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FM Genie Scout - Am I Cheating?

Started on 21 November 2009 by saplingg
Latest Reply on 1 January 2010 by saplingg
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Hi all,

I'm new to this site, downloaded the Genie scout a couple days ago and I'm simply amazed by how comprehensive and useful this app is.

The thing is, when I use it I get an overwhelming sense of guilt such that it really affects my enjoyment of the game, similar to the feeling I get when I lose a match and then re-load and try again.

Just wanted to find out what you guys think.

How often do you use the scout, and if you do, do you feel that it's cheating? I mean, the producers made certain abilities hidden for a good reason,

part of being a good manager is looking at a young player and trying to predict if he will turn out a star - mostly trial and error. Scout eliminates this - all I have to do now is sort by potential!

Please help with my moral dilemma! :P
Yeah I understand your guilt, I used to be the same. I remember when i first got FM 2008 i swore i wouldnt use the genie scout and base my judgement on what my scouts told me, I got bored and used geniw scout to tell me how good my signings where. It turned out I ended up signing 3 regens all with the PA of 190+ that told me that you didnt really need genie scout as long as your clubs scouts were good (I was Arsenal btw).

Though what Ive learnt through useing Genie Scout is that it just doesnt fall onto Potential Ability. You really gotta look at the stats you need in a particular player and also the the percentage of how well they play that position. For example a Winger with 195 PA may not play that position better than a winger with 150 PA.

Now to answer your question bout whether using genie Scout is cheating, it is in some way. Yet mostly everyone on this site is used to it and have been using Genie Scout for years, so much that its almost second nature. Atm Im starting a FM10 file without any aid, just on my own ability, not cause i want to, cause I;m not able to download genie scout 10 from this site :(

hope you feel better with your dilemma
there have been times that i have been so frustrated and desperate that i have used the scout to search for a few players.

but i dont use any tools otherwise, i stay away from them and try to use my own scouting knowledge. but i got this "hidden atrribute viewer" which i havent used much, but only used it for my own team so far.

but at times i load up my saved game with genie just to look at how my team is rating wise and such. just for a more "depth" knowledge for my team.

at times when im playing with lower leagues and i have used the scout to find players. but i rarely do it.

i like to use my own knowledge though, because im a real football freak. plus it keeps the realism for me, and i like it as a challenge.

mostly when i will use the scout tool its to get some information for my team. like hidden attributes.

thing is though, if you use the scout tool and you feel it gets too easy in the end and such, try to limit yourself.

it is not really cheating, but it is cheating imo if you use the scout to every detail, like buying all the best youngsters and such things. in the end it gets too easy and its boring.
I enjoy the building process of the game and using anything that lets you see potential seems to make things too easy, IMO. As a result, I put an emphasis on hiring scouts with good current/potential ratings and having them constantly looking for players. For me, the payoff is that much sweeter when you find a great talent to bring aboard.
So if you don't use the scout, you hang around here for the community? :P

I tried restricting my use of this tool, but I couldn't resist. Signed a couple players because of it - I signed one stunningly good player and one cheap one with good prospects...

Ibrahim Afellay and Arben Sinani. Now I'm trying to sign Salim Trabelsi.

I feel like a cheater now but I'm performing pretty well and they really helped my lineup.

But from now on I'm going to minimize my use of this tool.

It's a fortunate thing that I'm on a mac and it's a chore to load up!

Thanks for the feedback - I didn't know if I was getting hung up over nothing, it's great to know that I'm not a nit and people face the same moral dilemma as I do :P
You do realize you're asking on the website forum that houses scout utilities and editors? ;)

Yes, this is all cheating. So is going to the SI forums and reading about the best players you can sign for a lower league club. So is reloading when you don't like your result, etc. etc.

I'm ok with that. I simply don't enjoy the game as much without using some utilities. I vary it some. I'm currently playing through a game as Scunthorpe where I refuse to save/reload to modify any result. On the other hand, I gave the team 20 rated training facilities and a youth academy so I can build up the squad over time. I find that what level of editors and scouts I use changes what I focus on in the game. My current Scunthorpe game for example, I use FMRTE and Genie to scout for the players I want, but since I won't modify a result, I focus heavily on tactics. If I'm saving/reloading when I don't like a result, I spend a lot more time focused on player searches and less on the game.

Some people like the game just like it's delivered. Others take it a step further and played it as LLM, with masked attributes, refusing to sign anyone your scouts don't recommend, etc. To each their own.
I've come to terms with my "cheating" activities :P

I started playing FM this year, and before that I hated football, I thought it was a boring sport. I had no idea who the existing wonderkids in the real world were, and I had no idea how to organize tactics, basically I was a shit manager.

After a while I started a new game where I promised I'd try not to reload (i've done it once or twice when a really key player gets a long term injury) and I'd try to use my scouts to look for players.

I still use Genie scout mostly to find bargains - sale value is my most important attribute in the scout.

You're right. To each their own, I figured that out and I'm enjoying FM very much. Slowly as I learn more about tactics and players I'll probably stop cheating entirely. FM2011 maybe.

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