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The Legacy Of Apollo Perry

The personal journey of an unemployed tactical mastermind's rise to the top.
Started on 13 November 2015 by basham97
Latest Reply on 15 November 2015 by basham97
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4 yearsEdited

The future. What all people hope to have one day. From Sir Alex Ferguson, to Jose Mourinho. With the will and fortitude to stand at the top of the footballing industry. To be the man above any other. It's what any man wants to achieve. But the thing about the future, is that there is always another one... On the horizon.

Real Sociedad B (Season 2015-)

Who is Apollo Perry? I am the man that in 15 years time, will be considered the best tactical manager to ever face the planet. At the age of 20 years old, I refused to attend university especially the Cambridge and Oxford offers. I was born with a the tactical mind of a football manger. My mother and father before they passed away would tell me stories in how when we were able to TV, that I would analyse passes and player formation when I was only 5 years old.

I was never any good at the sport however. I didn't make into my high school team, I didn't make it into my college team either. I was only good at watching the sport, I was an assistant coach, the coach had no idea about tactical set up, but I did. I enjoy playing the game, but I love watching the game.

Growing up poor was hard. My parents had traditional jobs, my mother worked in a factory for dresses while my dad worked in mines. While there income would have been high if we lived in the country, we lived in London where the bills were extravagant. When the electricity was on, I watched the free international games on ITV. I grew up with books and learning. I have learnt the game of football and I am ready to be make my mark in the game.

7th July 2015

Oh, exciting isn't it? Your first job interview. Well, sitting in the bright waiting room with the heating blared right up, made me a bit uncomfortable. But it couldn't have made me more uncomfortable then these rock hard steel chairs. Sitting next to other potential candidates or in other words, competition felt enlightening. One of the interviewees were picking there nose, another one was staring at the receptionist, who had a lot of cleavage showing.

The rest of them were tense. Sitting with anxiety. Tapping there foot on the wooden floors in anticipation as the receptionist calls upon us, one at a time. The football club I've been asked to attend the interview for? It's Real Sociedad... The B team. But it's the best I could do and frankly the only club that would ask me to attend an interview. That's purely because of my lack of experience on managing a football team.

"Apollo Perry" the cleavage-showing receptionist announced. I stood from my chair and in my £100 suit, I walked into the office. My shoes couldn't make any more noise as they clattered the ground annoyingly.
"Ahh! My Perry" the chairman Jokin Aperribay said as he stood up, extending his hand to me. "It's very unusual to see someone so young with an interest in managing a football club" he added as we both sat down in our chairs.
"Getting to my first question, what made you interested in managing Real Sociedad B football club?"
"Well, my career in the footballing industry has just begun. I have finished my licenses, my badges and I feel I'm ready to start my career at a football club." I replied to his very generic and boring question.

"Interesting. The average football manager completes his badges over the course of 3 years, looking at your dates of completion on your resume, you did it in 4 months. Explain, how you have done that?" he asked his second question, leaning forward with interest to hear my answer.
"I have a mind for football and I've always had a mind for football. Completing the exams, were just, you know, easy to me. I just studied and it came to me." I said, hoping that it was an acceptable answer.

"You didn't cheat?" Jokin inquired.
"No." I uttered as we both locked eyes.
"Why should I give you the job of managing this side of the football club?" Jokin asked after a few seconds of silence.
"Because I will give you, what other managers cannot, a new perspective."
"A new perspective" Jokin interrupted.

"Yes. A new perspective. Football these days, it's being played too much for the players. The players are more credited then the managers. I'm a man with high discipline, I will get the best out of any player and I will get him to play into my system of football which I have been constructing since I was 10 years old." I ranted on.
"What is this system of football?" Jokin leaned forward thinking I was stupid enough to tell him.
"You're going to have hire me to find out" I replied as we locked eyes again.
"You will hear from me on Thursday". He finally said.

27th July 2015
nice start
I like it :)

Good luck with this.
SooruSooru - Thank you :)

Hellsdoom - I'm gonna need it :P

As I patiently wait for all the seats before me to be filled. The room has white-washed walls. A single dancing light which flickers on the walls. The wooden floor is pale yet full of texture. It was pure silence, all sound was just me scratching the paper with my pen. The room smelt of absence. I've yet to explore the stadium. This urge to explore another room in the facility motivates me to put down my leaky ball-point, to rise, and to consider the other experiences that await my senses.

As a result of my patience, two journalists showed up and they sat on opposite sides of the room. Chairman Jokin Aperribay stated "May the press conference begin". The first journalist's hand rose.
"Do you feel that your age is going to put you at a distinct disadvantage to other experienced managers?"
"No, I don't see a disadvantage. Age shouldn't matter. As a matter of fact, someone aged 75 could be said to be as, what you say, a disadvantage. It's not because he's aged 75 but the age of his ideas. Next question".

The second journalist stood up to ask, "You are English. You have joined a Spanish club. How are you going to communicate with Spanish players? Surely, this is a disadvantage".
"No not at all. It's not a disadvantage because I speak Spanish. Next question". The first journalist rose his hand and waited for Jokin Aperribay to allow him to ask.
"Why didn't you join an English club?"
"Because I didn't want to. Spanish clubs, without a doubt, have the two best clubs in the world, Real Madrid and Barcelona. To be among the culture, to be among the fans is all very exciting to me. Would I want to manage back home? Of course. It's the most competitive league in the world, but that's far in the future."

The first journalist added, "When are you going back to England?"
"I just got here, I'm not planning on going home anytime soon. I'm here to do my work, and to get Real Sociedad B into the top B division and get my players promoted into the first team. That's all my work is going to be, when I decide that I want more and there is an opportunity to move on, then so be it."
The second journalist arrogantly asked, "Do you think you'll last that long?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"

30th July 2015
basham97's avatar Group basham97
4 yearsEdited

The day had come. My first competitive game in the footballing world. I walked into the locker-room, me and the players have a good relationship and I told them to do exactly what they do in training. We've worked on tactics and it's been a stressful week. Instead of building a system to fit all the players in and for them to work in the system, I'd rather coach and educate the players to fit my system. That's because my system will work.

We walked out the tunnel in front of 250 people in attendance. This match isn't televised. There was no pre-match conference, thankfully. I approached the opposing manager Igor Gordobil, shook his hand. He was dressed in a red and black hoodie, with a grey tracksuit. I felt out of placed in my suit on the touch-ground. Looking at the formation of the opposing team and looking at the reports that I have thoroughly analysed, shows that we should win if we hold possession with quick passes. I wonder if Igor has ever heard of possession and passing...

The match began. I remained in my seat for the bigger part of the match, I would only rise to haul instructions. But I didn't need to haul. We were dominating. In the 21st minute, Luca Sangalli had a very cool finish into the bottom right corner which made us go 1-0 up. The opposing team hadn't even got a shot off yet. We added another goal to the tally 4 minutes later as poacher Jon Bautista finished off a wonderfully worked team goal to make us go 2-0 up. Half time.

I congratulated the players during our team talk, however tactical changes were needed. Eneko Capilla was not doing it on the left-wing for me. I substituted him for Martin Merquelanz. I wasn't particularly happy with only a 2-0 victory as this would put us in the top-half of the league table. If we could get one more goal then we will be sitting at the top. The match resumed.

We held a lot of possession however we weren't performing to our first-half performance and I was critical of this. I instructed the team to up the tempo to take advantage of there tired defense. This resulted in Luca Sangalli being left in wide open space outside of the opposition box in the 73rd minute, which resulted in him slotting it home to make it 3-0. The game finished and I was okay with the performance but, it wasn't perfect. There was a lot of work still needed.

30th August 2015
A solid start.
Loving the look of this mate, a good start to life there as well.
A great read so far, keep it up!

In the first game of the new month, we defeated Getafe B 3-1 after going 1-0 down after 10 minutes of game time. Our performance was not up to scratch and we only started going properly after they conceded an own-goal in the 20th minute. In the second game, we had a bore-draw at home against Portugalete in which only a total of 6 shots came in combination of both teams. In the third game, we were saved by Jon Bautistia netting a hat-trick to secure us a 4-1 win against La Roda. This was a decent performance away from home, however, we lack concentration in defense which gifts the opposition goals. The best performance of the team, in which we got a solid 3-0 win at home against Ebora. The final game of the month saw us narrowly defeat Arenas Club 1-0 away from home. The team has yet to suffer a loss and I intend to keep it that way.

We are currently sitting top of the league, but only just. To me, it's a good start, but it's not perfect. The performances have been good, but they haven't been excellent. If I want to win the league then I must strive for perfection. In second place, is Sestao River in which is only behind us because of goal difference. This is not secure. I want to secure automatic promotion without having to go through any struggle of the playoffs. That is my goal. The predicted top 4 are Castilla, Toledo, Sestao River and then us. Castilla has had a rough start in only scrapping 3 wins but losing 2 of their last 6 matches. Arenas Club is sitting dead bottom of the league, which angers me because we were only able to get a 1-0 win over them when we should have blown them away. I will be addressing tactical errors with the team next month.

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