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Barnsley FC: Down At The Oak

Started on 6 December 2015 by TayBAFC
Latest Reply on 11 December 2015 by Jack
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Hello and welcome to Down At The Oak with, as you can see by the title, Barnsley. You may remember me starting a Blackpool story about a month ago, well it's fair to say that save really failed, the result of the story was even worse due to the fact it corrupted about two hours after writing the introduction to the story.. that was great. Anyway, I am back with a new save and a save I am very much enjoying, I also mentioned that I was doing mocks, they went brilliantly and now I am free from all school related things, hooray!

Why Barnsley?

I chose Barnsley as they have a very underestimated youth academy, yes you read that correctly. With the likes of John Stones and Mason Holgate, who now play for Everton, coming through the ranks recently, Barnsley fans can look forward to the future, even now the likes of James Bree, who has been linked with top clubs in the Premier League, is one to look out for and is rated very highly. Furthermore, the club is undergoing their second season in League One, after a disappointing 11th place finish last term. I aim to take Barnsley to new heights to the days of 1997, when they played their only season in the Premier League, yet I aim to stay there. To become the best.

The History Of The Club

The club has had an interesting history, however probably not in the best of ways, spending most of it's time in the second tier, in fact, they hold the record for the most years spent at this level. One of the oldest memories of the club dates back to 1910 where they lost 1-0 to Newcastle in the FA Cup, but two years later they followed that up by beating West Brom, 2-1 in the 1912 FA Cup Final. In 1922 through to the 1980's, Barnsley found themselves struggling in the third and fourth tiers and wouldn't get back upto the second tier until 1982. The club then featured in the debut season of the Premier League as said earlier but were later relegated. Fast forwarding to 2002 when the club were in League One and they were in deep financial problems. due to the ITV Digital crisis, however were saved by then mayor, Peter Doyle. During this time there were a significant amount of managers sacked. They then won in the play-off's in 2006 and finally regain their Championship status.

Later that year they recorded two of the biggest wins in their history to Liverpool and Chelsea, after 2-1 and 1-0 wins respectively. The club continued to languish in mid-table until 2011 where they would of been relegated if it weren't for Portsmouth's 10 point deduction. However, just two years later they were relegated. Since the club was founded in 1887, they have played their games at Oakwell (which is where the title 'Down At The Oak' comes from, I'm full of original ideas you see) a stadium that can hold upto 23,000 people and his seen players such as John Stones play here in a Barnsley shirt.

The Manager

The manager will be revealed in the story. If you read my Harrogate story you will be familiar by the way I updated my story, by adding to the personality of the manager each update so you knew who the character was a bit better every update. That is what I intend to do again, but with a bit more of a twist which you'll see by reading this story, bit of promotion there, sign me up if you need me ;) Moving on though, each update shall make you understand the man a bit more! Onto the story!
Great introduction and good luck!
So Stones is a Barnsley product.. :O . Tht's great news.
It.s really a great introduction, keep it up.
I hope that we can see Barnsley in the Premier League sometime soon :D .
Depends upon the tactic you choose
FM 16 is a very hard tactical game.
Anyway best of luck
Jack - Thanks mate!

SooruSooru- Yeah he is, a surprise isn't it! FM this year is a very tactical game but hopefully we can find our way and get promoted!

One Way Journey

Trudging along the dirty paths in Barrow-In-Furness, it was the normal scene. Heading to the same place day in, day out, to the office. You could say I work in an interesting job, working as a match reporter for Barrow football games, but I wanted more, I wanted to be out on the pitch managing a top team, not sitting at the stand writing notes. Even though I love Barrow and supported them since the day I was born, I still felt there was more to football. As I went into the tall blue building which occupied most of Duke Street, the icy cold on the back of my neck beginning to fade as I felt the warmth of the room beating down onto me, I was approached by a man. "Hello buddy," he said cheerfully, "You write the reports for the footy don't you?" I looked round and said in a confused tone, "Well, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be in the building, would I?" The guy looked at me rather bewildered, "Anyway, I was told to contact you by the boss, he wanted to tell you some sort of news." I looked at him, sitting down on the seat, "When, where?" I was confused, why did he want to speak to me? "Now, top floor." I immediately heading upstairs, thinking of why he'd want me, especially as soon as I come into work.

When I went into the room he smiled at me, a smile ever so large. "Hello! I just wanted to call you up so you could hear this important news. You see, you are one of my best employees and I know you have a strong passion when it comes to Football and I was told that Barnsley Football Club are looking for a new manager." I laughed at him and he looked strangely at me, "Me? I highly doubt they'd want me as there new manager, I have no experience, I know I have coaching badges and all that, but still?" My boss came closer to me and patted me on the back, "Now, son. I know you have what it takes, it sounds stupid I know but I have made an application already for you, I believe in you." For a moment I thought he was right, why shouldn't I try this? What could go wrong? "You're right! Thanks boss!" I said. "You're welcome son, further news... you have a interview... 5 in fact." I was in shock, was he having a laugh, "Oh my! This is really happening?" He nodded, "I better head down there down now, thanks so much sir, this is amazing, I am so happy! I sounded like a kid at Christmas, "Go on son, go and get the job." He shouted.

With that, I headed down the stairs and rushed home, jumping into my car. Now began the journey to Barnsley, I couldn't believe this was happening, it was so... unreal, that wasn't even the word. This was something I had dreamt of and it was an interview away. One interview and I could of achieved my life goal. Perhaps dreams do come true after all, we will soon see.
Some quality writing! Good luck with the interview ;)
2015-12-07 22:07#222702 Jack : Some quality writing! Good luck with the interview ;)
Cheers mate ;)
TayBAFC's avatar Group TayBAFC
5 yearsEdited

The Interview

I hated motorways, so many idiots on them, pulling out left right and center, how the hell did they pass their driving test I'll never know. After almost three long hours of this, I was in Barnsley and as soon as I reached the town I could feel the anxiety creeping into my body and the butterflies began to fly around my stomach. This may be my only chance to make this dream turn into a reality. I knew I had to do this to feel happy, as sad as that may sound.

I finally located the ground, it was rather out the way, really, why couldn't they locate the ground somewhere more obvious, it would be helpful. The interview was to be conducted in one of the press rooms in the stadium. As I pulled into the car park, a man noticed me pulling in and strolled over, smiling. "Mr Nelson?" He asked, "Yes, that is me." He smiled a larger smile and said, "I was sent to guide you to the meeting room ahead of the interview, I'm Mr Speight, the club security, now come on, it's just up a few stairs and you'll be there. How are you then? Nervous? He quizzed. I smiled at him politely, "A little bit, to be honest! With that, he led me into the room and the Barnsley chairman, Patrick Cryne. "Good evening sir, thanks for taking the journey to attend," he said kindly, "Now please sit down here and we shall begin, yes?"

The interview went like a blur, I was just focusing on each answer, trying to come across professional. Mr Cryne seemed to smile more and more with each answer, making me feel more confident and that was a bit of relief. I was in the room for around two hours, it was a large room, very warm but quite cosy for a press room. Once the interview had finished, Mr Cryne sat quietly for a few seconds before saying, "Mr Nelson, thank you for your time. You are a man who has very clear targets, something I like. Now, we here at Barnsley, well.. we have targets to as you can imagine, which we seem in common with and I would like to say congratulations, you are the perfect man, I do not even need to speak with another man, you just seem perfectly in sync with me and my club, I would love you to be the new manager of the club, I have a contract being written up right now, it should be here soon."

Two minutes later a woman walked in with a piece of paper in hand, with neatly written handwriting. "Here it is," he said, "Now please read through this and sign at the bottom if you agree." I was in shock, was this actually happening? I was 22 years old and perhaps the youngest manager in the business if I signed this, I looked up at the chairman and signed, "How could I refuse, thank you so much for this opportunity... sir." The chairman then shook my hand and I was given keys to a house a few blocks away to stay in while I sort out a house to stay in, it was very kind of the club I have to say, even if I was their new manager. This was actually happening and I couldn't believe it. I was the manager of a football club, not just any club... but Barnsley Football Club... a club with a growing history... a club in League One... life was getting better.
Fantastic introduction, Barnsley really has an interesting history. Amazing to see their wins over Liverpool and Chelsea.
And great start for your story, looking very interesting. I hope you can archieve your goal to become the best, and take Burnsley with you. Very good challenge, I wish you luck ;)
great two taylor-made updates. High quality stuff
Murtagh- Thanks mate and yeah, Barnsley do have some part to their history to be proud of, but we're going to make it better ;)

SooruSooru- Thanks! Means a lot.

Great Minds Think Alike

What a day yesterday was, the day my life changed for the better and the day the dreams turned into reality. Obviously, the whole family was told and were delighted for me, it was a lovely thing to be able to tell them I was now living my dream, especially for my parents but also my nana, who had supported me the whole way. I had been up all night, for what reason you ask? To think of the future. To think of how we will push this club forward and get what the fans deserve, we deserve to be at the highest level.

It was 11:00 and time to set-off to have a meeting with my assistant, Tommy Wright ahead of pre-season to discuss club matters. When I arrived at the ground, where the meeting was to take place, I was surprised to see the club had given me a designated parking space, that was quite nice and a nice gesture, the small things count. I hopped out of my Audi and entered through the double doors of the office and walked down the long corridor to be met by Tommy's face in the changing room. "Morning Sir," he said in a Yorkshire accent, he was a tall man and was much taller than me, it was like he had to look down to see me. "Morning Tommy, now let's get down to business shall we?" I said to him. "Let's," he replied.

We sat down on the benches, where a large table was placed and I placed a couple pieces of paper down on it, he looked rather surprised when I placed them down, "Tactical things," I said smiling, "I'm prepared." Tommy laughed and began to look at what I had written down. On the paper was a image of the tactical approach I was going to use, along with a certain 'brand' of football I wanted to play. He nodded slightly as he read, seemingly agreeing with what was on the sheets. "I totally agree with what you have down there, I can see why the club brought you in, very professional and confident, bold in fact and full of ideas. It's something we needed here. You see, the previous manager, me and him didn't see eye-to-eye on things a lot of time. We had different ideas and that, as you will soon learn, doesn't work. The manager and the assistant have to be in sync at all times." I nodded, "I totally agree, now onto your thoughts, anything you'd like to add?" With that, Tommy shook his head and said, "I can't think of anything. The club is in good hands with you, sir." I shook his hand, "I sure hope so," I said.
Good luck at Barnsley!

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