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A Football Manager's LLM Story to Sucess

Started on 8 November 2015 by Akash
Latest Reply on 13 November 2015 by MJK46

The Manager

Hardik Sharma

Playing Experience
1996-98 Air India 'B' team
1998-2002 Central Railways

Coaching Qualifications

Teams Managed


Akash's avatar Group Akash
5 yearsEdited
Good luck Akash!! :D
Best of luck Akash, looking forward to this one :)
Good luck Akash! looking forward to this!
Good luck.
Akash's avatar Group Akash
5 yearsEdited
Thank you all for your kind words. Your motivation is one of the key factors for the writing and the continuation of this story.

The Good Wife

"You are useless! I don't know what I even saw in you".

I'd been in three relationships in the last 20 years, and all three ended with the girl saying this sentence. The most recent was today at 11:32 PM; my ex-wife, who I was married to for less than six weeks and dated for a couple of months before that, came in demanding support. Unfortunately for her, I had lost my job after she left me and have had no success finding another one.

I was born into poverty and it made me cherish the things I loved - relationships included. These women did not feel the same way and took the easy way out. Just as when my last two girlfriends had decided to leave, when my wife uttered those words, I got angry and sad. I knew I would have to move on and do something drastic to get over her. Alcohol and drugs were not the answer; I'd done drugs after the end of my previous relationship and alcohol had gotten me sick enough that I spent a month in the hospital. What I needed was a change in scenery!

I may have lied to my wife about the money. I've been saving up a little ever since my first paycheck at 18 - one of the perks of starting from the very bottom is that you don't need as much to survive. It started out being only 25 rupees here or 40 rupees there, but soon, I realized I could save a couple thousand rupees a month if I tried. At the time, I didn't even know why I was saving, I just did it. Today, I'm going to use this money and move away; to Goa, perhaps, or one of the Seven Sister states in the North-East.

All these thoughts had entered my head the moment Nisha slammed the door and left. She was the catalyst for the changes I was going to make in my life.

I started surfing the internet for flight prices, hotels and activities in both, the South and North of India. The country is huge, and I've seen next to nothing. 'I could spend an entire year just jumping from one state to another', I thought to myself. As the search continued, my phone buzzed loudly. I expected it to be Nisha, sending the first of many angry messages, but at the same time, my laptop also beeped, signalling a new e-mail. It wasn't her; she probably didn't even know how e-mails worked; it definitely wasn't her.

It was spam.

Was this spam, or was this a genuine e-mail from the Director of the Indonesia Football Association? India is followed by Indonesia, when it comes to choosing countries on drop-down menus. It's possible I chose 'Indonesia' as my home country on one of the football websites I frequent. Also, the question is not why and how I received the e-mail; it's what I do with it. The Indonesian Football Association clearly need people to support the game. I wonder if these clubs will be ready to offer a non-staff position to a complete newbie. I won't know if I don't try.

How do I begin? What language do I use? I needed to translate their e-mail from Malay to understand it. I wonder if they understand English.

It was a long shot, no doubt. Even if the FA did understand English or translated my e-mail, there was no way they would meet with a man that has no experience in the game and all the knowledge he has about Indonesia and Indonesian football is result of a 5-minute internet search. The reply was almost immediate.

It had taken them exactly 12 minutes to reply to my e-mail. Having calculated the time difference, it was around 4 am in Indonesia, which bothered me. However, if anything, I would get some time away from my problem of an ex-wife. I was off to Indonesia!
Indonesia beckons, what an adventure this could turn out to be!
Indonesia could be very interesting. Great start mate, will be keeping on eye on this :)
Good luck untuk pergi ke Indonesia ;)
Good luck man!!

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