just turning the TV down


Ellis Short: The ‘loadsamoney’ing?


Big Sam: Err Harry Enfield re runs... now look Ellis this is going to cost you.

Ellis Short: I'm happy to invest in the squad Sam if I get you; you'll have free rein over transfers anyone you want seriously Sam whatever you need.

Big Sam: Not to be indelicate Ellis but I was talking about my Salary this job will be tougher than Lynn's Sunday roast and I’m not exactly liked in that neck of the woods if you want me you better start adding a few zero's onto whatever figure is in your head.

Ellis Short: But Sam...

Big Sam: Ellis its money or I go back on my Holiday and...

Ellis Short: Okay, okay I suppose it’s cheaper than relegation

Big Sam: well now don't be presumptuous i do want quite a bit

Ellis Short: seriously?

Big Sam: well at least as much as Capello in Russia

Ellis Short: but he's won leagues all over Europe and...

Big Sam: and as would i if my name was Allardycio or Allardiniho

Ellis Short: but he won a champions league!

Big Sam: but he's never won one premier league manager of the month award and I've won 6!

Ellis Short: he's never managed in England Sam how could he

Big Sam: exactly, now do I have the job? Remember it’s me or you end up with a mental like Di Canio again or maybe even a man who rants about ostriches

Ellis Short: hmm when you put it like that I'm not sure I have a choice. How soon can you get here?

Big Sam: well now I can afford a plane pretty quickly Ellis see you soon.

And thats how Big sam became manager of Sunderland and they all lived happily (for a bit?)


... wait thats wrong its acutally the beggining


If Big Sam listens closely he can here the impending tidal wave of money
Hortensius's avatar Group Hortensius
6 yearsEdited

The Squad (or why on earth does Jermain Defoe think he can become a global brand)

Well honestly it’s not very good. Thank god Kevin Nolan is still available but I'm in despair that most of the lads from Bolton have retired super Kevin Davies has retired (NB as a Preston fan he tried but there was no end product to be seen in the final years of his career), Jussi has gone to Wigan (how the mediocre have fallen) and Ivan Campo retired 5 Years ago! it's going to be a struggle. The key i suppose to working out what you need is knowing what you have and what you are going to do with it.

So here goes...


Not the worst part of the team actually i will probably not have to do much here both are good enough for the premier league i'll probably leave the two to fight it out for the first season unless a bid comes in. Beyond Mannone and Pantilimon the club doesn't have a good third keeper at the club presently but young Jordan Pickford is a tremendous prospect (N.B no idea if he will be in game but as a Preston fan i can attest he has a massive future ahead and clubs like Southampton and Aston Villa are scouting him attentively) who is currently on loan at Preston and has nailed down a starting role and recently earned his first u21 cap he will hopefully feature for the club in the not too distant future.

Summary: strongest area of the team might sell one if a bid comes in to free up some funds but happy with this position for season one at the very least.


two stories here so i shall split it between centre backs and fullbacks.


Centre backs

attacking midfield may technically be the weakest area because we don't have any but in terms of which players are actively bad they are all here. Kaboul is playing like he spends most of the day in the red lion in a lesson of defending he can be used as a cautionary tale playing poorly Wes brown has more injuries than the black knight john O'Shea used to be okay in a time long forgotten by most Coates had a good 16 minutes of football once at what is now a mid table team in the north west called Liverpool against an even more obscure London team called Q.P.R, a team who have made Greece’s debt issues seem conservative. Vergini is out on loan but when here all i can say is that if the titanic had the same pace and turning circle all the ice in the world would of melted prior to him getting anywhere near Newfoundland. I know nothing about Roberge... i think he has a left foot and that is probably enough to get him into my team currently. He's french and never played much... at least he hasn't played a lot but badly i suppose.


(N.B I am a PNE fan and Billy Jones won't have anything bad said about him)

actually not terrible... at this point I cheer and shout to the people of Sunderland there are people that border on mediocre and may push beyond Huzzah (in a dudlian? accent of course)

However i will concede we have 3 right back's and one left back which needs work Billy jones is a hero with hair like a Greek deity but injuries which would confuse Asclepios. Mathews is okay will do a job pushing Billy Jones on. Yedlin is quick and American and on loan from Tottenham ... right that's me done.. oh he sometimes has a silly haircut. Patrick Van Aanholt is talented to my mind and will nail down the left back position for the first season. (nothing to do with him being the only player in the position)

broadly speaking our fullbacks are the more attacking variety all have okay pace and can produce for us especially as i intend to use wing backs at least some of the time.

our defense needs work but not many of the players can be liquidated due the fact some foolish person just signed them all. Of those that can be sold I will probably try to although I don't anticipate an easy job moving them on O’Shea, Brown and Roberge may be sold and if push comes to shove so will Billy Jones (Noo!!) At least 2 Centre backs are needed and a left back would be a valuable addition although preferably on loan.

Potential Targets

Ron Vlaar is still injured for a month, Ondrej Mazuch could be a valuable low cost addition with great experience English youngsters like Hause and Iorfa will be worth a look and naturally I’m sure there are 3 or 4 in Chelsea’s reserves.


Holding Midfield

Bridcutt, Cattermole and M'villa mean this is not a position in need of massive attention unless I can move some on. Bridcutt has not really stood out at the club nor does he have the excuse of being a young player at 26 he needs to be performing and making a difference on the pitch. He was linked with a number of moves over the summer but nothing materialized and again on loan when the emergency window opened but again nothing as of yet. Lee Cattermole the most telling thing I can say is that he was banned from pubs in Sunderland for 5 years... think that through. firstly I can imagine it's possible to get barred from a pub (I’ve seen it in sitcoms) but all pubs in all of Sunderland you have to imagine he's taken the same senseless aggression he shows on the pitch and added a few rounds of tequila with absinthe chasers and gone on some hulk style rampage (N.B Cattermole is surprisingly good on FM I have seen him join Chelsea!) His passing isn't great he's a mental and last year he gets more cards than Clinton’s on delivery day. If he can be sold for a decent fee he will be.

The best playerish in the team for me Yann M’Villa almost as mad as Cattermole with gold teeth but he has great work rate and positional sense which when added to his ability to actually pass to someone in the shirt makes him pretty darn ideal for my team. His career has stalled since opting for the big money of Russia. But at 25 he can make amends for that and get on the right track here at Sunderland.

Centre Midfielders

Meh Rodwell was good at some point but he's made out of papier-mâché if he's fit he's in Gomez, Larsson are aging and lack pace and I will be at the very least be trying to move them on. Toivonen (if he resembles the Toivonen of FM15) will not fit in my team more of a shadow striker than the playmaker I need to make this team score and stay up

This position is where recruitment is needed a Box to Box midfielder and an advanced playmaker/ roaming playmaker are needed to bring stability and creativity to this team

Attacking Midfield

I feel I should leave this blank. Will Buckley is on loan at Leeds, Ricky Alvarez may or may not be at the club. I know he's been banned from going to South America but beyond that his fate is to be determined by FIFA and lawyers which is a shame because he would of fit nicely into my tactics. Errm Adam Johnson's fate is to be determined by lawyers and a judge so the less said here the better, he will technically be available and is technically one of the clubs best players and he technically probably can't be sold due to the whole legal thingy and he probably can't move from Sunderland but if i can i may... On a less contentious note we also have Jermain lens a versatile winger/striker with great pace signed by Dick Advocaat a player with ability and almost certain to grab a starting berth at least to begin.

At the very least we need a playmaker with pace power vision and passing if this wondrous player can be found and wants to come to Sunderland Huzzah. in terms of width it's looking like it will have to be provided by the full backs because like British politics 1997-2010 it's all in the centre not much on either wing.

Free transfers like Emmanuelson, Amalfitano and Schelotto might be targets along with loanees like Joel Campbell could do the job along with jury rigging Fabio Borini into a wider role. If money can be found then triggering the rumoured £3.7Million for Demari Gray would be money well spent.


Goals win games our goalscorers don't do either. Its an issue. Defoe has done okay and started the season well but his age, wages and PA search are all a concern. Steven Fletcher once had a season where he bordered on prolific. This was the opening joke at my one off stand up show. they thought i was absurd but it's true he once scored goals which places me in a bit of a pickle. To get the best of Defoe he needs a foil to create space and occupy defenders which in the abstract he can do but in reality he isn't good enough these days and like with Jardel at Bolton i think the free scoring days are behind him and no attempt on my part will get results

(NB when Jardel was at Bolton he was at the same gym as me watching him attempt to gain some semblance of fitness was amusing)

Borini will do a job; quick, versatile and can score goals et al so there is a glimmer of hope for him at least

Danny Graham is still at the club I know neither how to process this or what to do about it. I doubt he is saleable if he is he will be sold if not I can only imagine manning the concourse might be the best use of his talents

I’m undecided here if kept the options available they should do a job and part of me is inclined to let sleeping dogs lie. Defoe scores Goals Fletcher doesn’t but he works hard on the pitch and would help improve the contribution of Defoe. Borini ( NB personally a big fan on FM he has always consistently scored me plenty of goals) also has scored goals when playing consistently as he showed during his first spell at Sunderland. This all comes down to availability if there is a cheap player (Austin, Kokorin with expiring contracts or players of that level) then Defoe fletcher and graham will be moved on if not I’ll probably cry.


Well the team has half a spine and the sense of doom may be unwarranted if I can get them playing well and consistently with a few savvy additions, I may resist the urge to sign Kevin Nolan. We can actually have a relatively successful season ( by sunderlands standards at least)

Keepers will be retained unless a bid is received not much to say Pickford will play a role on his return

Centre backs can’t be sold due to their recent arrival but if Wes Brown and O’Shea can make way and free up some wage bill then one or 2 wise additions could salvage the defense. Favourites as it stands include Ondrej Mazuch, concrete Ron, Grant Hanley or the young duo from wolves will be under consideration. For a potentially larger fee the impressive Eric Sviatchenko may also be under consideration.

Wing backs/Full backs are at least of a competitive standard Billy Jones might make ways for another left back and to free up funds but apart from that not terrible.

Defensive midfield is okay with one very good player if the others can’t be sold I’m Happy to keep them up to a point if they can be sold then I’m confident a competent understudy can be found with ease and minimal cost.

Centre Midfield Rodwell is a keeper (well not literally he’s actually a midfielder) especially if fit, it’s worth remembering once in an England shirt nullified Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets the rest will likely depart so likely one other box to box midfielder will be needed at the least.

Attacking Midfield two players at present I am confident in this role one may be sold due to a moral stance. Two wingers needed and at least one AMC Loans may be key here.

Strikers either nothing or a complete overhaul

Youth beyond Pickford (who is great) and Watmore (who has a economics degree) I know nothing my guess is there is not a massive amount available currently this is a long term aim however so watch this space.

Transfer Rules/ Strategy (Or don't mention bungs or i'll ignore you for half a decade)

Part 1

Soccernomics and my response

1) A new manager wastes money on transfers; don’t let him.

I am actively ignoring this rule i’ll do what i want. I’m Big Sam! but seriously the team needs signings, and more than a few players aren’t good enough which amazingly is why they have constantly battled relegation. the previous managers have consistently wasted money and violated this rule so to remedy it i will break the rule. Also it’s not like I’ve ever just gone around different clubs signing the same players…

2) Use the wisdom of crowds.
As far as this goes i will scout widely and look at their recommendations furthermore i will ensure that my scouts have a global focus ensuring my potential recruitment pool is as wide as possible but i won’t be using a Director of Football or a transfer committee because they might object to me insisting on a specific agent...

3) Stars of recent World Cups or European championships are overvalued; ignore them.

Yes will do

4) Certain nationalities are overvalued.

This seems to violate rule 7 to some extent. But yes you can sometimes pay a premium but sometimes there are advantages to some nations over others which it’s foolish to rule out out of hand. I.E Home grown players fill quotas in the league and european competition. African players play in the AFCON every other year in the most pivotal part of the premier league season which is why Fergie tended to avoid (that being said i wouldn’t not sign an african player because of this i’d just keep it in mind) Work permits are another example, players with a European passport are straightforward to sign and are available to play immediately which is worth a premium. i feel the lesson is don’t sign someone because they are brazilian and somehow automatically a high value flair player. consider all aspects of the transfer; value, wages, international commitments, age, attributes and all the other information FM handily provides.

5) Older players are overvalued.

How dare you Ivan campo, Djorkaeff and Giannakopoulos cost nowt played incredible and where older in the later stages of their careers. again older players are overvalued is a bit broad are players at their peak most expensive … yes but don’t automatically discount them just because of it. My strategy will be to sign younger players but equally judgements will be on availability and value not automatically because they hit a specific birthday

6) Center forwards are overvalued; goalkeepers are undervalued.

true Jussi won us more points than Big Kev but equally to get to the top you need a top striker for this point i will be more rigorous in my search for strikers ensuring we get value for money.

7)Gentlemen prefer blonds: identify and abandon “sight-based prejudices.”

Have you seen the ugly B*****ds I’ve signed?

8)The best time to buy a player is when he is in his early twenties.

best time is when they’re free/listed/cheap/running down their contract signing someone on their way to their peak is a good strategy and you don’t want to be stuck with a player in their mid thirties not contributing to the team *cough*Kevin*Cough*Nolan*cough

Soccernomics/Moneyball seems to go with 21-24 as an age range. i’ll be a little more open minded for players where I’m paying a moderate to large fee signings will be between 19-25 this is the age most players will be signed in but i will look to sell players at 28-29 players over 30 if any must be on short term (rolling one year deals) players signed under the age of 19 must be A ) low cost or B ) ready for first team football immediately

9)Sell any player when another club offers more than he is worth.

No arguments here however i would rephrase this start to negotiate when a club offers more than he’s worth otherwise you’re leaving money on the table

10)Replace your best players even before you sell them.

yes, longer term aim is to have the replacement developing at the club for at least 1 window before the sale allows the player to bed in and hit the ground when needed.

11)Buy players with personal problems, and then help them deal with
their problems

(in game players don’t get alcoholism, affairs, gambling issues, drugs and whatever other vices so less than relevant here) there is an element of hubris here sign people with issues i’m sure no one else has tried to fix them before, it’s certainly high risk and i feel unless the risk reward is worked out not consistent with ‘Moneyball’ but with people like Paul Merson and others it's a strategy that has paid great dividends

12) Help your players relocate
(Not massively applicable in game ) in real life it's huge and no doubt a major factor in a great many high profile flops. (In the context of the game i will ensure that players signed from abroad have high levels of determination and adaptability to avoid the issue)

Part 2
my rules

Stats not Stars

player roles will have defined attributes that i will search for players, matching these parameters who represent good value for money will be recruited. Reputations, club, value are broadly irrelevant.


I’m not as strict as Moneyball or Soccernomics paying a moderate to large fee signings will be between 19-25 this is the age most players will be signed in but i will look to sell players at 28-29 players over 30 if any must be on short term (rolling one year deals) players signed under the age of 19 must be A ) low cost or B ) ready for first team football immediately


Statistical analysis shows a stronger correlation between success and wages paid that success and fee’s paid. I interpret this as quality not quantity Liverpool have spent hundreds of millions on players but their wage bill has not risen massively, arsenal and Tottenham don’t necessarily skimp on fee’s but they have a restrictive wage structure they fail to recruit top tier players and often lose the ones they have to those willing to pay the top wages.

Personality is as important as quality

talented youngsters without the mental fortitude don’t always fulfill their potential, players who can’t adapt tend to flop and those that don’t work hard tend to perform poorly. Typical Big Sam tactic sign top blokes do well.

Bargains are there for those that want to find them

Transfer lists, free agents, expiring contracts and those in inferior leagues tend to have values and prices below that which they are worth to you especially if they are moving from reserve football to first team football

Value and cost are different

Alexis sanchez and aguero Were cheap but cost above £30.00 million Rio ferdinand was good value for united at £30 million but expensive and very poor value at 0 pounds for QPR
Love that introduction mate, I was laughing so hard! Love the squad overview and the transfer rules was brilliant, this story promises to be really good if you keep at it! :)
Very nicely written with lots of jokes as well. I like it when there's a story that's different from others, this is definitely one of them!
2015-10-09 09:44#220381 BackPostHeader : Love that introduction mate, I was laughing so hard! Love the squad overview and the transfer rules was brilliant, this story promises to be really good if you keep at it! :)

Thanks, the transfer rules were more a bit of a rant because all the talk in the media re liverpool, transfer comitties and moneyball. Glad you like it.

2015-10-09 14:35#220384 Zed : Very nicely written with lots of jokes as well. I like it when there's a story that's different from others, this is definitely one of them!

thanks very much hopefully i can keep it up. i'm hoping big sam does something outrageous in real life for some more material.
The Tactics (Route one isn’t just a road in Florida)

At home and at work it has to be said I do like clean sheets and considering clean sheets are as foreign to this team as they would be to a student bedsit it seems I have some work to do.

As I’ve said before the team is not up to much so I’m starting with the tactic that shall here by be known as the “BIG SAM loads of centre backs, super solid, hit them on the counter with a long ball and a knock down” and the good news here is that Jermaine Defoe has played this role before the bad news is that Steven Fletcher isn’t Kevin Davies … that is also the second piece of good news..

(Arrows indicate anticipated movement of run)

Up front we’ve gone for English classic and big man, little man pairing as classic as bacon and eggs, Morecambe and Wise and fish and chips it’s tried and tested. The little man (Defoe) will be a poacher on attack and the big man (Fletcher or anyone remotely decent in the air I can procure to replace him) will be supporting him with knock downs, creating space and generally laying about the opposition with their elbows (I miss you Big Kev)

Creative license is not something I’ve gone with in the past so I’ve procured the license and I’ve given it to the (currently unknown ) player who will occupy the roaming playmaker spot which after my error using the internet on my phone abroad is the only roaming I’ll allow. This player will be supporting the forwards creating chances and drifting out to the wings helping the wingbacks provide width and crosses. His job is essentially to combine all three attacking midfield roles into one package so work rate could be key.

Talking of work rate, that will be my box to boxer’s middle name. Which is unfortunate because Jack Rodwell’s is actually Christian but it should really be unwell seeing as he’s injured that often. Seeing as B2B only has support as an option, he will either be supporting the team or himself on crutches (… because he’s injured not because I’ve taken a tire iron to him, I’ve read back and this seemed slightly menacing. The East End obviously rubbed off.)

The destroyer, no not the animated magic armour monster thing in Thor ( he wouldn’t discuss terms which is a shame because I reckon he would be tremendous at attacking a set piece) but Yann M’villa who to be fair is no less villainous but probably does possess a better range of passing. Away from home he shall be under strict orders to play as an anchorman facilitating the transition between defense and attack, helping to retain structure and remaining in place to win the ball back break up the oppositions play (or limbs judging by the look of him and Cattermole) in matches where we might have to play a little more the role will be more of a BWM supporting the other midfielders playing a more active role in ball retention (new concept? Not overly familiar with it)

The wingbacks will be on support duty and will be working up and down the wings sticking in crosses and tackles with equal measure work rate, tackling, crossing and pace will be key.

The Motley crew sums up the centre backs (not the band although I reckon Tommy Lee would do a better job for us although I dread to think the cards him and Cattermole would pick up) so the only option here is quantity considering the dearth of quality. Two will be standard centre backs tasked with healthy amounts of heading the ball and kicking the opposition (heading the opposition and kicking the ball is a less recommendable but still viable option) with one ball playing centre back (currently Kaboul which has frankly been giving me nightmares) whose role is to pass in to midfield, lump it t’ big fella and preferably tackle the opposition into submission (I have zero confidence that Younes can do any of these)

Team Tactics will be

(A team that will strike fear into the hearts of Sunderland fans)


Rigid, counter attack, high intensity, pressing, play longer passes (not as many as Van Gaal against west ham though…) tackle hard


Balanced, control, shorter passing, high intensity, press the opposition, play an offside trap (liability with Kaboul)

(Arrows got confused here and are either direction of movement or direction of passing or both)

This is tactic two, it features Borini running quickly, Johnson running quickly and Lens running quickly and the rest doing less. This tactics comes in two flavours

If we’re stronger or favourites then a passing, controlling flavour with a strong taste of quick passing, control and a high tempo with a hint of an offside trap it has a more fluid consistency than those used previously

If we’re weaker than the opposition then it’s all about the counter attacking flavour.

Rigid in consistency with a strong taste of counter attacking , high intensity, press the opposition, play longer passes along with playing wider and looking for the full backs to make runs beyond the wingers

P.S I think its important when thinking of tactics to learn from the best.

Hahaha, shoot! :P

brilliant start mate, loving the humour. KIU.
The Transfers (Bungs aren't just things that go in barrels)
Ignore everything posted before as it turns out to be redundant

Don't sell people just for selling they said. Wastefull they said. Wisdom of crowds they said. Herd mentaility more like it. Just because some american got his laptop out and won a few baseball games doesn't mean its the way to run a football club! i'll have you know i took bolton to europe and only missed out on the england job because the F.A didn't have powerpoint! i would of knocked their bloody argyle socks off!

As you can Imagine from Big Sam i've done it my way

LOADSA transfers, LOADSA them


Goalkeeper is fine (i.e couldn't sell the beggars) so no movement

Left back was the weakest position by far so i flogged PvA and brought in a classic big sam signing; he's big, strong, Leaps like javier sotomayor with his arse on fire and he's braver than a spartan after he's had his hair done. more seriously he's well rounded strong going forward and staying back. whilst not as good as my first choices ( Marcos alonso or Marc Muniesa ) but he's cheap and relatively reasonable wages so he's in.

Centre back was identified as a weak spot ( not as weak in game as in real life i'd argue) but with Ondrej Mazuch and Concrete Ron Vlaar injured i turned to the ever reliable and slightly hipster Erik sviatchenko to stiffen our resolve and keep some clean sheets (Big Sam loves a clean sheet)

Right back Billy Jones was better than i dreamed and i'm not talking about his hair. He has the spot nailed down so no arrivals (i.e i ran out of money) Mathews is available as cover and Sviatchenko is fairly versatile.

Holding Midfield well stocked here so i made the confusing decision to sign Osmar Barba ( i liken this to the shirt you bought in the boxing day sale despite it not looking good and not fitting because it was cheap and if you didn't buy it someone else would) the big thing here is he's as versitile as a swiss army knife. He's also cheap with low wages so why not. worst case scenario i sell him in 6 months to a year to generate some cash.

Centre Mid Very short here to begin with but now well stocked Kevin-Prince Boateng is your classic Big Sam gambit a player with great ability but poor personality traits which have led him to be permanently suspended by Shalke. As they say ones man's cast off's is another mans Jay-Jay Okocha and KpB is certain to get us ticking over and should kick in a fair few goals and assists. Barba can also do a job here as well as Ricky Alvarez.

AMC after Renegading on a 7million pound purchase of Ricky Alvarez to then go out and pick up Ricky Alvarez takes more front than blackpool but he brings great technical ability, vision and yet more versatility to the attacking part of the pitch. KpB can fill in here as well.

Wings we had little here then we had less. lens is good but the additions of Krejci, Sisto and Zivkovic ( not work permit so loaned out to fair verona) makes us as good as any in this part of the pitch and will really up our counter attacking game.

Strikers have recieved a massive overhaul and being brutally honest i've probably decreased the quality of what's available Urruti was okay and came with very low wages and a small fee ( prompted by the 9 month injury to Borini) Ferreyra was a flop at newcastle ( Big Sam Feels ya) but i can make him great i'm sure. All in All should be able to grad enough goals with contributions from what is now a strong midfield

The squad has had the big sam treatment and its kick it long stick in late challenges and keep up and that comes with the Big Sam Gaurentee you can't ask for better than that now can ya!
Outs (Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now
Cause you're not welcome anymore)

Lots of outs here broken roughly into

Age related
Defoe, Larsson, O'shea, Graham and Brown are too old, earning too high wages and not in my plans so they are gone ( a long term injury means Jordi Gomez skips the exit door...for now)

Quality Graham,Aanhalt, Buckley, Brown, Roberge and Bridcutt weren't good enough so bye bye... really little more to say here

Contracts Fletcher and Johnson had a year left on their contracts, Both having respectable transfer values and high wages it seemed the best to move them on. (it seemed unwise to keep johnson around with the declining age of the first team and calling up some players from the acadamy...)

The Squad is improved
The Bank Balance is improved significantly. The club has a balance of £20,000,000.00 now and whilst the wage bill has increased quite a large amount (from 875 to 1.00 million which is mostly Kevin Prince Boateng) this season will be profitable. which will be the second time since Short took over.

The Average age of the squad has fallen massively and value of the playing staff has increased massively. so the foundations are well set as long as this first season yields positive results.

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