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My journey in life!

Journal of an agent, arrived in football! FM15 Story
Started on 19 December 2015 by bebero
Latest Reply on 22 December 2015 by Jack
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Great update mate, you can reduce the points!!
Such an interesting storyline/plot, this has the potential to be a story and a half! :)

The danger was always there for me!

I managed to get accustomed pretty quickly to the team and guys understand who ask such results began to emerge.

Everything was going well although many players get injured often and very quickly, but I was still in two South African league, managed to make very good matches.

I managed to tie some very good matches and never even occurred to defeat any team. Attack lot and often decisive.

My contact man warned me that it's still possible that our new identity files to be found in our country, because the database was hacked by someone.

Then fear came over me and I hope that everything is a joke not happen now seems that everything goes well I did not want to go back through moments of Mexico to defend myself with the price lives and spilled so much blood.

Everything was now uncertain and insecure unfortunately I could not do anything I did not know where to go or where to go really one to talk? who is reliable?I just look for my man Contactless me to tell me what to do.

It seemed that my way is good .. again now but may come a major change in my life.

Some good results and a very entertaining match against Cape Town by the looks of it! A mysterious piece to go with it as well :O
I would like to know a bit more about the league you are playing in and how the system works.

First step!

A long awaited final. I managed to revitalize the team and win the final points as much as we could in the short time but in my mind many questions have arisen thanks to it's leadership? Does the danger has been removed?

But all had to have an answer in the coming days after the championship was over I was congratulated leadership for everything I did, I'm pleased me even though time was short I did the job myself.

The team is second in the league in South Africa, we managed to place 8 ranked quite satisfactory management. But there was more to the South African Premier Soccer League.

I managed to have 6 wins and 3 draws and the team just 3 defeats and is quite well for me a coach without little experience. It was a very important first step that we managed to overcome.

But is everything is safe now, can remain in South Africa? They are safe here? All had to have an answer in the days to come.

But it would change the next day when I got a call very grim !!

You did well after taking over mate so good signs for the next season. They really threw the prize money at you hey lol.
Nice updates, and great job in Milano United.
Very consistent results, and letting them get much better in the table.

Run for your life!

And your long awaited came but unfortunately information was not the best for me .. Everything seemed perfect but the other end of wire to hear both "leave the country as well, those in Mexico come after you."

My contact man contacted the manager and the people here have understood that we have major problems with the family home .. but what will happen now? Where can I get?

My life was in danger from, and do not understand how people in Mexico have been so fast to me. My contact told me that the database is very uncertain and that the agency will always lose as fast.
So I decided to get more involved in the world of football to be protected if there will be problems again.

The departure from South Africa was not the best ones in Mexico have come to me even when I boarded the train, I had a gun at me and pulled to distract everyone and man contract I gave free train as I can go and cross the border.

I'll take care of now because I always be people who will want the river as possible!

But there are a good side because I was released in football and perhaps a new path will open for me.

Becoming a football manager is probably not the best for you trying to conceal your identity... haha just sayin!
Interesting story developing here, nice work :)

You are reading "My journey in life!".

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