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Leaking too many goals
Started on 17 November 2015 by mjbeard91
Latest Reply on 21 November 2015 by levendi33
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I don't understand what is going on. I'm using same tactical instructions as FM 15 but no matter which team I am, I concede a stupid amount of goals. I was West Ham for 2 years and finished both seasons with a negative goal difference. I then moved on to Man City where I don't have a negative goal difference but I have conceded too many goals. I also have an online game with a few friends. I am Southampton. Lost my first 4 games in the league, conceding 14 goals. not kept a clean sheet in any Europa League qualifiers either against teams I've never heard of.

Anybody have any suggestions? Is there a new feature about defending that I don't know about?
To give us a better understand, can you provide Screenshots of your current formation/shape/mentality ?
Well as Hadeshots said a screenshot would give us a better understanding. Here's what I can suggest though away games are fairly tough this year. If you're conceding more in away games try changing your away tactic to have a deeper line. If you're a bigger team you can control the game through a defensive look and still score with build up. If you lose the ball and your team is more organized there should be less openings for you to concede. So a rigid deeper maybe more narrow formation depending on the opponents tactics would help you concede less as a start. Build your way up from there.
Ive got to agree with Satire Tactics. I think this year there is a vast difference in away games where the opposition will be more aggressive.

I have been having similar issues but i have been slowly tweaking the tactic game by game to find out what works. Also i have found using prozone and tactical analysis also helps.

One thing which helped me immensely was changing the DM to an Anchor man and moving the roaming playmaker in the CM to a DM and a DLP. Having two DM's in front of the back two provides hte opposition less space between midfield and defence. Having the playmaker sit deeper in a defensive formation was better two as in MC he seemed to get bypassed by the defence clearing the ball up field.

That being said, once i did this i started to concede a lot more from assists on the wings, so yeah trying to figure out that one now :)

let me know how you go

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