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FM16 Story of the Month

Started on 4 December 2015 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 18 August 2016 by mgriffin2012
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FM16 Story of the Month

Welcome one, welcome all, to this most incredible of threads - Story of the Month. FM Scout is home to some of the best stories and writers on the world wide web, and in this thread, we honour only the best of the best, chosen by you - the FM Scout members. 5 stories each week will battle it out for the ultimate prize - Story of the Month. But before we can release the stories to you to vote on, there is a definitive process to follow.

#1. You, the FM Scout members, need to create the stories in the first place! There is a niche for everyone, and any story can make it on here. If you have a fantastic idea for a story or a beastly save to recount, chuck it on here! Everyone's a chance for Story of the Month.

#2. Our 5 intrepid judges must choose their 5 favourite stories of the past month, judging on consistency, writing and FM content. Griffo, MJK46, No1VillaFan and Justice all report to myself, InfraRed, SOTM Head Judge, and then I add my own votes.

#3. Then, I will tally up the votes given to me by my fellow judges and determine the 5 stories that will be presented to the community to be opened on. And of course, the final step is....

#4. You vote!

And then I get the pleasure of crowning each month's winner. It's simple really - the only hard part is writing your story to the quality required. ;)

FM16 SOTM Winners

November: LIVERPOOL SUCKS! An Everton Journey
December: LIVERPOOL SUCKS! An Everton Journey
January: LIVERPOOL SUCKS! An Everton Journey
February: Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds
March: Olympique de Marseille: Droit au But
April: To The Edge and Back - A Pentagon Challenge
May: Christian Schäfer - Der Professor
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FM16 Story of the Month - November

November is the time of new starts, of a new FM being frantically ordered and new stories being frantically written. The FM Scout Career Stories forum has seen some top notch tales by writers new and old, and our judges managed to whittle it down to 5 nominees. However, only one story can win.....

Lippo's story with Everton has taken out the inaugaral SOTM for FM16, winning by 2 votes over Jack with 14 votes, or 35.9% of the votes. It was a tough race between the two writers but in the end the Aussie prevails and becomes the first ever FM16 winner.
Well done CJ well deserved, after all the effort you've put into this
Oh wow! Thanks to everyone that has read & commented on my story, as well as all that voted for me in the poll. Really am amazed!

There are so many great stories on here! In a way, I'm happy to get a win on the board early as I'm sure the competition is only going to get tougher, but, at the same time, I don't feel worthy when I look at the other nominee's work.

Oh well, I'll take it ;) Thank you all so much!
C.J.! Well done! Absolutely wonderful story and fully deserved award, also, well done to the other nominees who have displayed amazing quality in their story's :D
deserved victory
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FM16 Story of the Month - December

2015 is now behind us but looking back we can say it was a good year for stories, with some thrillers from the likes of Justice, tenthreeleader, Neal and pompeyblue. December finished off the year nicely, and now it is my pleasure to present to you the SOTM winner for this final month of 2015.

Back-to-back! CJ Lippo has clinched his second SOTM title in as many months and emerges as the early frontrunner for Story of the Year after his Everton story garnered a third of the votes cast in this month's poll. Jack fought hard to the end once again but the plucky Aussie and his consistency has won out yet again.

I spoke to him immediately after the win and he had this to say:

CJ Lippo:
"Oh really? I'm a crap interview.... well, just thanks to everyone who has read and supported my story. I really don't think it's that good."

Inspirational stuff.
Mr Consistency! Great job Lippo! Has there ever been a hat-trick of SoTM wins?
Gee, I went into this year just hoping to get a nomination in this, just once. To win two in a row is unreal & slightly undeserved maybe.

Anyway as I said in my spectacular interview, thanks to everyone who has read & commented on my story, as well as to all who voted for me. I owe you all a beer ;)
Congratulations to Lippo, for the win and his great story :D

And thanks for the nomination, that was very nice :)

FM16 Story of the Month - January

In the first month of 2016, we saw 5 established stories and writers battle it out for the SOTM crown, but it was a case of deja vu as one plucky writer managed to go where no one has gone since Glenn T's famous run of dominance in FM13. This month's winner is yet again....

The Australian writer CJ Lippo has picked up a hat trick of SOTM wins with his Everton tale, getting a whopping 52% of the 29 votes cast with a dual story from compatriots Maximus and Feliks a distance second.
Good from you Lippo, well deserved!

Story of the Month: February

In a month which saw four first-time nominees alongside perpetual nominee Jack, it was a close-run fight, with each story receiving at least one vote from the community, but very quickly, two stories pulled ahead as Griffo and Jack battled for the top spot. As well as the additional diversity in the final nominations, there were 10 stories in total which received at least one nomination from judges, with a tough vote narrowing those 10 down to the 5 which made the shortlist.

In the end though, 3rd time was the charm, as Jack beat Griffo by 11 votes to 9 to eventually take the victory!

Jack's story is always high-quality, with incredibly detailed updates, and a compelling back story which has enthralled readers from day one. Now with over 25,000 views, the story of Adam Chabukiani has pulled readers in, messed with their emotions, delighted and surprised them, but most importantly, left us all wanting more - a deserved win, which has been a long time coming! Congratulations!

February Story of the Month - Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds

Well done Jack! Very well deserved & long overdue! Congrats mate :)
Delighted to have won the Story of the Month! Thanks for all who voted for me, especially with coming up against some great competitors this month!

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