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Raz's of Rahat

The journey of one football-obsessed family in their quest to reach the top of the beautiful game
Started on 27 November 2015 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 29 November 2015 by Jack
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Welcome to my new story, all about the Raz’s of Rahat! Whilst to most of you, that title will make absolutely no sense at the moment, once the story begins, hopefully you will witness the rise of the fictional Raz family, in their journey through football. This story will be unique in the sense that I will be using the Create-A-Club option after its implementation in FM16 to build my own tale of rags to riches, in one of the least played leagues in the game. I hope that you will follow me through this story, and that together, we can take the Raz family to the top of the football world!

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Reuben I: The Beginning

‘Good morning Mr Raz.’

The pale man stood with an outstretched arm to greet his visitor with a tentative smile plastered on his weary face. As the door of his small office slammed shut, the two men took their seats.

‘Thank you for coming, Mr Kamer, and please, call me Reuben.’ After a nod from the taller man, Reuben took a quick breath, before continuing. ‘As we spoke about on the phone, I truly do believe the proposal I have put forward for Rahat City to enter the National League is the best choice, not only in terms of football, but for the city as a whole.

I grew up on the streets of Rahat, and I can tell you, they are football-crazy. On the streets, children kick about, well, just about anything they can find, whilst a single game can bring crowds so loud, the city erupts with noise like a volcano every time a goal is scored. Things have not been easy however.

My parents, like so many others, did not have an education. They worked day and night in our small shop to ensure I got what they never did, and it was only because of them I was able to move to the United Kingdom to attend university. My life, my professional career, all the money I have made during my years, none of it would have been possible without Rahat. There are so many more like me on the streets this very moment Mr Kamer, and they will not get the same chance I did.

A football club, a real football club in the higher levels of the Israeli system would mean so much, finally a representation for the largest Bedouin city in the world. Being accepted into the league would not only bring joy on the pitch, but the city will use this, and we will become stronger. This is our time to shine, the time for Rahat to make a positive mark on a nationwide scale.

I know you have had dozens, even hundreds of applications for this prestigious spot, but honestly, I can say with a hand on my heart, The Orange Wall of Rahat will be the only city in the world this passionate and caring about the beautiful game. Please, Mr Kamer, please, together, let’s make Rahat a great footballing city.’

As Reuben finished his line, he had not even realised how emotional this made him, with a single tear falling slowly down his cheek. Wiping it away awkwardly, he shuffled his attention down to the ground to avoid eye contact. He could not face rejection. How many days had he spent ensuring that his dream, to make his childhood city great, could happen? How many days had he wasted?

A voice broke his thoughts, and as he looked up, he struggled to contain his joy.

‘Yes Mr Raz, I believe we can do that.’

Good luck Tanay! :D
Great to see you back writing, good luck! :D
Best of luck Tanay!
@Walter&Jack&Feliks: Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to writing again!

Rahat City enters Israeli National League

It has been confirmed today by the head of the Israeli FA, that the application made for Rahat City to enter the 2nd division of the Israeli league system has been accepted, and that they will take their place in the competition for the 2015/16 season. The proposal, submitted by businessman Reuben Raz, ensures that the only Bedouin city in Israel will have major representation in the higher levels of Israeli football for the first time.

Little is known about Reuben Raz, the new owner of the franchise, except for his strong affiliation with the area. Growing up in Rahat, the now 52 year old moved to England to take up a place studying History and Economics at the University of Cambridge. After a career which saw him own a successful accounting firm as well as a chain of local food restaurants in the English capital, Raz has moved back to Israel to take on this new task. The Raz family has a close affiliation with football, with Reuben's eldest son, Rafael, studying Sports Management at university, and will be expected to take up the role of manager for the franchise in the upcoming season, whilst his other son Ronit will play for the side, bringing with him a great amount of talent, nurtured during his time in England.

Interesting start, can't wait to see how this develops :P

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