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Genie Scout Glitching

A weird glitch keeps happening, the application freezes up and looks weird.
Started on 13 December 2015 by Reecy101
Latest Reply on 12 February 2016 by Harpiya
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I have a problem with my Genie Scout 16g. Ever so often, the application hangs and weird graphical glitches start happening.

I'm not sure what the cause is. I have a powerful laptop with two graphics cards. Maybe this is related to my database size? I play with over 78000 players.

This also started happening to me in 15g shortly after upgrading to Windows 10.

You already had GS 16 installed before the upgrade? Because that might be the problem.
The upgrade to 10 basicly made it a new computer in the eyes of the gs keyfile.

And even though the upgrade to 10 might have gone flawless, it can still have an impact on certain software you've installed. The database shouldn't be the problem, since i can load over 300000 players without errors.

Anyway reinstall gs 16g
if that doesn't solve it, try to run it in a compatibility mode.
2015-12-14 03:02#223053 RandydeB : You already had GS 16 installed before the upgrade?

No. This was just installed. I just got the 16g version yesterday.

It was when I had 15g that I upgraded to 10 and I noticed it happening.

Since then, I had to change my hard drive due to disk errors.

So now, I have a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro and the graphical glitches still happen in the 15g version and also happens in the 16g version which I just got.

If you can load over 300,000 players fine then maybe it's something else.

Is this application optimized for systems with dual graphics cards? Because I have two Nvidia GT 750m in SLI configuration in my laptop.
hmm windows 10 and sli, yet i don't think you have any other graphical issues/glitches?

I don't know if gs is optimized for sli/crossfire systems, shouldn't really cause a problem though..

I could test it, what it does with crossfire, but don't think it'll help much.

i'm afraid i can't do much atm, all i can suggest is try to look @ nvidi's site for updates graphics. or take the drivers from the manufacturer of the laptop
@RandydeB I have the latest Nvidia drivers. Geforce Experience keeps me up to date.

I don't think the SLI is an issue. I had the 15G on Windows 8.1, no glitching.

I upgraded to Windows 10 and that's when I noticed the glitching starting.

My theory is that there is a difference in how Windows 10 renders application graphics and maybe this application isn't optimized for that.
Reecy101's avatar Group Reecy101
7 yearsEdited
Great news!!!! I've found the true cause to the problem!!

Windows 10 has this feature under Personalization, Colours. In that section you can choose to have it automatically choose an accent colour based on your background image.

I have this option turned on. I also have my background image set to be a slideshow. So this changes every minute for me.

Just now, I noticed that when my accent colour scheme changed, I noticed the glitching.

As a test, I set my background to a solid colour and the glitch happened while the accent changed to match it however, it didn't happen again for minutes.

I set my background to slideshow again but disabled the automatic accent colour picking and I noticed it didn't happen either. Even when I forced the background images to change.

Once I turned automatic accent colour picking on again and my accent colour switched to match the picture. The glitch happened. I also forced the background to change and I kept noticing it whenever my accent colour changes the glitch happens.
same problem for me.
2016-02-11 17:38#225886 Harpiya : same problem for me.

The problem was "Razer mouse's Synapse" program. When making alt+tab, switching mouse profile, graphics were glitched. Now i canceled to switching profile and GS is working correctly.

Sorry my bad english.

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